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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rise and Fall during an NFL Season

Here are two teams that I see with potential to rise or fall in the NFL by week 10:


Cleveland Browns - This really all depends on the play of Colt McCoy. Hillis was out last week, should be healthy this Sunday, but the Browns still got the job done. Hardesty ran hard, and McCoy showed up for a final 4th quarter drive. McCoy relies too much on his running backs and tight ends as his safety receivers. If he develops the confidence to pass the ball down field WITH success, I truly believe the Browns have a very good chance to make a playoff run. Yes, I truly mean this.

Let's look at their schedule in the upcoming weeks:
Home vs Tennessee (without Britt)
Bye week (Hillis gets healthy)
@Oakland (after Oakland plays @Hou), home vs Seattle, @ San Francisco, @ Houston (this is a loss), home vs St. Louis, and home vs Jacksonville in Week 11.
Looking at those games, 6 wins puts them at 8-2, 5 wins which is highly likely, would give them a 7-3 record entering week 12.
They play Week 16 @ Baltimore (who could have the division locked up by then and may rest players), and week 17 they are home vs Pittsburgh and we all know how McCoy performed against the Steelers last year.

I am not saying the Browns are going to win 10 games and be a wild card team in the AFC. But take a look at their schedule and tell me the potential is not there...


Buffalo Bills- I am stoked for Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a great story, and he deserves to get paid, so man up Buffalo. The fact of the matter is that Buffalo is playing at an exceptional level and their defense is forcing turnovers which kept them in (and won them the game) the game vs New England. But, yes there is always a but, the Bills have a brutal schedule. And I think it begins THIS week against the Bengals.

This has trap game written all over it. Vegas opened the line at Buffalo -3.5?? After beating New England and starting the season 3-0, the Bengals are getting 3.5?? This screams Bengals OUTRIGHT to me!

The Bills schedule:
@Cincinnati, vs Philly, @NYG, bye, vs Washington (in Toronto), vs Jets, @ Dallas, @Miami, @Jets, vs Tennessee, @ SD, vs Miami, vs Denver, @ New England.
Philly, Jets x2, Dallas, Chargers, Patriots. I see 5 of 6 losses here. Two games against Miami, I don't see a sweep there. And then playing the Giants, Redskins, and Titans should be at best 2 wins.

I see, AT BEST, 9-7 for the Bills. That won't get them into the playoffs. I hope I am wrong for all of you Bills fans, but this schedule is brutal. Fitzy will be on his back a lot against those pass rushes.
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