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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Points spreads from
****indicates locks of the week picks against the spread

Indianapolis @ Tennessee -8.5

Danny - Tennessee 27 - 16
Eric - Tennessee 31 - 10

Jacksonville @ Houston -9

Danny - Houston 30 - 13
Eric - Houston 21 - 14

Minnesota @ Carolina -3

Danny - Carolina 24 - 16
Eric - Carolina 23 - 17

New Orleans @ St. Louis +13.5
^^^Sam Bradford QB STL - OUT

Danny - New Orleans 34 - 20
Eric - New Orleans 35 - 13

Arizona @ Baltimore -11.5

Danny - Baltimore 24 - 16
Eric - Baltimore 30 - 20

Miami @ New York Giants -9

Danny - New York 24 - 6
Eric - New York 23 - 7

Washington @ Buffalo -4.5
^^^Game being played in Toronto

Danny - Buffalo 27 - 16
Eric - ***Buffalo 23 - 14****

Detroit @ Denver +3

Danny - ***Detroit 31 - 24****
Eric - Detroit 27 - 13

New England @ Pittsburgh +2.5

Danny - Pittsburgh 27 - 24
Eric - ***New England 38 - 30 ****

Cleveland @ San Francisco -8.5

Danny - San Francisco 20 - 16
Eric - San Francisco 28 - 10

Cincinnati @ Seattle +3

Danny - Seattle 16 - 9 (****UNDER 37.5)
Eric - Cincinnati 17 -14

Dallas @ Philadelphia -3

Danny - Philadelphia 34 - 31
Eric - Dallas 28 - 24

San Diego @ Kansas City +3

Danny - San Diego 27 - 24
Eric - San Diego 24 - 20

Entering Week 8 - Thoughts

Tim Tebow isn't going to be good. Sorry. He was terrible for most of
Sunday's game. His last second heroics might fly in Miami, where the
Dolphins are especially atrocious, but that dog will not hunt against
good teams. He'll always have a roster spot but your team is in
trouble if he's starting for more than a few games. However, he's the
best option in Denver right now. A team with some wiggle room in the
cap should land Orton as a high priced backup. Good backups are
undervalued in this hard salary cap world and I'd feel better about
Orton filling in for my team than someone like Kyle Boller.

Poor Jason Campbell; has anyone undergone more regime changes in his
career? Neither the Raiders nor the Redskins provided him with
stability and he played (relatively) well. Both teams appeared eager
to cut ties with him as soon as possible. The major mistake…err…trade
for Carson Palmer essentially guarantees Oakland will not retain his
services after this season. I know the Raiders only gave Palmer a
week to learn Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders' playbook and I know
he's not in playing shape, and I know he's rusty but Palmer just isn't
very good. Campbell appeared to have stabilized the Raiders and
developed a good rapport with their young and talented receiving
corps. Why not throw a 4th rounder and a carton of cigarettes to
Denver for Orton…bandage the situation and let Campbell come back next
season. The Raiders will finish third in the division this season and
Palmer quits football after next year. The Raiders' loss is the
Chiefs', Charger's, and Bengals' gain. Perhaps their new GM is a

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 7 Picks NFL

Week 7 Picks for the NFL


Chicago @ Tampa +2 (London)

Eric: Bucs +2 Tampa 27 - Chicago 24
Danny: Chicago -2 Chicago 24 - Tampa 20

Washington @ Carolina -2.5

*****Eric: CAROLINA -2.5 Carolina 24 - Washington 17
Danny: Carolina -2.5 Carolina 20 - Washington 16

San Diego @ New York Jets PK

Eric: Chargers PK San Diego 24 - New York Jets 14
Danny: Chargers PK San Diego 27 - New York Jets 16

Seattle @ Cleveland -3

Eric: Sea +3 Seattle 17 - Cleveland 10
Danny: Cleve -3 Cleveland 16 - Seattle 10

Houston @ Tennessee -3

Eric: Hou +3 Houston 24 - Tennessee 17
Danny: Tenn -3 Tennessee 27 - Houston 20

Denver @ Miami PK

Eric: Denver PK Denver 16 - Miami 13
Danny: Denver PK Denver 20 - Miami 16

Atlanta @ Detroit -3.5

Eric: Det -3.5 Detroit 24 - Atlanta 20
Danny: Det -3.5 Detroit 34 - Atlanta 27

Kansas City @ Oakland -3.5

Eric: KC +3.5 Oakland 17 - Kansas City 14
Danny: KC +3.5 Kansas City 27 - Oakland 16

