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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Week 10

The Good:

Michael Vick. How could we go with anyone else? The man looked like Randall Cunningham (QB Eagles) in Tecmo Super Bowl. The Eagles have the most athletic kill players in the league. Vick’s emergence as a passer makes their offense near unstoppable. If their defense can keep pace, this franchise may finally get its first Super Bowl. Kevin Kolb’s tenure in Philadelphia ended before it began.

The Bad:

Daniel Snyder/Washington Redskins: Anytime you can lock down an aging quarterback 2 years past his prime for $78 million, you’ve got to pull the trigger. The contract allows the Redskins some flexibility if they should release McNabb after this season. However, on Monday night Daniel Snyder saw first hand how signing the right free agent can reinvigorate a team- a sight rarely witnessed in Washington.

The Ugly:

Todd Haley, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs. Haley refused to shake Broncos’ head coach, Josh McDaniels, and went so far as to wag a finger in his face. Haley felt McDaniels ran the score up against the Chiefs. This isn’t Alabama versus William & Mary. Todd Haley’s pouting act came across as juvenile and unprofessional. If Haley doesn’t want the Broncos to run up the score, stop them. No scholarships here, these guys are professionals paid to do just what Denver did.

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