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Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 13 Selections Part 2

Current Record:
ATS: 95 - 79 - 2 (Week 12: 10-4-1)
SU: 115 - 61 (Week 12: 14-1)

-Missed on Thursday night as the Bills could not get it going against the Jets. Boring game to watch, and Mark Sanchez went down with a PCL strain. Good win for the Jets to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Denver Broncos (-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs - The Broncos are on a mission to keep pace with the red hot San Diego Chargers. The Broncos brought their A game against the Giants on Thanksgiving and I believe that type of play will continue this week in Kansas City. The Broncos defense will step it up, get the pass rush on Matt Cassel, and create turnovers. Offensively, Kyle Orton will steady the ship through the air and create some plays with Brandon Marshall against a Chiefs secondary that is allowing 258 yards per game (3rd worst in the NFL). PREDICTION: BRONCOS 27 - Chiefs 13

Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-14.5) - The Steelers are going to "UNLEASH HELL IN DECEMBER" according to Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin. I agree that they will unleash hell in the first week of December against the Raiders. Pittsburgh shows up big time this week, Big Ben and Hines Ward will connect for a huge day and end all possible story lines that their relationship is rocky due to Ward's comments last week. Pittsburgh's defense will be on fire this week. PREDICTION: STEELERS 30 - RAIDERS 3

Houston Texans (PK) @ Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars are clearly in the AFC Wild card hunt. The Texans are mathematically still in the hunt as well. Coming off a bad loss against Indianapolis last week where they had the game in their hands, the Texans will be ready to explode this week against the Jaguars. If the Texans can shutdown Maurice Jones-Drew, and limit David Garrard from connecting on big plays, the Texans should have this one in the bag. However, the Jaguars have the playoffs in their picture and they know that this is the type of game they must win to make the jump from mediocre into contender. I don't think they do it. The Texans have too much fire power in their arsenal, even if Steve Slaton sits this one out due to arm numbness, the Texans will still be able to run the ball with Chris Brown, but more importantly, Andre Johnson is well over due for a huge game. I say he has it here. The Texans get it done on the road. PREDICTION: TEXANS 27 - JAGUARS 20

Tennessee Titans (+7.5) @ Indianapolis Colts - This was a very tough pick for me. It is hard to pick against the Titans as they are playing with such chemistry and unity. But the Colts are the teams to beat in the AFC. Peyton Manning's is having a career year, and is further illustrating how elite of a quarterback he truly is. The Titans defense has played well since the 59-0 beat down from the Patriots 6 weeks ago. But still, the home field advantage of the Colts is the edge in this matchup. The Colts will win this game, the question is by how much. I can see double digits, but I can also see a hard fought comeback by the Titans. Vince Young has the offense moving at a high level, and if Chris Brown (the leading rusher in the NFL) can break loose, the Titans have a great chance to not only cover the spread, but even win the game. I think the Colts keep Johnson in check, and win the turnover battle to get their 12th win of the season. PREDICTION: INDIANAPOLIS 27 - TENNESSEE 20

**Philadelphia Eagles (-5) @ Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan is out, Michael Turner is doubtful, and Chris Redman is making his first start of the season after barely scraping out a win against Tampa Bay last weekend. Donovan McNabb will be okay without DeSean Jackson (concussion) as Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin will be enough to get through an Atlanta defense that allows 374 total yards per game (27th in the NFL). Look for the Eagles defense to mix it up quite frequently to keep Redman unaware of what the scheme is and to create turnovers. When the Eagles CB Asante Samuel grabs an interception in a game his team is 25-2 overall. Look for Samuel to get another pick this week and lead the Eagles defense in shutting down the Falcons backup offense. PREDICTION: PHILADELPHIA 27 - ATLANTA 13

DETROIT LIONS @ CINCINNATI BENGALS (-13.5) - The Bengals get Cedric Benson back this week, and after a pitiful performance through the air last week I expect Benson's presence to open up the aerial assault by Carson Palmer. The Lions season is over, the Bengals season is just beginning. December is the time of the NFL season where the good teams separate themselves from everyone else. Cincinnati is one of the good teams, and a dominating win this weekend will start their separation from the bad teams. PREDICTION: CINCINNATI 40 - DETROIT 14

