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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eric's Week 2 Selections

Eric's Week 2 Selections (locks posted last few picks)

New Orleans -3 @ Carolina

Pick: NO 35  CAR 28

Houston -7 @ Jacksonville

Pick:  HOU 24  JAX  13

Washington -3.5 @ St. Louis

Pick:  WASH 30  STL 20

Kansas City @ Buffalo -3

Pick:  KC13  Buff 17

NYJets +6 @ Pittsburgh

Pick:  NYJ 24  PITT 27

Tennessee@ San Diego -6.5

Pick: TENN 16  SD  24

Detroit +7 @ San Francisco

Pick: DET 27  SF  33

Denver +3 @ Atlanta 

Pick:  DEN 32  ATL 31

Minnesota -3 @ Indianapolis 

Pick: MINN 27  INDY 24 

Oakland -2.5 @ Miami

Couldn’tthe regular center long snap?  Wouldn’t you rather have Lechler punt from the shotgun than field ground balls from a few yards deeper?  I’m about as low on Tannehill as I am Weeden.  Just because more rookies have found success from the onset of their careers does not mean all will.  Does anyone recall David Carr?  After years of being pummeled, his confidence was shot and he his growth as a player stunted. 

Pick:  OAK  20  MIA 16

Arizona@ New England -14

Pick: ARI  17  NE  38

Tampa Bay +7 @ New York Giants

Pick: TB  20  NYG 24

Baltimore +2.5 @ Philadelphia

Huh?  The Eagles are favored? This is kind of like what went down in the Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels.  I mean, the Devil won right?  His song was clearly better than Johnny’s.  Who judged the contest anyway?  The only others present were the demons, so was it an honor system? It doesn’t seem wise to enter into an honest call-your-own-fouls kind of contest with the Devil.  I mean, he is the most dishonorable thing in the universe.  I don’t know what how God feels about Johnny, but he can’t look favorably at someone who bets their soul, God’s one true gift, against a fiddle made of gold.  Further, I don’t think it was wise for Johnny to invite the Devil back for a rematch.  I’d assume the Devil stay away as I doubt he’d comeback with the same routine.  Speaking of the Devil, I think he may have taken ownership of Mike Vick’s soul in exchange for that 2010 performance. 

Pick:  Baltimore 27 - Eagles 23

Dallas -3 @ Seattle

This feels a little like a let down game for Dallas.  The Cowboys still have massive questions along their offensive line and the defense, while improved, failed to shut down the Giants on their final scoring drive.  All of that said, there’s a lot of talent at the skill positions for Dallas.  Romo, Bryant, Austin, and Murray help cover deficiencies on the offensive line. Kevin Ogletree came out of nowhere.  After languishing on the bench for years, he finally showed some of the production that kept him on the roster.  However, DeMarco Murray is the lynch pin.  If Murray stays healthy and gives them a consistent threat (which can be just as important as actual production), the strain on Romo and the passing game will decrease and remove the temptation from Romo to take undue risks.  Braylon Edwards might sneak upon the Cowboys this week, who will certainly key on Marshawn Lynch who ripped them for 135 last year.  Edwards is healthy and a big target.  His size gives him an advantage over either of the Dallas corners.  However, in the end Dallas wins this one by a TD.

Pick:  Dallas 20 - Seattle 13

Cleveland @ Cincinnati -7

Yes, the Ravens ended up blowing the Bengals out, but they were in the game until the Ed Reed pick six.  The Bengals made it to the playoffs by beating bad teams last year.  They’re the median, the mid point,the exact middle of the NFL.  It might be an awful lot of fun (not to mention profitable) betting against Brandon Weeden this year. 

CLE  9   CIN 17

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