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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 2 Rant continued

The Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders put on some performance for the fans at the game. Over 70 points, and an almost shocking hail mary finish. Such an impressive game from both quarterbacks. Campbell was outstanding, and in combination with McFadden and Bush he really showed that the Raiders are legit this season. But, he was one-upped. Enter Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a stud from Harvard. 5 drives in the second half and he went 5 for 5 with 5 touchdowns. You have to love this guy. His passing is tremendous and he actually opens up the running game for Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. I was very impressed with Fitzpatrick yesterday. He led his team all the way back from a 21-3 deficit at halftime. This was the game that Buffalo would have lost last year and it goes to show they are much improved. I am really looking forward to the Bills vs Patriots this week.

A quick look at the Eagles/Falcons game; the Eagles are the better team. Due to their fire power on offense, the Eagles are going to win high scoring games. The wide nine splits on the defensive line favor Babin and Cole on the ends, but what it doesn't favor is the undersized line backers the Eagles have. The wide nine gaps allow the potential for running backs to gain big chunks of yards, and as we all know, the gaps have been spreading like peanut butter for the likes of Steven Jackson and Michael Turner. That being said, I was impressed with the Eagles defense for the first three quarters, but the 4th quarter was all Matt Ryan. He picked apart the Eagles safety tandem of Coleman and Page, and basically layed the blue print of how to beat the Eagles defense. Their corners shutdown White, Jones, and Douglas, but it was 36-year old Tony Gonzalez that won the game for Atlanta. Ryan stayed with him early and often and Gonzo had a huge game. The Eagles allowed 5 touchdowns in 5 redzone drives, that will not make you a dream team. It will make you the team that quarterbacks dream to play against. Falcons are soft, Eagles are by far the better team, but Vicks injury/concussion ended up being the difference and the Eagles take the L. Who will be behind center sunday in Philly? Vick? Kafka (who played great by the way)? Or Vince Young? My guess is Vick will be cleared, but I think the Eagles win regardless of who is calling the plays. Giants will struggle against the Eagles defense.

The Steelers played the Seahawks Sunday in what probably the biggest play in the sportsbooks in Vegas. Steelers won easy, Big Ben took some shots but he is okay. Pittsburgh showed up for this game, unlike last week against Baltimore. Seattle should tank the season to get Andrew Luck, actually, just play it out because they still probably won't win more than 3 games.

The Giants and the Rams both looked bad. The Giants players are dropping as if Mark Wahlberg is starring in The Shooter 2. Newest departure is Mr. Hixon with a torn ACL. How many injured players done for the season are on these two teams? Needless to say, I thought Manning looked horrible. His body language is pathetic and he misses too many easy big plays. On the flip side, Bradford looks great. Now get him some freaking play makers!

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