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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 Picks NFL


Thursday Night Football - Danny had Indianapolis outright, Eric did
not pick the game

Oakland @ Kansas City -2

It appears the Chiefs want the interim tag removed from Romeo
Crennel's title. I felt Haley received a raw deal doing much of
anything in a season in which his offensive stars (Charles, Moeaki and
Cassel) all succumbed to injuries and he lost his best defensive
player in Eric Berry. Oakland played well last week but still lost
giving me cause to call it a season for Oakland. The Raiders have
more talent but so did the Packers. The Chiefs finish strong giving
former New England GM Scott Pioli a reason to make another former
Patriot the permanent head coach.

Eric : OAK 21 KC 24
Danny: OAK 17 KC 28

Jacksonville +7 @ Tennessee

Locker may get the start, Hasselbeck is a game-time decision. Chris
Johnson should play, but I like the Tennessee defense and the passion
they are playing with. Win out and they still have a shot at the

Eric : JAX 13 TENN 18
Danny: JAX 10 TENN 23

Miami -10 @ New England

New England gets a scare due to their inability to stop the run but
too much offense for Matt Moore and company.

Eric: MIA 24 NE 31
Danny: MIA 27 NE 31

Arizona +4 @ Cincinnati

All of the sudden the Cardinals look not terrible. I hope Kevin Kolb
didn't get in on that hideous Phoenix real estate market with hopes
he'd be around to see it rebound…because he won't. Kolb's like Kyle
Orton without the pizzazz.

Eric: ARI 27 CIN 24
Danny: ARI 10 CIN 16

Denver @ Buffalo +2.5

Tebow gets back on track, Denver runs the ball 40+ times today and
they eat up the clock against a depleted Bills defense.

Eric: DEN 23 BUFF 20
Danny: DEN 20 BUFF 16

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh -12

Take the under in this game as Big Ben is out and the Rams won't be
able to do anything offensively. I see a low score and a Steelers

Eric: STL 10 PITT 28
Danny: STL 6 PITT 13

New York Giants +3 @ New York Jets

It is ironic that the two New York teams will duke it out for the
title of "least disappointing" in their shared stadium located in New
Jersey. Both teams laid an egg last week. The Giants can rebound
and win the division outright thanks to wins over their division
rivals. The Jets, on the other hand, have an outside chance at a
wildcard. Jason Pierre Paul terrorizes Sanchez and old school Tom
Coughlin takes Rex Ryan down a few pegs.

Eric: NYG 28 NYJ 20
Danny: NYG 17 NYJ 27

Minnesota @ Washington -7

Replacing Rex Grossman is getting more difficult each day. The
Redskins began a surge once a playoff opportunity ended and Matt
Barkley decided he'd rather spend Sunday's with USC coeds than with
the likes of Shannahan squared. Washington wins again giving false
hopes to misguided Redskins fans everywhere.

Eric: MINN 16 WASH 24
Danny: MINN 24 WASH 21

Tampa Bay @ Carolina -7 ½

Tampa is in a freefall while Carolina is playing consistent football
and getting better each week. I expect a very good performance from
Carolina's defense.

Eric: TB 14 CAR 24
Danny: TB 16 CAR 34

Cleveland @ Baltimore -13

Baltimore is without Anquan Boldin for the rest of the regular season,
expect Ray Rice and Ricky Williams to carry the load the next two

Eric: CLE 13 BAL 27
Danny: CLE 13 BAL 24

San Diego @ Detroit -2

Phil Rivers is playing out of his mind when in comparison to the first
9 games of the season, no INT's last 5 games. Stafford and Detroit had
a great comeback win last week in Oakland, but I don't see Detroit's
defense getting key 3rd down stops against San Diego's offense. I
expect a MONSTER stat day from Rivers and Vinny Jackson.

Eric: SD 27 DET 24
Danny: SD 38 DET 30

Philadelphia @ Dallas -1.5

The Dream Team vs. America's Team. Neither moniker feels right…ok,
the latter feels about right. Who knows what teams will show up?
Dallas' only real defeat came at the hands of the Eagles. They've led
or been tied in the 4th for each of their other losses. The Eagles
victory felt overwhelming. Dallas was lucky to have scored at all.
Jason Babin is in a groove and rookie Tyron Smith will have his hands
full. On the other side, we could see a monster game from Trent Cole.
Left Tackle Doug Free continues to struggle after receiving his
offseason contract extension. With an ailing Felix Jones and a Washed
up Sammy Morris filling in for DeMarco Murray, the pressure will rest
squarely on Tony Romo. He doesn't exactly have the best track record
in these situations.

