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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 12 4 Pack of Picks - Danny

I will no longer be posting every game as I cannot guarentee the time
and quality for each pick. It will be a Saturday and Sunday 4 Pack
from here on out. By Saturday I mean College Football picks where I
have been very successful the past two years.

Here we go: ( In order )


Pick - Seattle -3 @ Miami - Love the Seahawks coming off a bye week.
Do not fall into the west coast to east coast balogny here as the
Hawks have had plenty time to travel and accomodate to the time zone.
Seattle is 7-3 ats on the season, they stop the run just as good as
the top teams in the league, and more importantly they dominate the
passing attack of other teams. Seattle's corners are tall, fast, and
physical at the line of scrimmage. You really thing Hartline and Bess
matchup well? The Dolphins on the other hand are 4-5-1 ats on the
season, they stop the run as well as the Seahawks, but they struggle
mightily against the pass. Russ Wilson should spread the field open,
his playbook will be wide open today, and the playaction pass will
come into play in the second half to a big affect. Miami is on a 3
game losing streak and those losses came against Tennessee,
Indianapolis, and Buffalo; teams will inferior defenses. I just
cannot predict a scenario for the Dolphins to win this game. The
Seahawks are well rested, far superior defensively, and Wilson has
looked better each week behind center. If the Seahawks can come open
fast and put up a touchdown on their opening drive, I honestly thing
the game is over. Tannehill looked horendous against the Bills
defense that completely shut down the running attack of the Phins.
This is my top pick on sunday.

Take the Seahawks 24 - 9


Pick - Denver -10 - The Broncos are hot right now. Offensively they
are clicking on all cylinders, and on the other side of the ball they
may be playing better than Manning and his offense. Von Miller is
solidifying himself as a top pass rusher in the NFL, and the secondary
is playing with much more confidence than earlier this year. The
Chiefs just don't score enough points and if the Broncos shut down the
Jamaal Charles show the Chiefs have no chance. I expect a big win for
the Broncos and the Peyton Manning Super Bowl odds continue to get

Take the Broncos 30 - 10


Pick - Rams -1 - The Cardinals are starting Ryan Lindley and two 7th
round tackles this week. Eh hem, this will be like an ATM game. Put
your card in and collect as much as you want. Rams will rebound from
a bad performance against the Jets and they will shutdown the
Cardinals offense. The University of Phoenix Stadium will be empty
before the end of the game. Rams will win this by the end of the
first quarter.

Take the Rams 20 - 6


Pick - Bears -6 - Chicago gets their field general back this week,
and Minnesota is without their start playmaker, Percy Harvin.
Chicago's game plan; stop Adrian Peterson, force Ponder to pass the
ball early and often, and create turnovers. The Bears will get their
ship back in the water today and put on a nice show for their home
fans. In the last six games that Chicago has played when Cutler is
under center, they are 5-1 (the loss was against Houston where Cutler
left early), they won by an average of almost 17 points in those five
wins, and the defense has caused 20 turnovers.

Take the Bears 30 - 16.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Danny's Week 10 Picks

Danny’s NFL Week 10 Selections


Buffalo @ New England -13.5

This should be a rather high scoring game as both offenses put up a ton of points.  Home field advantage and two weeks rest should have the Patriots fired up.

Pick – Patriots 41 – Bills 24



New York Giants @ Cincinnati +4.5

Giants head into the bye week slumping.  A tough loss last week against the Steelers and now going against a very hungry home team that doesn’t want to lose its fifth straight game.

Pick-  Bengals 27 – Giants 26


Lock #1

San Diego @ Tampa Bay -3

The epic pick against the west coast team coming to the east coast for a 1pm game happens three times today. The east coast team dominates this statistic. 