Pittsburgh @ Arizona +4

Eric: Pitt -4 Steelers 31 - Cardinals 10
Danny: Pitt -4 Steelers 27 - Cardinals 20

St. Louis @ Dallas -13

Eric: St. Louis +13 Dallas 30 - St. Louis 28
Danny: Dal -13 Dallas 31 - St. Louis 16

Green Bay @ Minnesota +9

Eric: GB -9 Packers 34 - Vikings 13
Danny: GB-9 Packers 35 - Vikings 10

Indianapolis @ New Orleans -13.5

Eric: NO -13.5 Saints 30 - Colts 16
Danny: IND +13.5 Saints 31 - Colts 20

Baltimore @ Jacksonville +9

******Eric: BAL -9 Baltimore 35 - Jacksonville 13
******Danny: BAL -9 Baltimore 27 - Jacksonville 6

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NFL Top 10 Rankings

Following Week 6 -

Top 10 Team Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers

2. New England Patriots

3. Baltimore Ravens

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. San Diego Chargers

6. Detroit Lions

7. New Orleans Saints

8. San Francisco 49ers

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10. Dallas Cowboys
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 6 Picks

Picks against the spread

St. Louis @ Green Bay -14

Eric - Rams +14
Danny - Packers -14

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh -12

Eric - Jaguars +12
Danny - Steelers -12

Philadelphia @ Washington +3

Eric & Danny - Eagles -3

San Francisco @ Detroit -4

Eric - 49ers +4
Danny - Lions -4

Carolina @ Atlanta -3.5

Eric & Danny - Panthers +3.5

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati -6

Eric - Colts +6
Danny - Bengals -6

Buffalo @ New York Giants -3

Eric - Bills +3
Danny - Giants -3

Houston @ Baltimore -7

Eric - Texans +7
Danny - Ravens -7

Cleveland @ Oakland -7

Eric & Danny - Cleveland +7

Dallas @ New England -6

Eric & Danny - Dallas +6

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay +6.5

Eric & Danny - Saints -6.5

Minnesota @ Chicago -2

Eric & Danny - Vikings +2

Miami @ New York Jets -6.5

Eric & Danny - Jets -6.5
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Power Rankings Top 10

Following Week 5, here are my Top 10 Teams in the NFL:

1. Green Bay Packers 5-0
2. Baltimore Ravens 3-1
3. Detroit Lions 5-0
4. New England Patriots 4-1
5. San Diego Chargers 4-1
6. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2
7. New Orleans Saints 4-1
8. Washington Redskins 3-1
9. Buffalo Bills 4-1
10. San Francisco 49ers 4-1

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 5 NFL Selections

Pressed for Time this week ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the
late submission

Philadelphia Eagles -3 @ Buffalo Bills - Both Eric and I like the
Eagles to win this game and cover the spread. Expect to see a big
first half, as usual from the Birds.

Eric - Eagles 31 - Bills 27
Danny - Eagles 34 - Bills 24

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts -1.5

Eric - Indy 16 - KC 10
Danny - Indy 24 - KC 20

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants -10

Eric - Giants 34 - Seahawks 6
Danny - Giants 30 - Seahawks 13

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans -5

Eric- Texans 24 - Raiders 21
Danny- Texans 27 - Raiders 20

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints -6.5

Eric - Saints 31 - Panthers 28
Danny - Saints 34 - Panthers 26

Cincinnati Bengals -1.5 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Eric - Bengals 14 - 10
Danny - Bengals 24 - Jaguars 17

Tennessee Titans +3.5 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Eric - Titans 24 - Steelers 21
Danny - Titans 20 - Steelers 16

Tampa Bay Buccanneers +3 @ San Francisco 49ers

Eric- Bucs 22 - 49ers 20
Danny- Bucs 20 - 49ers 17

New York Jets +7.5 @ New England Patriots

Eric - Patriots 28 - Jets 21
Danny - Patriots 27 - Jets 23

San Diego Chargers -3.5 @ Denver Broncos

Eric - Chargers 33 - Broncos 14
Danny - Chargers 30 - Broncos 20

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons +6

Eric - Packers 31 - Falcons 28
Danny - Packers 38 - Falcons 34

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions -5

Eric- Detroit 21 - Chicago 17
Danny - Detroit 31 - Chicago 20

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NFL Week 4 Top Ten Rankings

#1 - Green Bay Packers - Far and away the best team in the NFL.