Eric: PHI 34 DAL 21********LOCK
Danny: PHI 30 DAL 27

San Francisco -2 @ Seattle

San Fran is on a short week after beating the Steelers, and have to
travel to Seattle to face the red-hot Seahawks and the 12th man.
Seattle will win this game and Pete Carroll will once again try to
sneak into the playoffs.

Eric: SF 17 SEA 10
Danny: SF 10 SEA 13

Chicago @ Green Bay -13

For those of you who think Rodgers won't play if Seattle wins on
Saturday; you're wrong. McCarthy will play Rodgers and the offensive
starters for a minimum of 3 full quarters to get them back in elite
form and scoring points. Only way Rodgers comes out earlier is if he
has thrown 3-4 TD passes and the Packers are up by 20.

Eric: CHI 13 GB 31
Danny: CHI 17 GB 34

Atlanta +7 @ New Orleans

What a great MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL matchup. Everyone remembers the
Mike Smith play call to go for it on 4th down in their own territory
in overtime. Well, Atlanta's defense has drastically improved since
then and the offense is beginning to play with a lot of consistency.
Expect a very good game and both quarterbacks will impress.

Eric: ATL 31 NO 34
Danny: ATL 24 NO 20

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15 Sunday NFL Picks

Lines according to

1 Parlay to look at Sunday: Bengals -7, Seattle +3.5, Broncos
+7.5, Lions -1.5 4 team parlay $50 to win $614
1 3-Team 10point Teaser for Sunday: Seattle +13.5, Washington +16,
Denver +17.5 $360 to win $300

Thursday: Danny and Eric both had Atlanta -12

Saturday: Danny had Dallas -7, Eric had Tampa Bay +7

Carolina @ Houston -6.5

A nice matchup for the Texans. The Panthers defense ranks among the
worst in the league and after watching a few games, I'd venture a
guess no team is worse. T.J. Yates looked serviceable as a rookie
starter last week. In fact, the drop off from Lienart to Yates is
negligible. Houston's defense and run first approach, which is
markedly different from years' past, allows them to find continued
success despite suffering injuries to key players. Losing those
players will prevent any sort of a deep run, but they'll do enough
this week to get a win.

Eric: CAR 24 HOU 27
Danny: CAR 20 HOU 27

Washington +6 @ New York

Jason Pierre-Paul held his coming out party last week in Dallas. He
displayed flashes of greatness in weeks past but failed to dominate an
entire game. Washington is without starting left tackle Trent
Williams due to failed drug tests. If JPP can produce another outing
like the one he turned out last week, we should see the bad to
downright awful Rex Grossman. Grossman's saving grace could come in
the form of a terrible Giants secondary and a run defense that allowed
Felix Jones to run rampant. Emerging star Roy Helu is in line for a
big day if the Washington defense can quell the surging Eli Manning.
Every Redskin fan I know took pride in last week's game against New
England. The general consensus of the fans, and likely the team, is
play well enough to keep it close but don't do anything to hurt our
chances at Matt Barkley.

Eric: WASH 20 NYG 24
Danny: WASH 27 NYG 24

Miami @ Buffalo -2

The Bills are depleted on their offensive line and Cameron Wake is
overdue for a big game. Miami lost their coach and is coming off a
bad home loss to Philly, I expect them to play hard on the road and
put it to the Bills.

Eric: MIA 17 BUFF 14
Danny: MIA 24 BUFF 20

Seattle +3 1/2 @ Chicago

The drop off from Jay Cutler to Calen Haine is astronomical. It will
likely render questions over Cutler's ability to return for the
playoffs moot. Without Cutler and Forte, the Bears must rely on
former guys like Marion Barber, Johnny Knox and Roy Williams for
offense. Not a happy prospect.

Eric: SEA 19 CHI 17
Danny: SEA 16 CHI 13****** LOCK

New Orleans -7 @ Minnesota

Drew Brees is coming off a poor performance in Tennessee last week.
The Saints are playing a bad team in Minnesota (even with a 85%
healthy AP) so I expect the Saints to score early and often and
probably have another Joe Webb sighting in the 2nd half for the

Eric: NO 31 MINN 14
Danny: NO 38 MINN 20

Cincinnati -7 @ St. Louis

The Red Head has played the Ravens, Texans, and Steelers in the past
three excited is Cedric Benson, Dalton, and AJ Green to
face a depleted Rams defense. The Rams are amped to have this season
come to an end. Expect a Bengals shutout denied by a very late
Jackson TD Run.