Pick – Tampa 27 – Chargers 20


Denver @ Carolina +4

I love this matchup for the Panthers.  The Broncos defense has not been tested by a quarterback like Cam Newton this season and the Broncos have faced a tough schedule the last two weeks.  They traveled east to play the Bengals, went back to Denver, and now back to the east coast to play a 1pm game against a fiery team that has played consistently better the past 4 games.  Upset city?  Expect at least a Falcons cover.

Pick – Panthers 30 – Broncos 27


Lock #2

Tennessee @ Miami -6

I love the Dolphins going up against Locker in this matchup.  They get a great pass rush and the Linebackers are fast enough to prevent Locker’s leg from coming into play.

Pick – Dolphins 31 – Titans 17


Oakland @ Baltimore -7.5

Once again, this is the west coast team coming to the east for a 1pm game.  Advantage Ravens.

Pick – Ravens 26 – Raiders 16



Lock #3

Atlanta @ New Orleans +1.5

Huge game for Matty Ice, if the Falcons lose this game they will be the fuel to ignite the Saints fire for a comeback.   Against the Eagles the Saints defense looked very good because of their constant pressure against Vick.  That will not happen in this game as the Falcons offensive line is far advanced from the Eagles.   Falcons have too much fire power.

Pick -  Falcons 34 – Saints 24



Lock #4

Detroit @ Minnesota +3

No Percy Harvin means the Lions will do everything in their power to shut down Adrian Peterson.  If Stafford is able to use the ground game to open up the play action plays in the playbook, then this is a no contest win for the Lions on the road.

Pick – Lions -31 – Vikings 18


*Upset #2  of the Week

New York Jets @ Seattle -6

This is a very bold pick.  I feel far more confident in the Jets covering the 6 point spread than I do them winning outright, but I love this game.  The Seahawks are coming off a tough loss to Detroit and now head into the bye week with what appears to be an easy win at home against the Jets.  The Jets however, are coming off a bye week and should be very prepared to make this a low scoring game and potentially create a few turnovers from Russell Wilson.  Take the Jets in a low scoring game.

Pick – Jets 17 – Seahawks 16


Dallas @ Philadelphia +2.5

How can anyone seriously pick the Eagles with confidence?  The offensive line of the Eagles is horrible and that is their major flaw.  Romo beats Vick in the fourth quarter.

Pick – Dallas 24 – Eagles 17


St. Louis @ San Francisco -13

49ers should win this home game, but expect Jeff Fisher to keep this close.

Pick – 49ers 20 – Rams 10


Houston @ Chicago -1

Houston’s defensive front seven versus Chicago’s  offensive line = Texans road win.

Pick – Houston 24 – Chicago 20


Kansas City @ Pittsburgh -11

Come on man.  Steelers easy.

Pick -  Steelers 31 – Chiefs 17

Eric's Week 10 Picks

Eric’s Week 10 NFL Selections


Detroit -1 @ Minnesota

Christian Ponder’s announcement that he is dating Samantha Steele seems to have coincided with his sluggish play. Samantha Steele is a poor man’s Erin Andrews. Now, I surely don’t think his dalliance with a generic blonde sideline reporter has anything to do with poor play- I think he’s just not altogether good. His career will be marked by periods of poor play, especially when the ground games struggles and Percy Harvin is injured. Minnesota came out of the gate as hot as Detroit did cold. Detroit seems to have found a semblance of running game and that has taken a weight off of Matt Stafford. Detroit will right the ship and make a run. It might even be enough to get 3 NFC North teams into the playoffs. If that’s going to happen, knocking off Minny and the man of Steele Sunday is a must.

DET 28 MINN 24


Dallas @ Philadelphia +1

Andy Reid used to disappoint in style. The good ol’days of losing in the NFC championship games are gone. Fortunately for Reid, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town. A team that looks like a baby just learning to walk. They will pick themselves up, take a few solid steps, then fall right on their butts. At 3-5, each one of Dallas’ games have come down to mistakes and not talent. Some argue the team’s talent is overstated but this is false. The raw talent is there but a higher level of dysfunction seems to permeate throughout the organization. Romo never learns from his mistakes, Jason Garrett’s predictable play calling and incompetent time management, and , of course, Jerry Jones; whose football acumen seems to age not like a fine wine but Mad Dog 20/20. This game has been styled as a must win for both sides, but no matter who wins, it will be a short reprieve.

