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Monday, September 20, 2010


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly….Quarterback Edition

The Good

Mark Sanchez-

Sanchez looked like the franchise QB the Jets drafted 2 years ago. In week one, it appeared the Jets would need to win in spite of Sanchez but he bounced back with a superb performance. Sanchez completed 21 of 30 attempts for 3 scores and no picks. With Santonio Holmes waiting in the wings, the Jets have the look of dominate team on both sides of the ball.

The Bad

Joe Flacco

From Mother’s in Federal Hill to Momma’s in Canton, the mantra of the Inner Harbor has gone from “Wako for Flacco” to “Flacco is Wacko.” What an abysmal day for the 3rd year QB out of Deleware: 17 of 39, 154 yards 1 score and 4 interceptions. The Ravens entered 2010 with soaring expectations for their offense. However, after 2 weeks it’s the same old story. The Ravens have a great defense and an impotent offense. If this team wants to win the NFC north, let alone contend, Flacco must improve.

The Ugly

Jason Campbell

We may have witnessed the end of the Jason Campbell era in Oakland. The Raiders pulled Campbell at half time in favor of fan favorite Bruce Gradkowski. Apparently, Campbell’s first half QB rating of 42.9 didn’t impress head coach Tom Cable. Has anyone benefited more from the Raiders front office ineptitude than Gradkowski? The Raiders have not announced who will start next week, but we have to expect to Gradkowski again soon. Campbell will have a short leash if he does get another shot. If only Al Davis were still alive…

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