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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2 Rant

What a Sunday in the NFL. A shootout in Buffalo, a stunner in Tennessee, a "game" and not a blow out in Carolina, a hell of a comeback in Minnesota, a courageous effort in San Francisco, and just an entertaining game in Atlanta. They play to win the game, and boy did some teams show up on Sunday.

Let's get down to the business:

Anyone have the number for Brett Farve's pacemaker, wupps, I mean beeper? Indy is calling for you old dog. The Colts just are not a decent team without their leader Peyton Manning. A better performance this week in their home opener, but the Colts couldn't stop the Hillis-train from Cleveland.

After the Buccanneers scored the game winning touchdown with 30seconds remaining in the 4th quarter against Minnesota, I sat and "Pondered" just what the Vikings should do. Eh hem, maybe Donovan will randomly show up on the injury report this week. He is an average quarterback. I was once a supporter for him in Philly, but he can't close out games. Look at Freeman on Tampa, that was his 8th 4th quarter comeback! Are you kidding me Donovan? Apparently Josh ate his chunky soup before the game. McNabb is an average quarterback, on an average football team, that will struggle to win games because (outside of AP) they have no heart and that was evident yesterday. The Bucs showed the heart and passion that the Vikings don't have. How awesome was it to watch their sideline go nuts after the onside kick recovery! I would go to war with Raheem Morris after seeing him fired up for his guys. The Bucs are no joke and I think the NFC-South is wide open.

Speaking of the NFC South, the Saints had a nice performance from their defense and they got the job done in a must-win home opener. The Saints sacked Cutler 6 times, and Cutler was HOT all game. How can he play well with all of the pressure. I was very disappointed in the Bears and the effort they put out. I thought, with the recent unfortunate news regarding Brian Urlachers mother, that the Bears just would have come out with more fire. But they got away from their game plan of running the ball and opening up the play book with play action passes (ie: Brees to Henderson). The Bears are still a force in the NFC but they have to commit to the ground game in order to keep Cutler upright and poised to make big plays with his big arm.

Cam Newton, wow. What a start to his rookie season. Newton looks like he is going to live up to his own hype and bring new life to the Panthers organization. He is going to make mistakes and throw interceptions. He is going to miss reads, hold on to the ball too long, and he will botch a handoff or two. But, what he clearly WILL do is lead this team with his confidence and poise. Its insane to me how confident he appears to be in the pocket and behind center. And the happiest person on the planet for Cam Newton is veteran WR Steve Smith. Smith is off to a pro-bowl start and is loving the attention he is getting from Newton. On the flip side of the game against the Packers, they got the win so they are happy about that. But I think that locker room clearly knows they let their guard down. A win is a win in the NFL. Go back to Green Bay, watch the film, correct the mistake and then prepare for a huge rivalry game against the Bears in Chicago next week.

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