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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:

Arian Foster:

- Foster made it on to the fantasy football radar after a nice preseason. However, no one expected the performance he had against the Colts on Sunday. The Texans as well as Fantasy Owners who snagged him in the later rounds are ecstatic about this guy. The most exciting aspect to Foster’s emergence is the fact we might get to hear Chris Berman yell out “Arian-Nation-Foster” after he runs roughshod over the Redskins next Sunday.

The Bad:

The Raiders

- The team thought they could turn the corner this season with the addition of Jason Campbell and a revamped line backing corps, but it was business as usual on Sunday. The Titans ran all over the Raiders and Campbell looked like the guy Washington couldn’t wait to get rid of. Has goodwill ever evaporated any faster than it has for Jason Campbell? We may have a Bruce Gradkowski sighting soon. Where is the core group in this team, the group of players that are supposed to lead this team to a winning season?

The Ugly

- Alex Barron. The Cowboys released the second most penalized offensive lineman in 2009, Flozell Adams, and acquired the most penalized in Alex Barron. The Cowboys were clearly the better team on Sunday night but Alex Barron (apparently) had money on the Redskins and did his part to ensure the game would go that way. As time expired, Tony Romo hit Roy Williams for a game winning touchdown. However, Barron was called for his THIRD penalty of the night and the game ended. Get Well Soon Marc Columbo.

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