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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top Pickups for Week 2

Players that you should consider picking up for Week 2 and for
upcoming weeks as well

Quarterbacks -

Robert Griffin III - If you haven't already you have probably lost out
on the waiver claim. RG3 put up 320 yards passing and 2 touchdowns in
New Orleans. He will have a few hickups throughout the year, but
expect him to be very valuable in fantasy points.

Joe Flacco - not someone I would have projected as a top 12 fantasy
quarterback, but after week 1 I would definitely advise picking up
Flacco as he looked superb against the Bengals defense.

Running Backs-

CJ Spiller - Fred Jackson is out for sometime, if not the year,
Spiller is now the feature back. You saw his big run against the
Jets, expect plays like that to continue. 169 yards on 14 carries and
a touchdown is a pretty good day, he should see over 20 touches a game
from this point forward.

Stephen Ridley - 21 rushes for 125 yards and a touchdown. The
Patriots have a brutally easy schedule this year, expect Ridley to
have value early on this season.

Wide Receivers -

Reggie Wayne - Target 15 times, Wayne had 9 receptions for 135 yards.
Luck will find himself playing from behind often and Reggie Wayne is a
great security blanket. Expect 100+ receptions from RW this season.

James Jones - Ride this guy for as long as Jennings has to rest his
groin. Cobb is the sexy pickup for the Packers, but you will see
double digits targets for Jones this weekend, and he is a big guy that
is a big target for Rodgers as the Packers will be throwing early and
often (as usual).

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