Eric: CIN 28 STL 13
Danny: CIN 27 STL 10*********LOCK

Tennessee -6.5 @ Indianapolis

Is this the week the Colts get their first win of the season? Nope.

Eric: TENN 23 INDY 10
Danny: TENN 24 INDY 16

Green Bay -13½ @ Kansas City

Rodgers and the Packers will keep steamrolling through the NFL, but
expect Kyle Orton to keep the Chiefs in the game throwing the deep
ball to Dwayne Bowe and some screen passes to Dexter McCluster.

Eric: GB 38 KC 20
Danny: GB 35 KC 24

Detroit -1 1/2 @ Oakland

Oakland's newly acquired interception machine Carson Palmer landed in
the best situation possible. He no longer would see Pittsburgh and
Baltimore twice a year. Instead, he would play with a talent group of
skill players against the dregs of the AFC. Perhaps he would make a
decent CFL quarterback, or the UFL (if it still exists). Detroit will
have running back Kevin Smith back this week. When healthy, Smith
puts up nice numbers and this team needs a running game. While Smith
will surely have some ailment by the end of the game, he'll do enough
damage to open up the passing attack. Rookie Titus Young came on
these past few weeks and as defenses begin to take notice, Calvin
Johnson, who is due for a big game, will benefit.

Eric: DET 31 OAK 18*************LOCK
Danny: DET 24 OAK 16

New England @ Denver +7.5

Don't. Stop. Believin'.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Tim Tebow my soul to keep, if the
Pats should win by more than eight, I pray my bookie understands why I
pay him late.

Eric: NE 23 DEN 24
Danny: NE 27 DEN 31

New York Jets @ Philadelphia -3

A shady little secret about the Jets: They cannot stop the run.
LeSean Mccoy is the most important player on the Eagles offense.
Getting him involved in the game is paramount to Phily's success. The
Eagles are a team whose parts are greater than their sum. Some of
these parts need to find their way out of town so that Philly can
rebuild organically. This game means a great deal more to the Jets
but I like Jason Babin (the most productive off-season acquisition)
and Trent Cole to wreak havoc on Mark Sanchez and goad him into some
poor decisions.

Eric: NYJ 17 PHI 23
Danny: NYJ 24 PHI 20

Cleveland @ Arizona -6.5

If Cleveland offers Colt McCoy and a 4th rounder for Kolb, do they
take it? It clears cap space, gives Arizona a backup to the viable
John Skelton and the opportunity to groom a young guy for the next few

Eric: CLE 13 ARI 17
Danny: CLE 9 ARI 17

Baltimore -3 @ San Diego's Bill Barnwell wrote an interesting article that
entertained the idea Indianapolis would deal Peyton Manning next year.
He listed Baltimore as one of the top potential destinations. The
story of the Ravens revolves around the ebb and flow of Joe Flacco.
The defense is good. Very good. However, they are not a defense that
could will a team to the Super Bowl. The skill players are in line
and the emergence of Torrey Smith gives the team a speedy downfield
threat. Something the Ravens lacked for years. Baltimore can beat
any team in the league convincingly when Flacco hits. However, when he
misses, he does so badly and they lose to the likes of Jacksonville
and Seattle. One of my old college roommates, a die hard Ravens fan
(who denies that pro football even occurred prior to the franchises
inception) loves Flacco. His sentiment is similar to many who
frequent the bars in Federal Hill. Flacco's their guy. Baltimore
drafted him, developed him, and he certainly demonstrates the
potential to evolve into an elite quarterback. However, his time is
now. He's a veteran with an aging defense whose core will only
contend for another year or so. I think my friend, and many Ravens
fans, see Flacco like I see Romo. Only Flacco doesn't get the
scrutiny because Ray Lewis is the face of the franchise and Joe's a
goofy character who isn't cool in any sense. I don't mean that in any
malicious way. Rather, he's authentically not cool and does not seem
to come up on anyone's radar. Also, he doesn't wear goofy hats and
open collared shirts with a shit eating grin in his post game press
conferences nor are his melt downs as exceptional. Peyton will remain
in Indianapolis. However, a Manning led Baltimore team would scare
the shit out of everyone else in the AFC.

