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Sunday, April 4, 2010

McNabb to the Redskins

-In what looks like an uncharacteristically bad move by the front office, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to trade veteran and "lifer" quarterback, Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins for a 2nd round draft pick and a 2011 4th round draft pick. With the deal the Eagles will receive the 37th pick of the NFL draft to go along with their 24th and 55th picks. The Redskins get a Pro-Bowl quarterback which means Jason Campbell or Rex Grossman will be shopped out of town very shortly, and now the Redskins become legit contenders in the NFC. I like the deal for the Skins. There is nothing poor about it on their side. However, for the Eagles, I think this was absolutely out of character for them. Sending their star quarterback to a divisional-foe and only getting a 2nd round 2010 draft pick. Poor decision on the Eagles front office end of it, and now the Eagles will use Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick as their starting quarterback. A playoff team that only needed to upgrade the offensive line and defense, is now without their Pro-Bowl quarterback to go along with trading their starting cornerback and linebacker. Eagles have a lot of holes to be filled, I do not expect a January game for the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles.

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