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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eric's Week 6 Picks


New England -3 @ Seattle

There’s a lot of reason to pick Seattle to get an upset. The crowd, cross country trip, their powerful defense. However, I simply can’t imagine a scenario where the Seahawks score enough points to keep pace. It appears Pete Carroll jumped the gun by placing Russell Wilson in the starting spot so soon. He looks overwhelmed at times. Matt Flynn was brought in to cure the inconsistencies of Tavaris Jackson and they should have stayed the course. New England’s defensive front has been getting after opposing QB’s and Wilson will have to play beyond his years to upset the Patriots.

New England 30 – Seattle 17



Kansas City +4.5 @ Tampa Bay

I’m feeling a little Brady Quinn rejuvenation for a Kansas City team that nearly beat the Ravens by playing tough defense. Tampa’s offense, despite the additions, struggles to move the ball and rarely takes deep shots downfield. Brady Quinn’s bounced from place to place without much of a chance to start. KC is at the end of their rope with the Cassel experiment. If he shows something, just about anything, the starting job could become his for the rest of the year, which is a lot like being promoted to manager at Ruby Tuesday’s, but it’s something right?

KC 17 TB 14


Oakland @ Atlanta -9.5

OAK 17 ATL 34


Dallas @ Baltimore -3.5

Jason Garrett seems like a model citizen and someone who will focus on getting the “right kind of guys” on his team, guys with high moral character and a dedication to the game (aside from Dez). He should be commended for this. However, he’s gotten worse each year as the head of this offense. The line is a train wreck but there’s enough skill and talent out there to not be the worst scoring team in the NFL. The offense moves best when the called play breaks down and Romo improvises. Garrett got away with blaming the defense last season and an early injury to Romo the season prior. How different the football world may have been if Jerry let Garrett go to Baltimore a few years ago? Tony was a train wreck against Chicago, but what do you expect when receivers can’t catch, the line can’t block and he is forced to make it happen. I’ll be in the Harbor for this one, let’s hope I make it out alive. Ravens dominate.

DAL 10 BAL 24


Cincinnati -1 @ Cleveland

CIN 17 CLE 14


St. Louis @ Miami -4

STL 16 MIA 21


Indianapolis +3.5 @ New York Jets

INDY 27 NYJ 13


Detroit @ Philadelphia -3

The tale of two teams seemingly ready to take the next step but cannot manage enough consistency to do so. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin have failed to turn into the league’s most feared duo and Vick appears to have regressed to the point Reid may turn to his rookie backup. The Eagles defense wins the day and keeps Philly atop the NFC East. I hear Michal Vick owns a dog now. There isn’t a law against such things? I mean I’m pretty sure Jerry Sandusky couldn’t secure an adoption and eHarmony would turn down Ike Turner.

DET 20 PHI 24


Buffalo +4.5 @ Arizona

BUFF 28 ARI 27


NY Giants +7 @ San Francisco

San Fran is beating teams down. Of course, those teams all happen to be from an unusually awful AFC East. The Giants keep finding talent on their bench and Eli continues to be as solid as Sears. New York will give SF all they can handle but ultimately come up short largely from an inability to find any traction in the running game.

NY 21 SF 24


Minnesota @ Washington

“The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.” Shanahan couldn’t help but play Lennie, RG3 his rabbits. He had the best of intentions but couldn’t help playing too rough. RG3’s ability to run is astounding but his ability as a passer is equally impressive and more valuable in the NFL. The threat of the run is enough to throw opposing defenses off, sacrificing your young QB’s body in the name of a middling season insults the investment made into the young man.



Green Bay @ Houston -3

GB 24 HOU 30


Denver @ San Diego

DEN 28 SD 24

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