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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Entering Week 8 - Thoughts

Tim Tebow isn't going to be good. Sorry. He was terrible for most of
Sunday's game. His last second heroics might fly in Miami, where the
Dolphins are especially atrocious, but that dog will not hunt against
good teams. He'll always have a roster spot but your team is in
trouble if he's starting for more than a few games. However, he's the
best option in Denver right now. A team with some wiggle room in the
cap should land Orton as a high priced backup. Good backups are
undervalued in this hard salary cap world and I'd feel better about
Orton filling in for my team than someone like Kyle Boller.

Poor Jason Campbell; has anyone undergone more regime changes in his
career? Neither the Raiders nor the Redskins provided him with
stability and he played (relatively) well. Both teams appeared eager
to cut ties with him as soon as possible. The major mistake…err…trade
for Carson Palmer essentially guarantees Oakland will not retain his
services after this season. I know the Raiders only gave Palmer a
week to learn Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders' playbook and I know
he's not in playing shape, and I know he's rusty but Palmer just isn't
very good. Campbell appeared to have stabilized the Raiders and
developed a good rapport with their young and talented receiving
corps. Why not throw a 4th rounder and a carton of cigarettes to
Denver for Orton…bandage the situation and let Campbell come back next
season. The Raiders will finish third in the division this season and
Palmer quits football after next year. The Raiders' loss is the
Chiefs', Charger's, and Bengals' gain. Perhaps their new GM is a

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