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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my NFL Power Rankings after Week 1:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0): Defending champions will remain top seed until the lose a game. Big Ben looked fantastic in overtime in week 1.

2. New York Giants (1-0): Say what you want, that was a very solid win against the Redskins. Going against a stout defense and not having an effective run game, Eli Manning pulled out a win for the G Men.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0): Offense didn't need to do much of anything, defense looked ferocious. McNabb out will hurt them, Garcia gets Week 2 start??

4. New England Patriots (1-0): Tom Brady looked shaky for 57 minutes, but then he turned it on when he had to and stood very tall in the pocket and won the game for the Pats.

5. Indianapolis Colts (1-0): Tight win against the Jaguars, Manning and Wayne looked like they were in Week 10 form.

6. Atlanta Falcons (1-0): I was very impressed by their win against the Dolphins. The defense played very well. Now let's get that run game going a bit.

7. Tennessee Titans (1-0): Even though they lost, this is a solid team overall. Their run game will set the pace for their offense and their defense is superb.

8. Minnesota Vikings (1-0): Adrian Peterson is a beast. 2000+ yards if he's healthy.

9. San Diego Chargers (1-0): Are the Raiders that good or did the Chargers play that poorly? Phillip Rivers sure turned it on in the final drive.

10. Baltimore Ravens (1-0): Very impressed by the performance of Joe Flacco, however, what's up with the defense? Allowing 17 points to Brody Coyle and the Chiefs offense?

11. New Orleans Saints (1-0): If they blow out Philly this week or even win convincingly everyone will blame it on McNabb being out. Let's see how this team performs on the road in Philly.

12. Dallas Cowboys (1-0): I expected the Cowboys defense to perform better, especially containing Cadillac Williams. Solid win on the road, Romo looked very good.

13. Green Bay Packers (1-0): Aaron Rodgers has serious talent. I love how he plays the game.

14. Seattle Seahawks (1-0): I expect the Seahawks to make a serious push at taking over the NFC-West this season.

15. New York Jets (1-0): Mark Sanchez had a great game, the run attack of Washington and Jones really helped Mark get off to a great start of his promising career. Congrats Rex Ryan on the W.

16. Washington Redskins (1-0): Even though they lost, the Skins showed me that they will be in every game this season because of their defense. Zorn's offense needs to start clicking and gettin' on the move.

17. San Francisco 49ers (1-0): Hard-nose football, attacking defense, and an offense that put up 20 points. This team is a scary one to face this year.

18. Arizona Cardinals (0-1): Losing at home, I didn't know the Cardinals did that. Will Matt Leinart play this year if Warner starts off, at very possibly, 0-6?

19. Miami Dolphins (0-1): This team has a lot to prove this week against the Colts.

20. Chicago Bears (0-1): Urlacher out for the season really hurts this defense that looked great against the Packers. I love Jay Cutler, but he needs a legit receiver or route runner for this team to win games.

21. Buffalo Bills (0-1): Great game out of the Bills. Didn't look spectacular on offense, but defensively they were aggressive and forcing the Patriots to make plays, which they didn't until the end.

22. Denver Broncos (1-0): They did win, on the road, with Brandon Marshall playing, with the fluke-tipped pass, after everything that happened this off season. A win is a win.

23. Houston Texans (0-1): The biggest disappointment this weekend for me was the play of the Texans. Flat out, they were out-coached and out-played. Bring it this weekend Matt Schaub.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1): Great performance at Indy. Thought they were going to start the season off with a big statement.

25. Oakland Raiders (0-1): The defense will keep them in games. The defense is legit. Offensively, they have no receivers and JaMarcus Russell really struggled (12/30 208 yards TD 2 INT 47 QB Rating).

26. Carolina Panthers (0-1): Awful loss. Great opening drive in the first quarter, and then WHAT HAPPENED? Run the ball!

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1): They tried to hang tight with the Cowboys. Byron Leftwitch is a player, he is a leader, and he will put this team in the situation to win some games this year.

28. Cleveland Browns (0-1): They held Peterson to hardly anything in the first half, but had no juice left in the tank during the second half. This Browns team can hang tight as long as they can control the time of possession.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1): I know it was a fluke loss, they had the 7-6 lead with 28 seconds left, but that was a prevent defense at the end. Prevent that play from happening. Considering who they played, how they performed on offense, this was a huge loss for the Bengals.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1): Without their star QB they still put up a fight against a very good Baltimore team.

31. Detroit Lions (0-1): Not the best out of Stafford's debut, but take the good with the bad and let the kid grow each week.

32. St. Louis Rams (0-1): Blanked by the Seahawks. 'Nuff said.

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