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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 Picks - Eric

Eric's Week 14 Picks Against the Spread

Lines according to

Indianapolis -16.5 @ Baltimore

Indy is coming off of an impressive fourth quarter against the
Patriots. Dan Orlovsky is an obvious upgrade, but having Dan Orlovsky
as your starting quarterback in the NFL still isn't a happy prospect.
The Colts appear destined for 0-16 and the most talked about team
heading into the draft. Until then, they'll continue to play like a
turtle stuck on his back.

The Ravens seem to play down to their competition. Losses to
Tennessee and Seattle and a close call at home to Arizona give cause
for concern. They will not lose Sunday but the Colts should keep it
within 17.

Eric Picks: IND 17 BAL 28

Houston +3 @ Cincinnati

Since the founding of their franchise, the Texans annually find
themselves among the worst defenses in the NFL. Enter Wade Phillips,
who like some sort of svengali creates a juggernaut defense leading a
head coaching job where the team dumb enough to hire him wallow in

The Texans game is centered on running and defense. T.J Yates doesn't
have to be Dan Marino, he simply needs to be Trent Dilfer. Injuries
took the Texans out of the running for a deep playoff run but they
will go on to have the franchise's most successful season yet. Andre
Johnson's injury presents the biggest issue. Without Johnson in the
lineup, defenses are free to concentrate solely on the run, but with a
2 game lead in the NFC South its not likely the Titans can catch up.

Eric Picks: LOCK****** Hou 21 Cin 17

Kansas City +10 ½ @ New York

Eric Picks: KC 14 NYJ 21

Minnesota @ Detroit -9

Eric Picks: DET 28 MINN 16

New Orleans -4 @Tennessee

Eric Picks: NO 34 TENN 27

Philadelphia +3 @ Miami

Two coaches, one making a late season stand to save his job and the
other a late season swoon to potentially lose it.

Eric Picks: PHI 24 MIA 20

New England -7,5 @ Washington

Eric Picks: NE 38 WASH 20

Atlanta @ Carolina +3

Eric Picks: ATL 20 CAR 24

Tampa Bay -3 @ Jacksonville

Eric Picks: TB 14 JAX 10

San Francisco @ Arizona +3.5

Eric Picks: SF 24 ARI 14

Chicago +3 1/2 @ Denver

Eric Picks: CHI 27 DEN 13

Oakland +12 @ Green Bay

Eric Picks: OAK 24 GB 34

New York +3 @ Dallas

Dallas looked hideous last week in Arizona but found itself in a
position to win another ugly game. Jason Garrett intervened and iced
his own kicker. This is like a NASCAR driver about to finish the race
under caution only to go out and ram the pace car.

The DeMarco Murray love fest is wearing thin. His numbers, the best
over a 5 game stretch in Dallas history was largely fueled by the 291
against the Rams. Plenty of running backs come and go and have
amazing short term stretches. Against a terrible Arizona running
defense, Murray found nothing. The Cowboys have talent in some areas
but are so void of it in others that they're destined to wallow in
utterly frustrating futility. If I weren't on so many pain killers I
would have ran to the closest living thing and killed it.

Eric Picks: LOCK******** NYG 28 DAL 20

St. Louis @ Seattle -10

Eric Picks: STL 10 SEA 17

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