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Monday, November 9, 2009

Pittsburgh @ Denver

Tonight's matchup:

**Pittsburgh (-3) @ Denver - Denver missed their alarm clock last week because they never showed up in Baltimore. Luckily they are home this week, unfortunately its against the Pittsburgh Steelers, coming off a bye. This does not bode well for Denver. Josh McDaniels has not had to prepare a game coming off a loss until this week, and the Steelers had an extra week to prepare and get healthy for the Broncos. I think the Steelers will use Mendenhall and Parker to try to run the ball early, which will allow them to open up their offense later in the game. I will take Big Ben over almost any other quarterback in the NFL when it is a big game, this is a big game for Pittsburgh and I think Ben will outperform Mr. Orton. Pittsburgh will enjoy a nice flight home, Pitt over Denver 17 - 6.

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