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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Danny's Week 2 Picks

Record (7-8-1 ats)

Chicago +7 @ New Orleans -

The Saints can't lose this game. After a great offensive performance,
it is now the defense's turn to step up and make some plays. On the
other side, the Bears are playing for Brian Urlacher and his late
mother. Urlacher will have extra fight in him today and I expect the
Bears to put up a great effort all 60 minutes.

Danny's Prediction: New Orleans 27 - Chicago 24

Kansas City @ Detroit -9 -

The Lions have a legit defensive line, and Suh and his crew will cause
big problems for Jamaal Charles to be able to run between the tackles.
With major struggles at home last week, can we expect the Chiefs to
play better on the road at 1pm? I expect Matthew Stafford to perform
at a high level, and for Calvin Johnson to have a big game. Chiefs
are in trouble folks.

Danny's Prediction: Detroit 34 - Kansas City 17

Jacksonville @ New York Jets -9

The Jets are at home for the second straight week. They go against an
offense led by Josh McCown(who?), and will have to stop the ground
attack of Maurice Jones-Drew. Honestly, if (and I believe they will)
the Jets can shut down the ground game early they will force the Jags
to have to pass the ball and from there on out it will be over early.
I don't see this game lasting long for Jacksonville. The Jets need to
play a good clean game. Blow out today in the Meadowlands.

Danny's Prediction: Jets 27 - Jaguars 6

Oakland @ Buffalo -4

Oakland travels to Buffalo to play a 1pm game, this will feel like a
10am game for Oakland and that never works out well. Campbell will
struggle, McFadden and Bush will have decent gains, but ultimately the
Bills fire power on offense will be displayed early and often. Take
the home team.

Danny's Prediction: Buffalo 27 - Oakland 16

Arizona @ Washington -4

Kevin Kolb comes back to the east coast to play the Redskins. Kolb
and the Cardinals offense played decent against Carolina, but they
face a much more polished Redskins defense. The Skins are known, just
like the Bears, to keep their safety's deep in the secondary to limit
the big plays. This will hurt Kolb and Fitzgerald. Offensively, the
Skins aren't fun to watch. They will run 20+ with Hightower which
will open up the play action pass for Grossman. Consistent play from
Grossman will give Washington a 2-0 start to the season.

Danny's Prediction: Washington 24 - Arizona 17

Baltimore -6.5 @ Tennessee

Tennessee looked bad last week against the Jaguars. Chris Johnson
couldn't get anything going, and it took Hasselbeck over two quarters
to finally get his offense moving through the air. Now enter the
Ravens defense that literally demolished the Steelers. Do I even need
to talk about their offense?

Danny's Prediction: Baltimore 30 - Tennessee 10

Seattle @ Pittsburgh -14.5

If the Steelers don't blow out the Seahawks and play a perfect
defensive game, I cannot imagine the post game speech coming from head
coach Mike Tomlin. After being embarrassed against the Ravens, I
expect the Steelers to absolutely dominate this game. Tarvaris
Jackson is in for a tough day.

Danny's Prediction: Pittsburgh 31 - Seattle 9

Green Bay -10.5 @ Carolina

Cam Newton had some debut last week against Arizona. What a
performance from him. He opened the eyes to many that doubted him.
Unfortunately his home debut will not go as well. The Packers defense
is ferocious and they will smell the fresh meat today. Aaron Rodgers
is too good to have a setback game. Packers big today.

Danny's Prediction: Green Bay 35 - Carolina 10

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota -3

The Vikings will stop the Bucs ground game forcing Freeman to have to
throw the ball 40+ times. This strategy does not favor the Tampa.
Expect something big from Adrian Peterson today, and Donovan McNabb
will step up from last week and have a better game (more than 39 yards
for sure). Take the home team today.