Eric: BAL 30 SD 24*****************LOCK
Danny: BAL 34 SD 30

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco +2.5

Big Ben's status is still uncertain, but Pouncey has been ruled out
for MNF. I think the hometeam has the defense to keep Big Ben in
check and not allow the big play down the field to Wallace or Brown.
Enough plays from Gore, Crabtree, and Davis will allow the foot of
David Akers (my ProBowl NFC Kicker) to get the win in a potential
Super Bowl matchup.

Eric: Pitt 24 SF 21
Danny: Pitt 16 SF 19

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 Picks - Danny

Week 14 Selections against the spread

Lines according to

Cleveland +13.5 @ Pittsburgh

Danny: Pitt 20 - 9

Indianapolis +16.5 @ Baltimore

Danny: Batlimore 34 - 13

Houston @ Cincinnatti -3

Cincy needs this game. These are two good teams and the Bengals need
this game more, so I lean towards the home team in a low scoring game
as both defense will stop the run.

Danny: Cincinnatti 17 - 13

Oakland +11.5 @ Green Bay

Big scoring affair Sunday in Green Bay. Rodgers won't have any issues
against the Raiders secondary, and Carson Palmer will be able to move
the ball against the Packers as they will be playing catchup the
entire game.

Kansas City @ New York Jets -10.5

Palko will stink out loud against the Jets and the turnover margin
will favor the Jets in a home blow out.

Danny: Jets 24 - 6

Minnesota @ Detroit -9

Stafford and the Lions will get back on track and put up a lot of
points at home.

Danny: Lions 37 - 17

New Orleans @ Tennessee +3

This is a let down game for Drew Brees and the Saints. The Titans are
getting in their groove thanks to Chris Johnson finally hit his stride
running the ball. The defense is causing turnovers and making big
plays. Hassellbeck has been consistent and he should find plenty of
room to pass against the Saints secondary by utilizing the playaction
pass. Take the Titans to win at home and upset a very hot NEW ORLEANS

Danny: Tennesse 31 - 27

Philadelphia @ Miami -3

How can anyone confidently pick the Eagles? Yes they do have Vick and
Maclin back, but the Eagles have played with no consistency all
season. On the flip side, the Dolphins are playing as well as anyone
in the NFL and I will take the team that plays better defense and with
much more passion.

Danny: Miami 24 - 20

New England @ Washington +7.5

The Patriots win this game outright, but the Redskins will score
enough points to get this cover. Grossman had a huge December last
season and I think this is a good opportunity for him to have a very
productive game. The Patriots defense cannot cover squat, and the
Redskins defense will be fired up to get after Brady.

Danny: Patriots 34 - 30

Atlanta @ Carolina - 3

I am going with the hotter quarterback and the fact that Turner is
banged up and may not be playing for Atlanta. This has the potential
to be a shootout, which would be very different for the Falcons as
they have played UNDER the total 6 of their last 7 games.

Danny: Panthers 30 -27

Tampa Bay -3 @ Jacksonville

Throw in the towel for the Jaguars, their hearts aren't in it anymore.
Stop MJD and make 2-3 big play on offense and you win.

Danny: Bucs 17 - 10

San Francisco -4 @ Arizona

Vegas is setting this line up like it shouldn't be a suprise for the
public to see the Cardinals win this game outright. I firmly do not
believe the Cardinals can beat the Cowboys and then the 49ers back to
back. San Fran's defense is too stout.

Danny: 49ers 24 - 13

Chicago +3.5 @ Denver

This is my lock for Sunday. I love Tebow, and I said it since last
spring that the guy does not fit the mold of a quarterback in the NFL,
but he is a proven winner at every level and when he gets his
LEGITAMATE shot to start he will win. Enough said, the guy is on
fire. He has lit the fire for his offense and defense to get up off
their asses and has them playing with passion. My thought today is
that maybe Tebow can get the win but it'll be 3 points or less. Caleb
Hanie is not as bad as he is playing and I think he will settle in
today and have an impressive road performance against the Broncos.
The Bears defense will keep Tebow in check, and potentially cause a
big turnover and win this game themselves.

Danny: Bears 16 - 9

Buffalo @ San Diego -7

Shootout in San Diego ends with Phil Rivers having a career day and a
double digit victory.

