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Thursday, September 16, 2010

START 'EM / SIT 'EM Week 2

Here's a look at some week 2 matchups in fantasy football:


Quarterbacks: If you are in a two quarterback league consider some of these options for potential starts.

-Matt Hasselbeck SEA - Pete Carroll fired up the Seahawks last week, but Matt Hasselbeck was poised and protected behind the line of scrimmage and that made the difference. Look for Hasselbeck to have decent numbers against a Broncos secondary that allowed David Garrard to pass for three touchdowns last week.

-Josh Freeman TAMPA - Freeman had good numbers last week, and taking on the Carolina Panthers in Week 2, Freeman will be forced to throw the ball as the Panthers will try to shut down Cadillac Williams early. Freeman is consistent, and expect decent numbers out of the 2nd year pro.

SIT 'EM Quarterbacks

-Vince Young TENN - VY takes on the best defense in the league in Pittsburgh this week. Chris Johnson will get 25-30 touches, the Steelers will force the running game and try to dominate the time of possession battle. 17 points max out of the Titans offense, I do not like Young in this matchup.


-Jonathan Stewart CAR - The Panthers will struggle throwing the ball this week because QB Matt Moore is coming off a rough week against the Giants where he ended up with a concussion. Williams will get 20 carries, Stewart will get 15, one of them will bust a big run for a td, I think it'll be Stewart.

-Jerome Harrison CLE - The Browns may have to start Senaca Wallace if Jake Delhomme is unable to go with his ankle injury. That being said, with Wallace of Delhomme, Harrison should receive a large amount of touches against a very vulnerable road run defense in Kansas City. I am expecting a big day out of Jerome.


-Ricky Williams MIA - Williams received more carries than Ronnie Brown last week, however, that will not be the case this week. The Dolphins won't stray away from the run game even though they are facing one of the most stout run defenses in the NFL, but Williams will see a lot of pine this week due to Brown being the better matchup against the Vikings D, and the Dolphins will be throwing the ball a little more often than we are accustomed to seeing them do so.


-Mike Wallace PITT - This is a big reach, but Dennis Dixon took a shot down field with Wallace last week and they connected. I expect a lot of play-action looks from the Steelers this week to prevent the Titans from stacking the box every down.

-Dez Bryant DAL - Bryant has some serious potential in this league, and Tony Romo quickly developed some trust with the rookie early into the Sunday night matchup against the Redskins. Bryant has strong hands, and WANTS the ball every play. Gotta like this kid.

-Randy Moss NEW- Moss will get shutdown by Revis, end of story. Maybe a catch or two, maybe a target in the end zone, but Welker and Tate will have the big games.

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