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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6 Vent

-Philadelphia Eagles- Are you kidding me? A loss in Oakland, are you kidding me? That reflects the coaching staffs poor job of preparation and Donovan McNabb, with a lot of pressure on him, looked very inconsistent throughout the game. That being said, excuses are like...we all know that one. What a brutal loss for the Eagles, lucky for them the NFL does not work like the BCS.

-New York Jets- Mark Sanchez showing his youth. Losing to the Bills at home is unacceptable. Rex Ryan, poor job of preparation. No excuses about the weather, you have to be better with the passing game.

-Kansas City- I was hesitant to take you guys straight up, and I apologize for that. The Redskins are pathetic and you exploited that. Congrats on the first win of the season Matt Cassel.

-New England- Thank you for covering...and then some.

-Tennessee- Good luck next season, have a safe flight home.

-New Orleans- I believe in you now. Superbowl favorites in my opinion.

-New York Giants- Wow! What else can I say? The Saints beat you down. Somewhere Jeremy Shockey is smiling right now.

-Arizona- Are you guys going to be good or bad this year? Could you just tell us already?

-Seattle- Clearly the NFC-West will be up for grabs this season.

-Maurice Jones-Drew- Not a convincing win for your squad, but job well done backing up your talk from this week.

-Cincinnati- If you were at Houston I would have picked Houston to win outright, instead I had them covering 5.5 points because I expected this.

-Houston- Keep it rolling, you have a very easy second half.

-Baltimore- So close, yet so far. Flacco is a stud, 3-3 is tough.

-Minnesota- Minnesota may create a Brett Farve day for the state after this season.

-Buffalo- What a terrible game, but solid win on the road against a divisional foe.

This week's power rankings are going to have major changes.

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