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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Does anyone look good after hardknocks?  Perhaps it speaks to the type of organization that embrace the added attention but it’s yet to work as a positive for the head coaches invovled.  For charismatic coaches like Brian Billick and Rex Ryan, it exposed them for being heavy on style and light on content while hurting their public reputations in the process.  For other coaches such as Dave Campo and Marvin Lewis, Hard Knocks exposed them as lacking both style and content.  Rex Ryan exploded onto the scene with an old-school defensive powerhouse of a team.  The Jets were brash and backed up the talk with impressive victories and playoff runs.  Once a few of the assembled talent aged passed its prime and the Emperor in New England got his groove back, the Jets came back to earth and Ryan’s schitck began to sound less like confidence and more like false bravado. To Ryan’s credit, he didn’t back off, he doubled down on the audacity.  Ryan signed on Wildcat enthusiast Tony Sporano then traded for Tebow while simultaneously announcing he would serve as a protector on punts.  Perpetual malcontent Santonio Holmes didn’t care for Sanchez throwing passes in the dirt at his feet, I wonder how he will like passes sailing 10 yards over his head coming from the chosen one? 

Miami is going to struggle.  It really doesn’t so much matter what washed-up or never will be quarterback takes the snaps because he doesn’t have anywhere to throw the ball.  Davone Bess and Legadu Nanee project at the starting spots.  That’s the best Miami could come up with?  Reggie Bush is the best receiver on this team.  He also happens to be the best kick returner and the best running back.  The kind of production the Dolphins need from Reggie is only possible if he remains healthy.  Reggie Bush stayed healthy and changed the fantasy fortunes of so many that took a flier on his last year, but can we expect this again?  Doubtful.  The defense is legit and early indications are that new head coach Joe Philbin runs a tight ship.  Given his Green Bay pedigree, the future is bright, but Philbin doesn’t have Aaron Rodgers nor does he have Matt Flynn.

Buffalo deserves a better Bills.  It’s been 13 years since Buffalo went to the playoffs.  They paid an awful lot of money over the past few years to keep their stars and add a new one.  Thanks to Jeremy Lin, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s reign as best professional Harvard athlete lasted only a few months longer than the Bills’ optimism.  It’ll take more than Mario Williams to fix all of Buffalo’s woes but it’s a good start and should give the Bills faithful a reason to believe that if the stars align in just the right way, they could find themselves in the playoff hunt.

New England comes back reloaded.  Full of offensive fire power and a young defense that includes two first rounders who will certainly aid the pass rush, the Patriots are primed to disappoint the Boston faithful in another Super Bowl. The AFC East is a Patriot world and the rest are just squirrels trying to get a wildcard.

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