#2 - Baltimore Ravens - Sloppy game against the Jets, but the defense was playing at such a high level.

#3 - New England Patriots - Even with Mayo out the Patriots defense is still their offense. Score more than the other team and they will win every game.

#4 - Detroit Lions - The Lions are no joke and their defense is terrific with the amount of pressure they get from their D-Line. The Lions are an absolute force to be reckoned with.

#5 - San Diego Chargers - The Chargers are notorious for being slow starters, but it is October and the change will begin this Sunday. Rivers hasn't even played well yet, this team is on the rise big time.

#6 - Tampa Bay Buccanneers - Joshua Freeman is a stud. All he does is win in the 4th quarter. The Bucs have a great, young defense and I believe they will win the NFC South over the Falcons and Saints.

#7 - New Orleans Saints - With the pass rush that they are getting on defense, I am impressed by the Saints. However, I would like to see more consistency from Brees before I am sold on the Saints.

#8 - New York Jets - In baseball good pitching beats good hitting, well for the Jets I think good defense will be a good offense. That being said, Sanchez and the Jets offense need to establish an identity and form some type of consistency.

#9 - Houston Texans - Andre Johnson's health is vital to the success of Houston. The defense is improved and ready to take the next step, but can the Texans play well all 16 games and win the AFC South?

#10 - Pittsburgh Steelers - I can't count this team out. They have everything I think a championship team needs; a clutch quarterback in Big Ben, a ferocious and proven defense led by Polamalu, and a coach that can handle the big stage, and Tomlin is that guy without a doubt. Don't count out the Steelers just yet.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Danny's Week 4 NFL Picks

Week 4 Picks
(Lines are according to

Detroit Lions +2.5 @ Dallas Cowboys

The Lions offense will have to play fast against the Cowboys front
seven, but overall this is a mismatch. Matthew Stafford shouldn't
have an issue
passing against the Cowboys secondary. Calvin Johnson should have
another big day to already solidify his ProBowl selection. Tony Romo
keep his guys in it for as long as they can keep up, but with the
ferocious pressure coming from Detroits D-Line, led by Suh, Romo will
have major
issues having success. Take the points and savor the 4-0 start Lions fans.

Danny's Prediction: Lions 35 - Cowboys 24

New Orleans Saints -7.5 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Drew Brees should have a big day against the Jaguars, and I am sure
Sean Payton will have his defense fired up to go against rookie
Blaine Gabbert. Expect the Saints to win the turnover battle and turn
them into points. I expect a double digit win for the road team.

Danny's Prediction: Saints 31 - Jaguars 13

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles -9

The Eagles have to win this game and they must make a statement to all
of the teams in the league that they are a team to be reckoned with.
Michael Vick is 100% playing and I expect him to put up some big
numbers against a very poor 49ers secondary. The Eagles defense has
job to do and that is to shutdown Frank Gore and the 49ers running
game. Big Eagles victory on Sunday.

Danny's Prediction: Eagles 38 - 49ers 17

Washington Redskins -2.5 @ St. Louis Rams

I really wanted to go with the Rams here, but they have nothing to
offer on offense and I expect Bradford to struggle against the
Redskins secondary
and pass rush. Turnovers will win this game and I expect the Redskins
to win that battle.

Danny's Prediction: Washington 20 - St. Louis 17

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns +1

Home team is getting points after a terrific 4th quarter comeback in
the final minute last week against Miami. Colt McCoy is emerging as a
talent behind center and I expect him to have another positive day on
Sunday against the Titans. The Browns will utilize a healthy Peyton
Hillis to
set up some play action passes for McCoy to take shots down the field.
The Browns should be okay keeping Chris Brown in check (as he has
all season), and I think the injury to Kenny Britt will really hurt
the Titans passing game.

