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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NFC West

Arguably the worst division in the NFL.  Let's take a look here at the NFC West division.

San Francisco 49ers - with the additions of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, an added bonus of Brandon Jacobs and rookie LaMichael James joining the offense, the 49ers should not struggle to score this season.  Alex Smith is coming off a remarkable campaign last season and I expect his play to only get better.  The defense is where it is at with the 49ers.  Defense alone will win this team 4-5 games, so count on the 49ers to be top in the West and ready for a deep playoff run for Coach Harbaugh.  More than 16 opportunities to slap a coach in the back for Jimmy Boy this season.

Arizona Cardinals - I just feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald.  The guy seems like a class act, hard-working wide receiver that just wants to win desperately.  Ain't happenin' this year my man.  Who is behind center to start the season will not be behind center to finish it (whether its poor play or injury due to a horrible offensive line).  There is no fantasy value on this team besides Fitzgerald.  Cardinals may not win 5 games this season.

St. Louis Rams - New Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has some tools for Sam Bradford to play with this season, but the secondary on the defensive side of the ball has to step up or else Bradford will be playing from behind all season long. Expect S. Jackson to have yet another productive season, and I anticipate Danny Amendola to have 90+ receptions this season in the offense.  Jeff Fisher will have his team up and energized for each game, and the defense is a stout front seven, I just think the Rams are a good two years away from being relevant in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks - I loved the Rookie Scout show that ESPN did with Jon Gruden and the handful of draft-eligible quarterbacks this past April.  The one show that impressed me the most was that with Tyler Wilson of Wisconsin.  Gruden was so high on this kid, and despite his height, he truly felt there is a tremendous upside with him.  I firmly agreed, and boy is that shining through now in Seattle.  A preseason quarterback batter between Wilson and newly signed Matt Flynn from Green Bay.  Flynn has not impressed this preseason, while Wilson has.  Wilson has the edge, he has the charisma, and the make of a leader.  I really like the Seahawks this season, even with a rookie (or high inexperienced Flynn), to have a successful season.  Lynch and Washington will provide a nice ground game, TO and Mike Williams provide the height needed at wide receiver, and we all know the defense is legit.  Should be at least 8 wins for the Seahawks if Flynn or Wilson have decent and smart seasons.

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