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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good, Bad, Ugly

Week 12

The Good

Chicago Bears - With a big game win against a big time NFC opponent, the Bears defense showed up to slow down Michael Vick and the explosive Eagles offense. Also worth noting was a 4 TD performance by Jay Cutler and the tremendous running game of Matt Forte. The Bears didn't have many believers going into the Eagles game, but its easy to say they have a few after the big win.

The Bad

Oakland Raiders - After all of the pre-season talks about the Raiders potential for this season it all seems to be going down hill. The inconsistencies of this offense have been well documented, but the lack of fight that this team showed throughout the week 12 matchup vs Miami just illustrated the decline of the Raiders this season. They are all but done, and now have to face the red-hot Chargers.

The Ugly

Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer has had an awful season, the Bengals only have 2 wins, and they got beat up against the "human" Jets. Let's see how the Bengals rally the troops this week against the Saints in Cincy. A loss would lead me to believe that Marvin Lewis is definitely out after this season.

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