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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NFC East Preview

What a division we have here.  All four teams should be playoff hungry this season, and if the Redskins offensive line can hold up and protect RG3, wow, we will be in for a wild week 17 when the Eagles face the Giants and the Redskins face the Cowboys....

Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles are much more improved then the Dream Team that never was last year.  Michael Vick has barely survived the preseason, talks of Nick Foles taking over have already begun in Philly due to his outstanding play thus far.  That being said, Vick is the 100 million dollar baby, and he will be behind center without a doubt.  If he can do that 16 straight times this regular season then the Eagles are, without a doubt in my mind, a playoff team.  They have the pieces on offense; Vick, McCoy, D Jack and Maclin, Celek, and a very strong offensive line.  Vick needs to make smart decisions with the ball in the pocket and outside of the pocket as well.  With an explosive offense, a ridiculously deep defensive line, a stronger linebacking core led by off season acquisition Demeco Ryans, the Eagles have the pieces to put together a strong playoff run.  Vick just has to stay healthy, and that has not been easy for him to do.

New York Giants - The Giants are the defending Champions and everyone will be out to get them this season. But they have an absolutely BRUTAL schedule this season.  They end the season with the Saints at home, at Atlanta, at Baltimore, and they host the Eagles to round it out.  I think the Giants, while they have a very good defense and a clutch quarterback, take a step back this season.  I think they will struggle with consistency running the ball this season, and they will miss Brandon Jacobs.  No more Manningham means Nicks and Cruz will see some double coverage.  I just think this schedule will be too much for Eli to handle, and the Giants will take a step backwards this season.

Washington Redskins - Robert Griffin III will have a good season this year.  He will throw for 25+ touchdown passes and will run for a few as well.  The Redskins have a playoff caliber defense, and seasoned Rookie QB if that makes sense, and they have plenty of arsenal to use at running back.  Moss will play the slot roll and Garcon will be the X receiver for RGIII.  I like this team a lot, and I think the quarterback will breathe a lot of energy into the locker room and take this team to a higher level.

Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo is long overdue to do something for the Dallas Cowboys.  Only problem is that a brutally hard schedule lies in front of him, and even if the Cowboys make it to the playoffs, the question will be who is healthy and fresh enough to make them contenders...Dez Bryant, despite the circus that comes along with him (behaviorally that is), will be a Pro Bowl receiver this season if he stays healthy.  Murray and Jones will spell Romo from having to pass the ball 45+ every game, and of course a healthy Miles Austin would be nice right? Morris Claiborne will be a tough cornerback for the Boys, and I expect Rob Ryan to have this defense ready to go from day one.  The Cowboys will be a tough team to beat this season because they are explosive offensively, have a terrific defensive line, and have made improvements to their secondary.  Tough tough schedule though.

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