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Friday, November 4, 2011



Miami at Kansas City -4

The Dolphins put a little scare into the Giants last week. The
Dolphins look to have their sights clearly set on Andrew Luck, why
else would Sparano still be the head coach? The Dolphins have a few
pieces in place, if they could somehow get Luck and a defensive back
or two we could see a return to mediocrity in no time.

Kansas City continues to defy reason. The team continues to play
better without their best players. Thomas Jones is officially washed
up but Jackie Battle came out of nowhere to give KC a running threat.
Battle is a blessing for the Chiefs. Once Jamal Charles returns, he
will need a guy like Battle to spell him and take more of the load.
Charles, much like a Charlie Garner, isn't built to handle the
workload for a team's running game for a full season. This feels like
a letdown game from KC but I refuse to bet on Matt Moore under any

Eric - MIA 20 KC 27
Danny- MIA 20 - KC 21

Atlanta at Indianapolis +7.5

Herm Edwards feels the Colts should trade Manning and grab Andrew Luck
should the opportunity arise. There's a reason he's a (relatively)
young man without a coaching job. If the Colts find themselves
holding the number 1 pick, they could garner a King's ransom for it.
Now that rookie salaries have a reasonable cap, the pick holds a ton
of value. Why would you trade Manning and re-tool with a rookie when
you could trade the rookie and re-tool with one of the best QBs to
ever play the game?

Eric - ATL 23 IND 17
************Danny - ATL 31 - IND 16*********lock

Tampa Bay at New Orleans +8 1/2

Mr. Blount will be back in uniform for the Bucs and he will help keep
Drew Brees and the Saints offense off the field. Time of possession
will be huge for Tampa to pull off the upset here, but neither of us
see Brees losing two straight.

Eric - TB 17 NO 28
Danny - TB 24 - NO 30

NY Jets at Buffalo -2

I feel the Jets lack an identity. They certainly aren't as an
intimidating defense as they once were and Santonio Holmes and Sanchez
can't seem to get on the same page which likely stems from the lack of
a consistent ground game.

The Bills on the other hand are a solid offensive team with stars like
Fred Jackson and Stevie (Pro football players should not be named
"Stevie") Johnson. Last week the Bills killed John Beck more than
doubling their season sack total. However, that's not who they are.
They will play a little defense and out score you. They seem to play
up against good teams. The Jets aren't exactly good but they're an
AFC East rival who had their way with Buffalo for years. The Bills
will be up for this game and the Jets will find themselves on the
outside looking in on the wildcard race.

*****Eric - NYJ 17 BUF 24******LOCK
Danny - NYJ 20 - BUF 27

Seattle +12 at Dallas

I haven't turned a game off in a long time. Last week I went to bed
at half time of the Dallas Philly game. Exhausted and too tired to
punch things and yell, too hungover to start drinking again, I just
shut the TV off ate some Ambien and went to bed. Dallas looked like a
college kid who stumbles into his 8AM to find out there's a test.
Unprepared, soft and inferior. Each of the team's losses to that
point was a product of their shooting themselves in the foot. In this
game, they looked like the team from a year ago under Phillips. Can
they rebound against a terrible Seattle team? Losing this game would
relegate them to a fight with the Skins for the cellar of the NFC

Romo continues to regress. My esteemed colleague holds a very low
opinion of Mr. Romo's ability. Granted, the evidence of Romo's
patchiness continues to mount. However, the man has all the tools
and ability. The question is, and I suppose always has been, is he
wired right? Marriage and burgeoning fatherhood appear to have made
Romo even less intense (and not to mention chubbier) than he was. I
wrote many of his early career follies off to his being callow and raw
but it appears he's hit the turning point. The turning point where
Romo would either become Danny White or Troy Aikman (from a career
standpoint not playing style) and he's gone down the road of the
former. Danny White was a fine player, my first jersey (one of those
little kid full fake uniforms) was that of Danny White. Danny never
won much more than a few playoff games, which might just be more than
we can expect from Romo.

****Eric - SEA 13 DAL 24*******Lock
Danny - SEA 20 - DAL 34

Cleveland +10 1/2 at Houston

Peyton Hillis will be MIA once again, no shot the Browns pull off an
upset, they may not get 10 points on the board against Wade Phillips'
Texans defense.

Eric - CLE 10 HOU 17
Danny - CLE 9 - HOU 24

San Francisco -3 at Washington

I hope Jimmy Harbaugh has another vicious hand shake up his sleeve,
because this will be a nice hard fought win in our nations capital.
No shot John Beck, Ryan Torain, and Anthony Armstrong take down the
49ers. This line is odd, but don't let it "tell you anything".

Eric - SF 28 WASH 10
******Danny - SF 24 - WASH 13**********LOCK

Cincinnati +3 at Tennessee

We both agree that the Bengals defensive line, and the 8 man rotation
they use on it, will eat up Chris Johnson and put pressure on Matt
Hasselbeck. Are the Bengals over hyped? Or is the defense under

Eric - Cincy 24 TENN 17
Danny - Cincy 27 - TENN 17

Denver +7 ½ at Oakland

I will be wearing my Tim Tebow jersey on Sunday but I do not expect to
see anything different. This is all Tebow's fault; the BRONCOS STINK.
The offensive line is horrible, and they are not getting any ground
game from McGahee or Moreno. Tebow is passing to Eric Decker???
Palmer looks better in this game, but Michael 70's Bush will get it
done for Oakland.2422

Eric - DEN 17 OAK 24
Danny - DEN 13 - OAK 24

NY Giants +9 at New England

This will be a high scoring affair as both teams will be passing early
and often. Patriots secondary stinks, Giants is so-so but Brady is

Eric - NYG 24 NE 27
Danny - NYG 30 - NE 37

St. Louis at Arizona -3

Anyone actually care about this game?

Eric - STL 13 ARI 17
Danny - STL 24 - ARI 16

Green Bay at San Diego +5.5

Will the real Philip Rivers please stand up? Eric doesn't think he
will, but I do. I think this is a true statement game for the
Chargers and I think Rivers will outperform Rodgers on this stage.
Curtis Brinkley will get some touches for the Chargers, a player I
think has potential as this season progresses, and I just think the
Chargers will step it up at home.

Eric - GB 35 SD 27
Danny - GB 31 - SD 34

Baltimore +3 ½ at Pittsburgh

Eric likes Baltimore, Danny likes the Steelers. Take the team that
has the better quarterback (PITT), the better coach (PITT), and the
consistency from the past two weeks (PITT). If Baltimore sputters
out of the gate again, don't expect them to come back on the Steelers.
This game is going to be physical and hard nosed for the entire 60

Eric - BAL 24 PITT 23
Danny - BAL 20 - PITT 27

Chicago at Philadelphia -8

The Eagles finally got the unconfident mess they needed to get their
ship right in the Dallas Cowboys. Let's sit back and watch them reel
off about 5 wins in a row.

Eric - CHI 23 PHI 34
Danny - CHI 24 - PHI 38

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