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Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 9 Aftermath

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Week 9 in the NFL:


-Good for you Tampa Bay, Josh Freeman played great and got the first win in front of the home crowd. Good for you.

-The Dallas Cowboys; congratulations winning in Philadelphia was huge for you guys. Tony Romo and Miles Austin only hooked up one time in this game, but it was the 49 yard game winning touchdown catch by Austin that sealed it for the Cowboys in Philly.

-The Saints and The Colts; both games were in jeopardy, and you both came out victoriously.

-Cincinnati Bengals- Okay, you guys are for real...end of story.

-Arizona Cardinals- Gigantic win over the Bears, but can you guys start being consistent so I can label you as a team to beat, not a team that competes 2 out of every 3 weeks.

-San Diego- Phillip Rivers is a beast, this defense is beginning to look more formidable and the chemistry is growing each week. Imagine if Merriman was back on the juice...

-Lastly, the Steelers. Coming off the bye week, you did not disappoint in Denver. Mendenhall closed out the game nicely...see ya Willie P.


-San Francisco 49ers - 34 points to the Titans? At home? Come on Singletary.

-The Eagles - Andy Reid, the game management was pathetic, PA-THET-IC!

-HOUSTON- I had you! Kris Brown, oh so reliable Kris Brown!!!

-Baltimore- I expected much better out of you. Benson gets another 100 yard rushing game, first time you guys have allowed the same back to rush for 100+ yards in the same season since 1997 (Jerome Bettis).


-Green Bay - That was ugly. Protect your quarterback and you guys win that game. Still...Ugly.

-Mike Smith - You are the head coach of a National Football League team and you wanted to fight DeAngelo Hall??? Conduct unbecoming of a NFL head coach...Do you have some CABLE in you?

-Denver - You guys are sinking like the titanic. Baltimore first, now Pittsburgh. Ouch.

-Chicago - The Bears have given up 30+ points in the first half of a game two times this season, compared to a total of 5 dating all the way back to 1920. That's worse than ugly.

-Detroit - How do you jump offsides? What are you possibly thinking?

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