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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eric's Locks of Week 14

New England Patriots (-3) @ Chicago Bears

Does Tom Brady have hair plugs? My girlfriend says he does and the Sports Guy mention something to that effect? I am certainly not a patriots fan but in a time when America is constantly questioned, doesn’t he seem like the appropriate ambassador? He’s not effeminate like Euro soccer guys and always gives an air of I don’t care to the media. I’ve seen him play and hair plugs aside, its beautiful thing. Jay Cutler dates Laguna Beach has-beens, Brady dates (marries) girls who are too good for Victoria’s Secret. Three points? Nope- give em seven and I still take the Pats. New England wins big in a route.


Kansas City @ San Diego (-9)

Phillip Rivers is an easy player to hate. On the field, he often comes across as an arrogant jerk to the casual Charger’s observer. However, what Rivers has accomplished thus far is nothing short of great. General Manager AJ Smith, made a big miscalculation. The Chargers cast aside LaDanian (French for the The Danian) Tomlinson and drafted running back Ryan Matthews in the first round. As it turns out, Tomlinson isn’t dead and Ryan Matthews isn’t good. To be fair, Matthews has struggled with injuries and Tomlinson appeared washed up last year. To make matters worse, two of the team’s best players left tackle Marcus McNeil and receiver Vincent Jackson were both embroiled in public contract disputes. McNeil resigned to a long term deal with the Chargers and Jackson returned to obtain a vested year in order to gain unrestricted status after the season. Further exacerbating the team’s personnel troubles, top receivers Malcolm Floyd, Legadu Nanee and All Pro Antonio Gates have become fixtures on the team’s injury report. Despite all of this, Rivers continues to put up Pro Bowl numbers. You may loathe Philip Rivers on a personal level, but he’s a baller on par with any of the top QB’s in the league.

I love seeing Kansas City relevant again. Growing up, I was married to the NFC. Those games mattered and AFC games didn’t. There was a period when the NFC dominated. Beginning with ’84 49ers and ending with the ’96 Packers, the NFC won every single Super Bowl. The AFC was like a mistress for me- just a little fun on the side. The Steve DeBerg-Marty Schottenheimer days are long gone but it appears Todd Haley and his big name staff has a little something going. Matt Cassel’s play has flown slightly under the radar. He’s developed a nice rapport with Dwayne Bowe and the combination of Thomas Jones and Jamal Charles gives them enough to grind out games.

San Diego needs a win here to keep pace with KC. I think they win easy with the recent news of Matt Cassel being ruled OUT due to his Wednesday appendectomy. Brodie Croyle will get the start for the Chiefs, Jamaal Charles will be running hard after being awarded a nice new contract this week, but the fact of the matter is the Chargers rarely lose in November and December. They took a nasty loss last week at home against Oakland, no chance they lose two in a row in San Diego in December.


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