Danny: Chargers 38 - 27

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -4.5

Big NFC East game, and it is the first of two between these foes in
the final four weeks of the season. Home team wins this game and Tony
Romo will come up in the clutch and outplay Eli Manning. The Giants
D-Line will get pressure on Romo but he will make plays with his feet
and having Miles Austin back will be huge for this Dallas offense.
Between Witten, Robinson, Austin, and Bryant this Giants secondary
should get torched today. Eli will find success too against the
pathetic Cowboys secondary, but coming off a terrible loss to Arizona
leads me to believe the Cowboys will come out fighting.

Danny: Cowboys 35 - Giants 30

St. Louis @ Seattle -10

The Seahawks will outplay the Rams, and expect Pete Carroll to be
jumping for joy on the sidelines as Marshawn Lynch and the 12th man
get another home victory.

Danny: Seattle 24 - 10

Week 14 Picks - Eric

Eric's Week 14 Picks Against the Spread

Lines according to

Indianapolis -16.5 @ Baltimore

Indy is coming off of an impressive fourth quarter against the
Patriots. Dan Orlovsky is an obvious upgrade, but having Dan Orlovsky
as your starting quarterback in the NFL still isn't a happy prospect.
The Colts appear destined for 0-16 and the most talked about team
heading into the draft. Until then, they'll continue to play like a
turtle stuck on his back.

The Ravens seem to play down to their competition. Losses to
Tennessee and Seattle and a close call at home to Arizona give cause
for concern. They will not lose Sunday but the Colts should keep it
within 17.

Eric Picks: IND 17 BAL 28

Houston +3 @ Cincinnati

Since the founding of their franchise, the Texans annually find
themselves among the worst defenses in the NFL. Enter Wade Phillips,
who like some sort of svengali creates a juggernaut defense leading a
head coaching job where the team dumb enough to hire him wallow in

The Texans game is centered on running and defense. T.J Yates doesn't
have to be Dan Marino, he simply needs to be Trent Dilfer. Injuries
took the Texans out of the running for a deep playoff run but they
will go on to have the franchise's most successful season yet. Andre
Johnson's injury presents the biggest issue. Without Johnson in the
lineup, defenses are free to concentrate solely on the run, but with a
2 game lead in the NFC South its not likely the Titans can catch up.

Eric Picks: LOCK****** Hou 21 Cin 17

Kansas City +10 ½ @ New York

Eric Picks: KC 14 NYJ 21

Minnesota @ Detroit -9

Eric Picks: DET 28 MINN 16

New Orleans -4 @Tennessee

Eric Picks: NO 34 TENN 27

Philadelphia +3 @ Miami

Two coaches, one making a late season stand to save his job and the
other a late season swoon to potentially lose it.

Eric Picks: PHI 24 MIA 20

New England -7,5 @ Washington

Eric Picks: NE 38 WASH 20

Atlanta @ Carolina +3

Eric Picks: ATL 20 CAR 24

Tampa Bay -3 @ Jacksonville

Eric Picks: TB 14 JAX 10

San Francisco @ Arizona +3.5

Eric Picks: SF 24 ARI 14

Chicago +3 1/2 @ Denver

Eric Picks: CHI 27 DEN 13

Oakland +12 @ Green Bay

Eric Picks: OAK 24 GB 34

New York +3 @ Dallas

Dallas looked hideous last week in Arizona but found itself in a
position to win another ugly game. Jason Garrett intervened and iced
his own kicker. This is like a NASCAR driver about to finish the race
under caution only to go out and ram the pace car.

The DeMarco Murray love fest is wearing thin. His numbers, the best
over a 5 game stretch in Dallas history was largely fueled by the 291
against the Rams. Plenty of running backs come and go and have
amazing short term stretches. Against a terrible Arizona running
defense, Murray found nothing. The Cowboys have talent in some areas
but are so void of it in others that they're destined to wallow in
utterly frustrating futility. If I weren't on so many pain killers I
would have ran to the closest living thing and killed it.

Eric Picks: LOCK******** NYG 28 DAL 20

St. Louis @ Seattle -10

Eric Picks: STL 10 SEA 17

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 13 NFL Picks


Eagles -3
Tenn +3
Chicago -7
Oakland +3
Pitt -6
Cleveland +7****underdog lock
Jets -3
Atlanta -3******lock
Tampa Bay -3 *****lock
New Orleans -9
Denver +2
San Fran -13
Dallas -4
Green Bay -6
New England -20
Jacksonville +3

Lines from