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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Week 4


The Giants Defense: With their backs against the wall, the Giants D came out swinging. They put relentless pressure on the Bears’ triumvirate of QB’s. Cutler left the game with a concussion, Todd Collins regretted his decision to not stay retired, and some guy named Hanie was taking snaps by the end of the game. This defense showed its potential Sunday night, they won this game. Bradshaw aside, the offense looked rather pedestrian. Kolb, McNabb, and Romo should take note: if you hold onto the ball against this D, you may end up seeing stars on the sidelines too.


The Seattle Seahawks. Matt Hasselbeck posted a 58 QB rating and the team ran for a total of 64 yards. The bright spot for the offense came in the form of Brandon Stokley. The recently signed receiver led the team with 64 yards off 4 receptions. (So much for the Mike-Williams-as-a-fantasy-sleeper pick) Defensively, Seattle fared better. They managed 4 sacks and a pick but gave up 20 points against a Rams offense that lacks a true receiving threat and has a banged up Steven Jackson. Seattle overachieved early. They’ve settled back into their expected futility.

The Ugly:

Derek Anderson, QB, Arizona Cardinals: Are we sure this guy didn’t sell his soul to the devil for his 2007 season? Based upon his lone productive year (3,700 yds, 29 TD’s), Anderson manages to convince teams to keep taking a chance on him in hopes that he will recapture that glory. The Cardinals released Matt Leinart prior to the season solidifying Anderson’s place as the starter. Sunday, the Cards benched Anderson after a lackluster 7 of 14 for 64 yards with 2 picks effort in favor of Max Hall. Hall replaced Anderson to throw for a paltry 82 yards and was sacked 6 times. Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Smith (Carolina) should start some sort of support group for victimized wide-receivers.

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