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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eric's Week 10 Picks

Eric’s Week 10 NFL Selections


Detroit -1 @ Minnesota

Christian Ponder’s announcement that he is dating Samantha Steele seems to have coincided with his sluggish play. Samantha Steele is a poor man’s Erin Andrews. Now, I surely don’t think his dalliance with a generic blonde sideline reporter has anything to do with poor play- I think he’s just not altogether good. His career will be marked by periods of poor play, especially when the ground games struggles and Percy Harvin is injured. Minnesota came out of the gate as hot as Detroit did cold. Detroit seems to have found a semblance of running game and that has taken a weight off of Matt Stafford. Detroit will right the ship and make a run. It might even be enough to get 3 NFC North teams into the playoffs. If that’s going to happen, knocking off Minny and the man of Steele Sunday is a must.

DET 28 MINN 24


Dallas @ Philadelphia +1

Andy Reid used to disappoint in style. The good ol’days of losing in the NFC championship games are gone. Fortunately for Reid, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town. A team that looks like a baby just learning to walk. They will pick themselves up, take a few solid steps, then fall right on their butts. At 3-5, each one of Dallas’ games have come down to mistakes and not talent. Some argue the team’s talent is overstated but this is false. The raw talent is there but a higher level of dysfunction seems to permeate throughout the organization. Romo never learns from his mistakes, Jason Garrett’s predictable play calling and incompetent time management, and , of course, Jerry Jones; whose football acumen seems to age not like a fine wine but Mad Dog 20/20. This game has been styled as a must win for both sides, but no matter who wins, it will be a short reprieve.

DAL 13 PHI 24


New York Giants -4 @ Cincinnati

Something tells me Eli bounces back in a big way. Aside from Green, who exactly does Cincy have that scares you? They’re mediocre- meeting their potential, but their ceiling is too close to sea level to take them seriously as power players.

NYG 24 CIN 17


Tennessee +6 @ Miami

TENN 14 MIA 17


Buffalo @ New England -11

BUFF 17 NE 30


Atlanta -1 @ New Orleans

ATL 28 NO 25


San Diego @ Tampa Bay -3

SD 20 TB 24


Denver -4 @ Carolina

DEN 28 CAR 23


Oakland @ Baltimore -9.5

OAK 13 BAL 23


New York Jets +6 @ Seattle

NYJ 21 SEA 23


St. Louis +11 @ San Francisco

STL 17 SF 24


Houston +1 @ Chicago

HOU 27 CHI 21


Kansas City @ Pittsburgh -11.5

KC 10 PITT 28

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