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Monday, September 7, 2009

Stafford to start Week One for the Lions

On Monday it was announced by Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz that rookie quarterback, and 2009 #1 draft pick, Matthew Stafford will be the teams starting quarterback.

This does not come as a shock to many as the Lions had to have realized that they invested $40 million, guaranteed, to Stafford and should let him run the offense. Stafford did not steal the spotlight during the preseason, but this very well may be a decision that Peyton Manning helped the Lions make. Prior to their preseason game against the Lions, Peyton Manning spoke up about Stafford and believed he should start for the Lions. Relating back to his rookie season, Manning claimed he wouldn't be the quarterback he is today if he hadn't started during the rookie go around.

Whatever it may be, Stafford is the man behind center for the Lions. I think this will work out for the Lions down the road, but Stafford will face some bumps and bruises before I ever start talking post season with the Lions.

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