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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 2 Surprises and Let-downs


- Victor Cruz went loco on the Bucs secondary which surprised me after how good the Bucs defensive line looked against Carolina.  A strong d-line makes the secondary that much better, but week 2 was crazy for the Bucs secondary.  41 points allowed is insane for a Greg Schiano team.

- Reggie Bush sets the world on fire with 2 touchdowns and 170+ rushing yards on 25+ attempts.  Do anything close to that this week against the Jets and I will jump on the fantasy band wagon.

-The Arizona Cardinals; in a win on the road against New England,  Kolb connects with Larry Fitzgerald ONE TIME!

Let- Downs

-James Jones - I fully accept my mistake here.  Jones had a great opportunity to be the guy for Discount Double Check Rodgers, and he was a near no-show.  Horribe performance.

- Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles; wake up and smell the coffee before you realize its week 16.

- The Oakland Raiders looked horrible in Miami Sunday.  In a game they should have won, they couldn't stop the run, and they couldn't make any arguments there.

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