Danny's Prediction: Browns 24 - Titans 17

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals +3.5

The Bills are coming off two big time come back wins; first against
the Raiders putting up 35 points in the 2nd half, and second against
the Patriots last
week where they caused Brady to throw 4 interceptions. The emotion
and energy spent in those two games will allow this trap game to come
into play.
Not only that, but the Bills have the Eagles coming into town next
week and I bet they are looking past the Bengals. Expect some
trickery and alot of
Cedric Benson from the Bengals offense.

Danny's Prediction: Bengals 24 - Bills 20

Minnesota Vikings -3 @ Kansas City Chiefs

I am going with the public, the Vikings will use the hell out of
Adrian Peterson to get a win on the road in Kansas City. Jared Allen
returns to his old team
and lights it up with 3 sacks. Vikings win their first.

Danny's Prediction: Vikings 27 - Chiefs 17

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears -6.5

Must win game for the Bears, especially at home. The Bears defense
has too much speed and the safeties are too talents to let a very good
quarterback come into Soldier Field and upset the home team. Bears
get a big win and Cutler goes off on the Panthers secondary.

Danny's Prediction: Bears 27 - Panthers 16

Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 @ Houston Texans

I think Houston wins this game, but I think the Steelers defense will
keep it close enough for Big Ben to bring in some late drama. Overall
the Steelers
are the better team, but the way the Steelers O-Line is playing and
the fire power the Texans have, I see Houston getting a very nice home
win in
front of a packed house. Arian Foster is full go for this game so
expect him to get plenty of touches.

Danny's Prediction: Texans 24 - Steelers 23

Atlanta Falcons -4.5 @ Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks got a nice win against Arizona last week, and by nice I
only mean that it is a good thing to get it on paper. The Seahawks
Jackson is a backup quarterback and will be exposed this week against
the Falcons defense that is fast and very hungry for a big win. The
Falcons MUST win this game, and Matt Ryan will use Roddy White and
Julio Jones for big plays. Michael "Burner" Turner will be able to
success against the Seahawks run defense since the linebackers and
safeties will have their hands full covering Tony Gonzalez. I think
this is a blowout
by halftime.

Danny's Prediction: Falcons 34 - Seahawks 13

New York Giants -1.5 @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals can win this game, but I expect the Giants pass rush to
put the pressure on Kolb and the secondary to double cover Larry
all game. If the Giants can control the time of possession by using
Jacobs and Bradshaw on the ground, and if the defense puts constant
on Kolb, I think this is a no brainer.

Danny's Prediction: Giants 17 - Cardinals 13

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers -7

Chad Henne has been playing well, while Philip Rivers has been shaky.
The Chargers need a big home win to boost up their team moral and get
going for the month of October. Rivers and Jackson will hook up for a
big play early and that'll be the game. Henne will have a set back
game and
Tony Sparano's seat will be getting very hot following this game.
Chargers need this more in my opinion.

Danny's Pick: Chargers 27 - Dolphins 16

Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers -12.5

That is a lot of points to lay, but the Packers are that good. The
Broncos won't get it done against the Packers defense that I am sure
will want to impress
their home town fans. Rodgers is poised to take his squad back to the
SuperBowl and he shows up big Sunday. Finley and Jennings will have
TD receptions
while Starks will have success on the ground against a bad defense.
Packers big win at home.

Danny's Prediction: Green Bay 41 - Denver 17

New England Patriots -5.5 @ Oakland Raiders

Don't read the papers Oakland players, it will get to your head. The
Patriots could have played last night and I would take them big here.
Let down game for
Oakland and Brady has a big day against a very slim secondary in Oakland.

Danny's Prediction: Patriots 37 - Raiders 24

New York Jets +3.5 @ Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens will win this game, but I think both defenses show up big
and make it a low scoring game. Flacco will out perform Mark Sanchez
and the Ravens
will keep their momentum going.

Danny's Prediction: Ravens 20 - Jets 17

Indianapolis Colts @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -10

Curtis Painter making the start for the Colts. Enough said. He will
be eaten up by the Bucs defense. Expect Freeman and Blount to have
very solid

Danny's Prediction: Buccaneers 24 - Colts 10