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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eric's Week 3 Picks continued

New York Giants +9 @ Philadelphia Eagles

Besieged by injuries and an eroded talent base, the Giants will stagger into the Linc as 9 point dogs.

Vick's playing, but as we've seen, the affects of concussions can linger and manifest themselves with increasing frequency…kind of like herpes.

For Michael Vick, it's all about suppression.

The Giants still have a formidable front that can get after Vick.

The Falcons were losing when Vick went out, but the Eagles did not do a great job of protecting him to that point.

I like the Giants chances of putting the pressure on Vick.

However, the Eagles have a lot more than just Vick.

McCoy has yet to get the credit for emerging as a top 5 back in the league.

On the other side of the ball, Hakeem Nicks will play but that's about it.

The Giants allowed Steve Smith to go and subsequently lost Hixon and Manningham to injuries.

I think Eli Manning would like to have Smith back at this point.

I think the Eagles win regardless of whose at QB, but without a fully healthy Vick, 9 seems like too many points.

Eric's Prediction: PHI 24 - NYG 17


New York Jets -3 ½ @ Oakland Raiders

Which Mark Sanchez shows up?

Can you feel safe with any Raiders lead?

I can't get behind the Raiders in this game given the Jets ability to limit the run.

Eric's Prediction: NYJ 21 - OAK 13



Atlanta Falcons -1 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

My esteemed colleague feels Julio Jones is the best offensive rookie in the league.

I'm going to get behind him and say this is the week he has a break out-ish game.

Atlanta wins a gritty game largely due to the rookie Jones.

The Bucs pulled one out last week but they still struggled to stop the run and were playing a completely washed up McNabb.

Turner is no Adrian Peterson, but he packs enough punch to keep Tampa off balance.

Matt Ryan's ability to accurately deliver the ball along with the talent at receiver dwarfs anything they saw last week.

I'm going with my gut here and just saying Atlanta's the better team, just the way it is.

Eric's Prediction: ATL 20 - TB 16
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