Danny's Prediction: Minnesota 24 - Tampa 20

Cleveland -2 @ Indianapolis

The Colts are without Peyton Manning and I believe Kerry Collins is
going to need more time to develop and learn this offense before they
can become a solid unit and win a game or two. I like Colt McCoy to
bounce back from last weekend and get the W today. Running Peyton
Hillis against a beat up Colts defense will allow McCoy to mix in a
few play action passes and I don't think the Colts have an answer for

Danny's Prediction: Cleveland 24 - Indianapolis 13

Dallas -3 @ San Francisco

Tony Romo played well last week against the Jets but he made a
horrible read to end the game and basically threw the ball to Revis.
Romo will rebound this week and use Witten, Austin, and Bryant to beat
up on the 49ers. The 49ers have their work cutout for them with Ware
and Ratliff coming off the line. Where the 49ers could have success
is against the Cowboys battered secondary, but I don't like the ball
in Smith's hands. Gore is the way the 49ers will win games this year,
and I don't think he has success today. Take the Cowboys in a
must-win type of game for Tony Romo.

Danny's Prediction: Dallas 23 - San Francisco 16

Houston -3 @ Miami

Everyone seems to favor Miami in this matchup, but I see it
differently. Chad Henne really played well last week, and he should
have some good numbers again today as both teams will be in shootout
mode. The Dolphins will struggle all season running the ball because
Reggie Bush is not a between-the-tackles running back. For the
Texans, now you get tested. The Colts stunk last week, Miami is a
different challenge. Schaub can pass against anyone, but can Foster
and/or Tate have success running the ball on the Dolphins solid run
defense. I say yes, and that is he difference maker. Henne will make
a big mistake late and the Texans hold on for a big road victory.

Danny's Prediction: Houston 30 - Miami 24

San Diego +7 @ New England

Tom Brady is a beast, and I believe he is the best quarterback to play
the game. Another Superbowl ring will solidify that. Phillip Rivers
ain't so bad either ladies and gentlemen. The Chargers are a good
team, and they will put up a great performance in Foxboro. This is
the type of game I love to watch. Two great quarterbacks going head
to head. Brady following the 517 yard historic performance, and
Rivers following a very sub par debut, this could be a great game. I
think the Patriots get a three point win, but you know there is going
to be late game heroics from both quarterbacks.

Danny's Prediction: New England 38 - San Diego 35

Cincinnati @ Denver -3.5

Denver played will little heart and emotion last week against the
Raiders. Kyle Orton will redeem himself, Willis McGahee will have a
very productive game, and the Bengals will struggle in a very tough
place to play. Take the Broncos to get their first win of the season.

Danny's Prediction: Denver 20 - Cincinnati 10

Philadelphia -3 @ Atlanta

I cannot wait for this game. Vick coming back to Atlanta. This is
where it all began. Now he is wearing a different jersey, one that I
think he has more respect and appreciation for. And in step Matt
Ryan, the new face of the Falcons organization. Ryan is 18-3 in his
career at the Georgia Dome and he will be put to the test against the
Eagles. For the Falcons to win this game they have to run the ball
very effectively. Michael Turner and Jason Snelling should both have
big time opportunities to have success against the Eagles wide-front
splits and light-weight line-backing corps. However, if the Eagles
can stop the ground game of Atlanta, this game will then heavily
favors Philadelphia. The Eagles secondary wasn't tested last week,
now I know the Falcons have a ton of weapons on offense, but the
Eagles have 3 top 10 corner backs and arguably one of the best
nickel/dime corners in Joselio Hanson. The Eagles will utilize Vick
in many different ways, but being on turf will only make this Eagles
offense faster. Between Vick, McCoy, DeSean, and a somewhat healthy
Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles have the fastest players on this field when
they are on offense. The slash-style offense will be tough to defend
for an Atlanta secondary that got picked apart by Jay Cutler last
week. This game favors Philly in all aspects, but if Atlanta runs the
ball well and keeps the Eagles defense on the field for a majority of
the game then the tide will shift towards Atlanta.

Danny's Prediction: Philadelphia 31 - Atlanta 27

St. Louis @ New York Giants -7

The Rams don't have Steven Jackson, Amendola, and their secondary is
busted open like Rocky Balboa's faces in his first fight against
Apollo Creed in Rocky I. The Rams will struggle in this atmosphere,
and Eli Manning will get his offense back on track. Bradshaw and
Jacobs will have big games for the Giants in what looks like it could
be a double digit blowout.

Danny's Prediction: New York Giants 30 - St. Louis 16

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