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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my power rankings for team's with playoff hopes entering Week 16:

1. Indianapolis Colts (14-0) - Will they rest their players or will they play for history? I think a very physical first half from the Jets this week may force the Colts into resting Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. It is not worth it for them to risk injury to their star players when their goal is to win the Super Bowl.

2. San Diego Chargers (11-3) - One of the hottest teams in the NFL. 17 straight December wins. Phillip Rivers is a beast.

3. New Orleans Saints (13-1) - They lost to the Cowboys...They lost to the Cowboys in New Orleans...I did not predict that to happen. I believe the Saints have been exposed.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (10-4) - Too hot too handle. DeSean Jackson is the MVP of the NFC-East. Eagles are a dangerous team.

5. Arizona Cardinals (9-5) - The Cardinals have the explosive offense, a running game in the works, and a defense that shows up for the big games. I like that mix.

6. Minnesota Vikings (11-3) - Finally the media has attacked the Vikings offensive line. Their is nothing wrong with AP or Brett Farve, the problem exists in the 5 in front of them. Didn't anyone think it was weird in week 3 to have 6 and 7 guys stay in to protect on 3rd downs for the Vikings? A contender must have a strong offensive line to challenge for the Super Bowl. Not so much here.

7. New England Patriots (9-5) - The experience will begin to shine through as the Patriots will try to lock up the #3 seed.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5) - How much will the mourning of a fellow teammate and friend affect the Bengals the rest of the way.

9. New York Giants (8-6) - The power running game was back on Monday night. If the Giants are able to play with that type of physical nature the rest of the way, they would be a tough team to play in January.

10. Baltimore Ravens (8-6) - Perfect time for Ray Lewis and company to heat up.

11. Dallas Cowboys (9-5) - Tony Romo has had a tremendous season, if they fall short he is not the one to blame.

12. Denver Broncos (8-6) - The great teams beat the good teams. Therefore, the Broncos should lose this week to the Eagles.

13. Green Bay Packers (9-5) - Green Bay has had a good season, but they are 2-4 against playoff contenders this season.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7) - Huge last-second victory against Green Bay. But I think 9-7 won't be enough for the Steelers.

15. Miami Dolphins (7-7) - This team plays every game close. Houston and Pittsburgh at home are both possible wins for this club.

16. Tennessee Titans (7-7) - What a remarkable turnaround for a team that start 0-6.

17. New York Jets (7-7) - Someone let Rex Ryan know that the Jets still have a heartbeat for the playoffs.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7) - An upset over Indy would have been huge, but the loss dropped the Jags to 7-7 and most likely out of the playoffs.

19. Houston Texans (7-7) - The Texans still have life, but they need to win in Miami and against New England, and they also need a lot of other things to happen.

All other teams will miss the playoffs

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