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Monday, September 5, 2011

Coaching Spotlight

Rob Ryan
Defensive Coordinator - Dallas Cowboys

Rob Ryan brings an element of toughness and bravado the Cowboys have lacked since the Jimmy Johnson days. Sure, Bill Parcells was a tough SOB but he kept everyone in check and lead with a derisive touch. Rob Ryan brings the cockiness (bordering on conceit) that Jimmy once brought. The fact the Jason Garrett is secure enough to bring in such a big personality speaks volumes of both men. It's the perfect good-cop bad-cop theme. The aggression and confidence Dallas' defense once had is back. The offense never really floundered, even with Kitna at QB, but the defense was a cat-abortion last year. I think Ryan jumps ship for a head coaching job after a year or two, but in the mean time, hopefully (for Dallas fans) some of his signature brashness and toughness gets embedded on this Dallas defense. If Dallas has a shot at a playoff run, it's the defense that will get them there.

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