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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantasy Update

Some information regarding potential start/sit guys this weekend:

Steve Smith WR (CAR) - I would sit Smith, I just don't see the Panthers doing much of anything against the Packers defense. Could be a big blowout.

Kevin Kolb QB (ARI) - It is a fact, teams that travel from the west to the east and play at 1pm don't play well period. I'd really consider another option as the Skins defense is solid to begin with.

Cedric Benson RB (CIN) - The Colts have big issues stopping the run and both Ernie Sims and Gary Brackett are not playing this week. Whether its Dalton or Gradkowski, Benson will get his 25 attempts and should break one long for you. Start him as a viable #2/#3.

Braylon Edwards WR (SF) - The 49ers are at home against the Cowboys. The Cowboys secondary is extremely thin. This is a reach play for you, but if you have a few tough matchups, Edwards could be that high risk / high reward guy this weekend.

Cadillac Williams RB (STL) - If you are in a PPR Williams is a great option for the Monday night game against the Giants. He will likely get 20 rushes and probably 5-6 dump offs from Bradford. If he gets you a TD that's a potential 16-18pt game. Start him.

Chad Ochocinco WR (NE) - Take the shot on Chad this weekend. I have a feeling Tommy Boy is going to look his way a few extra times just to clear up this media issue surrounding the Patriots right now.

Maurice Jones-Drew RB (JAX) - Unless you are in a PPR I would highly suggest sitting MJD this week against the Jets. McCown will need extra help with all the extra blitzers, this just doesn't add up well for MJD or the Jags in general.

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB (BUF) - Oakland,a team from the west coast, is coming to play a 1pm game in Buffalo. Buffalo will get off to a 2-0 start and believe it when I say Fitzy goes off, AGAIN. Start this man.

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