DAL 13 PHI 24


New York Giants -4 @ Cincinnati

Something tells me Eli bounces back in a big way. Aside from Green, who exactly does Cincy have that scares you? They’re mediocre- meeting their potential, but their ceiling is too close to sea level to take them seriously as power players.

NYG 24 CIN 17


Tennessee +6 @ Miami

TENN 14 MIA 17


Buffalo @ New England -11

BUFF 17 NE 30


Atlanta -1 @ New Orleans

ATL 28 NO 25


San Diego @ Tampa Bay -3

SD 20 TB 24


Denver -4 @ Carolina

DEN 28 CAR 23


Oakland @ Baltimore -9.5

OAK 13 BAL 23


New York Jets +6 @ Seattle

NYJ 21 SEA 23


St. Louis +11 @ San Francisco

STL 17 SF 24


Houston +1 @ Chicago

HOU 27 CHI 21


Kansas City @ Pittsburgh -11.5

KC 10 PITT 28

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Night Football Week 10

Post was to be submitted at 7:30pm instead it is sent late....

Eric and Danny both have Indy to win with a predicted score of 27-13.

Colts / Under

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 9 NFL Picks - Danny

NFL Week 9 Selections – Danny


Denver @ Cincinnati +5

Upset special of the week?  Maybe, but I definitely think the Bengals hand tight in this one coming off a bye week with extra time to prepare.   This will be a good test for Peyton because the Bengals rush the passer as well as anyone in the league.

Pick – Cincinnati 27 – Denver 24


Arizona @ Green Bay -10

Pick – Packers 24 – Cardinals 13


Miami @ Indianapolis +1.5

Pick – Dolphins 20 – Colts 17


Baltimore @ Cleveland +4


The Ravens are coming off a bye week following their horrible loss to the Texans two weeks ago.  The Browns are coming off a big win against San Diego last week (7-6 at home…not big score wise) but now they host the Ravens the week before their bye week.  The stats on teams going into their bye weeks are astonishing.  They are losing 70% of the games and against the spread they lost 75% of the time.  This is a 7-10 point win for the Ravens.  I would bet the house on this one ladies and gentlemen.  Weeden will get his first taste of Ed Reed on Sunday, INTERCEPTION lock.

Pick – Ravens 27 – Browns 13


Buffalo @ Houston -10.5

Pick – Texans 27 – Bills 23


Carolina @ Washington -3

Pick – Redskins 30 – Panthers 28


Detroit @ Jacksonville +6

Pick – Lions 30 – 17


Chicago @ Tennessee +4


The Titans have the  arguably the worst defense in the league, with a struggling offense as well.  They will not get it done against the best defense in the NFL that will shut down Chris Johnson and take a few years off the life of the aging quarterback behind center for Tennessee.

Pick – Bears 24 – Titans 13


Minnesota @ Seattle -4

Pick – Seahawks 20 – Vikings 12


Tampa Bay @ Oakland -2

Pick – Buccaneers 30 – Raiders 24


Pittsburgh @ New York Giants -3

Pick – Steelers 27 -  Giants 24


Dallas @ Atlanta -3.5

Pick – Falcons 17 – Cowboys 16


Philadelphia @ New Orleans -3

Pick – Eagles 34 – Saints 24

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 9 Thursday Night Selections

Danny and Eric both have San Diego to win 24-13

home team and the points tonight, Phil Rivers has to rebound and who
better to do it against than a divisional foe. Charles better get 25+
touches in order for KC to think they can hang in this game. I
expect the Chargers defense to look very good against a futile Chiefs
offense. Chargers get back in the W column this week.