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Friday, September 21, 2012

Eric's Week 3 Selections

Eric (ATS) - 5-12-2


New England +3 @ Baltimore

Baltimore doesn’t get its due as a home crowd. They’re among the most rabid, loud, and annoying in the NFL. The Pats, more than any other team, will not care one bit. Coming off a wildly disappointing game, they will come into Baltimore focused and confident. They always beat Baltimore. The Ravens have yet to establish Torrey Smith as anything more than a home run hitter. He needs to find his way onto base more often. The Pats offense gets its groove back and the Ravens struggle to keep Flacco upright and mistake free.

Selecton -    PATRIOTS 38 – RAVENS 31


Green Bay @ Seattle +3.5

Seattle’s secondary is impressive. Their corners are all built like Calvin Johnson and since the replacement refs are dumbfounded by interferences of the passes, Seattle manhandles opposing receivers. More than any other team, Seattle benefits from the ongoing lockout. It feels like the football of years gone by. I’m fine with a more aggressive style of pass defense; I loved football in the 80’s and 90’s. The problem is, when the real refs return, yellow flags will rain down from the heavens. The NFL may cause this yellow rain even before that by mandating the scabs call closer games. Seattle’s not elite and top to bottom lack the talent Green Bay has. However, if they can clamp down on these Green Bay receiving corps and feed Marshawn Lynch a steady dose of carries- we might just see an upset go down on Monday night in Seattle.  I see it happening.

Selection -   PACKERS 24 -  SEAHAWKS 27


Tampa Bay +8 @ Dallas

Against New York, the Cowboys’ offensive line held it together just well enough to keep one of the more formidable d-lines in the NFL at bay. Against Seattle, the offensive line imploded. Tyron Smith, a promising young tackle, looks lost after his move to the left side. Doug Free continues his free-fall (thank you) since signing a fat contract. The rest of the rag-tag free agents and trade acquisitions are abominations. I’m sure Larry Allen couldn’t stop throwing up during last week’s mess. While Jason Garrett bailed on running the ball early, Romo was forced to do everything. He did his best to shake and shimmy but you can only work so much magic while running for your life. Dropped passes and no protection prevented Dallas from overcoming special-teams blunders that put them down by 10 in the first five minutes of the game. Tampa’s secondary is suspect, but improving. Too many points to give for a Dallas team that showed us absolutely nothing last weekend.

Selection -     BUCCANEERS 17 -  COWBOYS 23


Buffalo -3 @ Cleveland

Selection - BUFF 17 -  CLE 10


Detroit -4 @ Tennessee

Selection - DET 28 -  TENN23


Jacksonville +3 @ Indianapolis

Selection -    JAX 20 -  INDY 21


New York Jets -3 @ Miami

Selection - NYJ 21 -  MIA 13


San Francisco -7.5 @ Minnesota

Selecton - SF 28  -   MINN 16


Kansas City +9 @ New Orleans

Selection -    KC 24  -  NO 30


Cincinnati @ Washington -2

Selection -  CINCY 24  -  WASH 27


Philadelphia -3.5 @ Arizona

Selection-   PHILLY 33 -  ARI 24


Atlanta @ San Diego -3

Selection-   ATL 31 -  SD 35


Houston +3 @ Denver

Selection - HOU 30  -  DEN 24

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