New Orleans Saints (-9) @ Washington Redskins - No trap game here. The Redskins entire organization has issues. The Saints are on a roll and it will continue this week. The Redskins have a good defense, but do not forget that the Saints have a pretty good defense themselves. A defense that ranks 1st in the NFL in turnover margin, the Saints defense will cause problems for Jason Campbell. Saints win easy on the road in Washington. PREDICTION: NEW ORLEANS 34 - WASHINGTON 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers (-5) - The Panthers are starting Matt Moore at quarterback. Moore has been with the Panthers for long stints of time and he knows Coach Fox's offense. Moore is also a very athletic quarterback, similar to Ryan Fitzpatrick of Buffalo, and his mobility should help this Panthers offense. The Panthers defense will be the key factor in this game. If they can create turnovers from Josh Freeman's arm, and limit the Bucs rushing attack they will win this ball game. DeAngelo Williams will most likely play, but if not, Jonathan Stewart is a fine backup for the Panthers. PREDICTION: CAROLINA 20 - TAMPA BAY 13

St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears (-9) - Always take the desperate team at home when their quarterback is due for a monster game. If the Bears are able to slow down S. Jack, the Rams don't stand a chance. Look for Bears S Charles Tillman to create a few fumbles and have the momentum stay with the home team the entire game. PREDICTION: CHICAGO 27 - ST. LOUIS 9

San Diego Chargers (-13.5) @ Cleveland Browns
- The Chargers are the hottest team in the AFC, yes I know the Colts are undefeated, but the Chargers have been playing superb football over the past 6 weeks. That being said, the Browns don't stand a chance. PREDICTION: SAN DIEGO 38 - CLEVELAND 14

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks (+1)
- The Seahawks have home field advantage this week, and the 12th man in Seattle is truly home field advantage. The Seahawks would love nothing more but to spoil the 49ers season this week and close out their own season on a winning record. Look for the 49ers to attack with Frank Gore, but Alex Smith is due for a let down game and I see it happening in Seattle on Sunday. PREDICTION: SEATTLE 17 - SAN FRANCISCO 16

Minnesota Vikings (-3) @ Arizona Cardinals
- I am banking on Warner not playing this game, even if he does I think the Cardinals will struggle due to the Vikings vicious pass rush. Brett Farve is playing too well right now, and Adrian Peterson is set for a break out game (especially after getting a speeding ticket this week for going 109!). PREDICTION: MINNESOTA 30 - ARIZONA 20

Dallas Cowboys @ **New York Giants (+2.5)
- Everyone knows Tony Romo's performance at the end of the year significantly declines. He does not play well in December or in January, it is well documented. The Giants on the other hand are in a must win situation. Fortunately, they play this game in the Meadowlands, but the Cowboys lost to Eli and the Giants early in the season and I see the same happening this week. I believe the Giants will come out playing physical football, pounding the ball with Brandon Jacobs, and Justin Tuck will be a beast to deal with on the defensive side of the ball. Wade Phillips is not a good coach in games like these, and I think both he and Romo will choke, allowing the Giants to escape with a much needed victory. PREDICTION: NEW YORK 27 - DALLAS 24

*****New England Patriots (-4.5) @ Miami Dolphins - Does anyone this the Patriots will lose 2 in a row? Lose to a team that lost to the Bills last week? And lose to a team that doesn't have the best player in the lineup? I didn't think so. Randy Moss and Wes Welker will eat up the Dolphins young secondary. PREDICTION: NEW ENGLAND 38 - MIAMI 17

Baltimore Ravens @ Green Bay Packers (-3)
- The Packers are getting healthy at the right point of the season. The offensive line is protecting Aaron Rodgers, and Ryan Grant is starting to run the ball hard for the Green Bay offensive. For the Ravens, they had a tough win last week against a Pittsburgh team that was without their best offensive and defensive players. So, I believe the Packers are too explosive for the Ravens, and Joe Flacco has not been consistent during the second half of this season to count on him for a good game. PREDICTION: GREEN BAY 30 - BALTIMORE 20

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