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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Start 'Em / Sit 'Em Week 4

Here is my fantasy input for players that you may be up or down on right now:

Start 'Em QB:

1. Jay Cutler (Chicago) - I know maybe he shouldn't even be mentioned here, but start this guy every week even with the nobodies he has out on the wings. The Lions are pathetic against the pass and Cutler will pick them apart. 3 scores from JC on Sunday.

2. Kyle Orton (Denver) - Orton is going against a very bad Dallas secondary. Look for Brandon Marshall to get more involved in the offense, and for the Broncos to utilize the screen effectively as Dallas will be putting a lot of pressure on Orton throughout the game.

Sit 'Em - Tony Romo (Dallas) - This is going to be a tough game in Denver for the Cowboys. They only put up 14 points against the Panthers defense, and the Broncos are much better defensively. They will rush 6-7 at any given time, and Romo will be forced to thread the needle often. This doesn't appear to look like a high scoring game, I would look elsewhere this week at the quarterback position.

Start 'Em


1. Glenn Coffee (San Francisco)
- With Frank Gore out, Coffee should get plenty of touches against the Rams defense that allows 148 yards per game on the ground. 21 carries last game after Gore went down, I expect a similar workload against the Rams.

2. Darren McFadden (Oakland) - The Raiders have no passing game, fortunately they are playing the Texans this week who have no run defense. McFadden will get plenty of touches in this game and should have success as well. Look for at least 2 long runs out of D-Mac and a score.

Sit 'Em - Fred Taylor (New England) - Don't ride this bandwagon just yet. The Ravens defense is too good against the run for Freddy to have a good game.

Start 'Em


1. Terrell Owens (Buffalo) - TO has not deserved a starting spot in 10-team or less fantasy leagues. He has not played well, and he needs a good game before you consider trading him. This is the game. The Dolphins give up 265 yards through the air, and TO has averaged 68 yards and 0.8 TDs per game against AFC-East teams. This is a big day for Mr. Owens.

2. Mario Manningham/Steve Smith (New York Giants)
- The Chiefs are a bad team and the Giants will go to down against their defense. The Giants will run the ball a lot in this game, but Eli will throw some play-action bombs down the sideline to these guys to stretch the field and keep the chemistry with them. Their matchups are tremendous for a big game.

Sit 'Em
- Roy Williams (Dallas)
- Williams and Romo do not have any chemistry together. They just show up and occasionally hook up for a first down. Romo's #1 is Witten, and the Broncos defend the pass too well to take the chance with Williams, start someone else.

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