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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week 16 Info

-Very interested to see Brett Farve's press conference. All of this nonsense about the heated talk with Brad Childress, the newly-dubbed "Chilly", has sparked all kinds of craziness in Minnesota. Beyond this waste of a story is the fact that the Vikings offense line is finally being exploited and the Vike's are looking more and more like a 1 and out team.

-Bengals players and coaches, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, attended the services for the late Chris Henry. May he rest in peace.

-The Giants win against Washington on Monday night was huge for the G-Men but it also made them nervous for the fact that the Skins host the Cowboys this week. And after a performance like that last night, does anyone have faith in the Skins taking down the Boys?

-The AFC Playoff picture is still being's ridiculous how many teams are still alive.

-After Week 6 the Titans sat at 0-6 and everyone and their grandmother believed Jeff Fisher's 15 year career as Titans head coach would be finished. If the Titans are able to upset the Chargers this week and beat the Seahawks in Week 17, regardless of making the playoffs, it is very possible Jeff Fisher will receive a vote or two for coach of the year. Crazy to fathom it, but it is true.

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