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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Divisional Round Selections

Lines according to BOOKMAKER.EU

Eric's Picks and Previews -

Houston Texans +7.5 @ Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco feels disrespected. As well he should, because few respect
him at the level they do Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the elite. When
Baltimore swoons, its largely due to Flacco. This week, the Ravens
will host a rookie QB with no business starting a playoff game in one
of the few hostile environments left in the NFL.

This week Flacco faces the number two defense in the NFL and if
Houston somehow finds an early lead, the pressure will mount.
Baltimore seems to stumble when playing from behind. Unfortunately,
TJ Yates is the quarterback. As well as Arian Foster continues to
play, he can't do this alone. Andre Johnson came back strong last
week and looked frisky giving hope to the Texans's cause. The Texans
will give Baltimore a scare but Houston will remember 2011 as the
"What If?" year.

Eric: HOU 17 BAL 24
Danny: HOU 10 BALT 27

New York Giants +7.5 @ Green Bay Packers

The Giants are riding a high and ferocious wave of confidence heading
to Green Bay. They carry themselves with the look misplaced
accomplishment. In the previous two weeks they dispatched a terrible
Dallas team and a poorly coached Falcons one. It feels an awful lot
like 2007 again. The Giants passing game morphed into a much more
dangerous beast after the re-emergence of its running attack. Eli is
on the cusp of elite status after keeping the Giants afloat during a
time when the Giants sported no running game and a host of defensive
injuries. Eli and company will give the Packers all they can handle.

Can the pass rush get to Rodgers before he unleashes his communist
passing attack? Early in Rodgers tenure, he took a beating and still
performed. Rodgers will hang in the pocket and take his licks. In
all of the record breaking hoopla, many of us forgot about the
insanely efficient play of Rodgers. The loss of a key planner on the
coaching staff will not hurt the game plan but it does take away from
the routine of preparation. The Giants momentum and the off field
distractions will take away from the performance but not enough to
cede the victory to New York.

Eric: NYG 24 GB 30
Danny: NYG 27 GB 38

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots -13.5

In a perfect world, Tim Tebow would win the Super Bowl MVP and turn
heel like some sort of WWE wrestler, body slam Rodger Goodell, go on a
rant disparaging the city of Indianapolis and dye his stubble black a
la Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Alas, the world is not perfect and cheaters
prosper. New England wins running away.

Eric: DEN 13 NE 35
Danny: DEN 31 NE 30 (Yes he actually does have Tebow over Brady -
preview is in separate blog post)

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers +3

Drew Brees is playing at too high of a level to be stopped. Even
though he is on the road going against arguably the best defense in
the league, I think the Saints touchdowns will beat the 49ers field

Eric: NO 28 SF 17
Danny: NO 17 SF 20

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