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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 11 Good, Bad, Ugly


Raheem Morris. The Bucs had a tremendous draft but I thought they were a few years off from the type of season they’ve put together. Raheem Morris appeared overwhelmed at times last season and perhaps he was. However, he learned form last year and has his team hitting on all cylinders thus far. Quarterback John Freeman looks like the real deal, Mike Williams was a draft day steal and rookie free agent Legarrette Blount went from angry-punching-maniac to starting NFL running back. Blount’s play allows Cadillac Williams to stay fresh and contribute. The Bucs pitched an impressive shutout on the road in San Fran and put the Saints and Falcons on notice that the NFC South is a 3 horse race. Somewhere an effeminate orange pirate is smiling.


The Houston Texans Secondary. In consecutive weeks the Texans secondary cost the team wins and likely the playoffs in the process. The Jaguars defeated the Texans on a fluky Hail Mary followed by Sanchez throwing consecutive passes down the field resulting in the win. Perhaps the entire defense should take the blame but the secondary must make a stop with the game on the line. Kubiak may not suffer the same early demise as Wade Phillips and Brad Childress, but he’s destined for the unemployment line.


Brett Favre. Brett could have ridden off into the sunset after overachieving last season but he got greedy and decided to tempt fate. It looks like Brett settled himself back into what a 40 something year old quarterback should. He leads the league in turnovers and perhaps the most ominous sign of all, has the Minnesota faithful calling for Tavaris Jackson. That’s right- T-Jack- that’s how bad things have gotten. The may take the crown of “most disappointing” from Dallas before this season is all over with.

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