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Saturday, December 22, 2012



New York Giants -1 @ Baltimore

The Giants are coming off an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the
Falcons. The Giants are given the benefit of the doubt because we've
seen them look terrible before only to turn it on for a late season
run. However, I don't think this particular incarnation of the Giants
has the ferocity to make a serious run. Hakeem Nicks is either hurt
or someone stole his powers (think Austin Powers 2) and Bradshaw has
failed to consistently stay on the field. A week ago I extolled the
virtues of David Wilson. He excelled in his first game as the
featured back but regressed in the second. However, I think that may
have been due in large part to the ever increasing point deficit.
Baltimore's defense can't seem to stop anyone on the ground. With
Bradshaw and Wilson splitting reps, the load should come off of Eli
considerably this week.

Flacco isn't playing well. He has options at receiver and tight end,
an all pro caliber running back and serviceable line but he has failed
to take that next step. He may be the Medoza line for NFL QB's. Any
worse and you might as well rebuild, any better and you're competing
for the playoffs. Flacco has the physical tools but something's
missing that prevents him from taking the next step. The Giants run
the ball all over Baltimore and Flacco fails to do enough for the win.

NYG 23 BAL 20

Buffalo @ Miami -4.5

Buffalo is bad. Ryan Fitzpatrick is living off his early season
stretch from a year ago. He's a backup QB. He's got a few weapons
but he rarely shows the ability or aptitude to take full advantage of
them. Defensively, Mario Williams is playing well but certainly
nowhere near the Bills hoped when the inked that free agent deal.
Buffalo struggles in almost every facet of the game. Miami, on the
other hand, isn't that bad. In fact, they're a good-bad team. Reggie
Bush has quietly put together another solid year (just under 900 yards
and 5 TDs) and Ryan Tannahill isn't the train wreck I expected him to
be coming into the season. He's a big strong guy who flashes
brilliance. Brian Hartline even eclipsed the 1k mark last week in
receiving yards. Defensively, Miami excels against the run. CJ
Spiller isn't likely to find day light running into the Dolphins
front. Miami's secondary leaves something to be desired, but they
parted ways in the offseason with a couple of key veterans as a part
of an overall culture change. Those moves left the defense vulnerable
to the passing attack but I think the Miami brass sees that as a
growing pain. They're trending in the right direction as the Bills
head south. Look for the Dolphins to finish strong and build
expectations for next year.

BUFF 17 MIA 24

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