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Monday, September 28, 2009

Divisional Wrap Ups Post Week 3

NFC East

The Giants are the best team in this division standing with a 3-0 record. The Eagles have won 2, and so had Dallas, both against bad teams and both losing to good teams (Saints, Giants respectively). The Redskins are in the cellar of this division, with the loss to the DETROIT LIONS, I do not foresee them getting out of the cellar either.

NFC North
The Vikings are 3-0 after a tremendous pass and catch play from Brett Farve to Greg Lewis at the end of the Vikings/49ers game this past Sunday. The 49ers deserved to win that game as they outplayed the Vikes, but Minnesota hung around and Brett was Brett folks. Chicago and Green Bay are 2-1, and Chicago is beginning to look very sharp with Jay Cutler behind center. What scares me with the Bears is that Cutler has no weapons and it is hard to believe his success will continue throughout the season with inexperienced wide receivers. Regardless, they are a solid squad and have the Lions this week coming up. The Lions sit in last, odd, but they do have a win thanks to the Redskins.

NFC South

Clearly the Saints are the best in this division. Winning in Philadelphia and in Buffalo speaks volumes about the preparation this team has week in and week out. They have looked nothing but impressive offensively and defensively all season. Their defense is improved from last seasons, and offensively that are running the ball effectively with Bush, Thomas, and Bell. The Falcons sit at 2-1 after a loss in Foxboro this past Sunday. Offensively they will get it done with Matty Ice and Burner Turner, but defensively the Falcons are suspect. Allowing the Panthers (0-3) to move the ball efficiently at home does not preach good qualities about the defense. The Panthers and Bucs are both 0-3, Panthers aren't as bad as the other 0-3 teams, but the Bucs are.

NFC West

The San Francisco 49ers had 11 seconds and 32 yards to cover to go 3-0...They blew it. They put pressure on Farve all game except the last play and it ended up costing them the win. Mike Singletary has this team playing tremendous defense, and clicking offensively. The injury to Frank Gore's ankle could be costly, but at 2-1 their defense will keep them in a lot of games. The Cardinals are struggling, something seems wrong with Warner and his big 3 receivers. The Seahawks are injured and the Rams are the worst team in the NFC period.

AFC East

The Jets are for real. Rex Ryan has this defense as good as the Ravens a few years back. With a shutdown corner in Darrelle Revis, a killer instinct LB in Bart Scott, and a ferocious run-stopping defensive line, this defense is no joke. Mark Sanchez is leading the offense and will continue to have success and build more confidence. The Jets are legit. The Patriots are getting better each week. Brady needs to get healthy and feel comfortable dropping back in order for this offense to click. The Bills and Dolphins have been disappointing. The Dolphins may be without Chad Pennington for the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury he suffered in the 3rd quarter of Week 3s loss to the Chargers.

AFC North

The Ravens are contenders. Joe Flacco looks poised and in pro-bowl form. Ray Lewis has been the same Ray Lewis we are accustomed to seeing, that guy doesn't lose a step. The Bengals, that's right, the Bengals are alone in second in the division after a big home win vs the defending Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals are a tipped pass away from being 3-0, don't discredit this defense. The Steelers need to start running the ball efficiently and controlling the tempo of their games. They allowed the Bengals to grind out last weeks game and stick around long enough to get the victory. The Browns are 0-3 and have a great chance to finish 0-16.

AFC South

The Colts look like they are walking away with this division. At 3-0, the Colts are 2 ahead of the Texans and Jaguars, while the Titans linger at 0-3. The Texans, my Cinderella team for this year, looks horrible. Zero defense, for a team that I thought would have a huge step-up year defensively. When your defense cannot stop the run, at all, you will not win games. The Titans are not a bad team, they have played three tough games and have come out on the losing end in all three. They will end up around 8-8.

AFC West

How 'bout them Broncos. With all of the preseason craziness in Denver, who would have predicted a 3-0 start. Well, here we are at Week 4 and the Broncos are 3-0 and are looking very impressive defensively. Unfortunately, the Broncos have a ridiculous next few games going against the Cowboys, Patriots, @ San Diego, and @ Baltimore. The Broncos have a good chance to be 3-4 after Week 8. The Chargers are sitting at a lucky 2-1 in second place. Chad Pennington's injury secured their victory on Sunday, but this Chargers defense has not played well during any quarter of any of the first 3 games. The Raiders are solid defensively, but JaMarcus Russell is not a starting quarterback in the NFL, and until Al Davis realizes that, the Raiders will continue to score a max of 10 points per game. The Chiefs still can't sit down after what happened in Philly this past Sunday.

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