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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my Power Rankings after Week 3:
1. New York Giants 3-0 - The best team in the best division in the NFL. Eli Manning is playing great football, and the Giants defense absolutely killed the Bucs offense. This team is playing very well right now and takes on the Chiefs in Kansas City this week.

2. Baltimore Ravens 3-0 - They can run it, they can pass it, and they can defend it. This is a total package team that has it all. Can they remain consistent the next three weeks as they travel to New England, home against the 2-1 Bengals, and on the road in Week 6 against the Vikings. That is a tough schedule, but 2-1 or 3-0 out of those three games will say a lot about how legit the Ravens truly are.

3. New York Jets 3-0 - How about these Jets? Mark Sanchez has been perfect in all three games, in terms of executing the Jets offensive game plan. The Jets have two running backs, a decent enough receiving core to get the job done, and a ferocious defense that has only allowed 2 touchdowns in 3 games. The Jets are in New Orleans this week, the game of the week, and this will tell a lot about this football team.

4. New Orleans Saints 3-0 - The win against the Bills showed the ability of the Saints to run the ball effectively, and stay committed to the run. The most impressive part of the 27-7 win for the Saints, wasn't even on the offensive side of the ball. The Saints defense did not allow a point! The fake field goal touchdown pass for the Bills was obviously against the Saints special teams, therefore the Saints defense put up a donut against the Bills. Job well done. This team is special, and with a leader like Drew Brees, they may have big wins ahead of them.

5. Indianapolis Colts 3-0 - It is so hard to determine how good the Colts actually are. They are 3-0 yes. But, a two point win over the Jaguars, a win over the Dolphins where they were dominated the entire game, and then a blow out win over the Cardinals where the defense played exceptionally well. This is a tough read. A big problem for the Colts now, is that they lost Pro Bowl DE Dwight Freeney for a few weeks with a strained quadriceps muscle. Ouch. This is a bad blow to, in my mind, an already below average defense. With games against Seattle and Tennessee, they may be okay.

6. Minnesota Vikings 3-0 - I am not sold on this team, not one bit. The Vikings beat the Lions, the Browns, and shouldn't have won against the 49ers in Week 3. They were outplayed by the 49ers and Brett Farve had the Football Gods looking down on him during that last play. Adrian Peterson is a beast any way you put it, so the Vikings will always be in games due to the fact they can run the ball effectively. Let's see how they play against a week defense this week in the Packers, and then two weeks later against the Ravens. After the next three weeks (Packers, @ Rams, Ravens) I will know exactly who this team is.

7. San Francisco 49ers 2-1 - I haven't seen any site or blog that has the 49ers this high in their rankings, but they are this good. It kills them that Frank Gore will be out for a few weeks with the ankle sprain, but this defense is legit. Playing the Rams, Falcons, and then a bye week is a great opportunity for Gore to heal and come back healthy for week 7 @ Houston.
**Backup RB Glenn Coffee is a solid pickup for 10-12 team fantasy leagues.**

8. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 - The Eagles are a good football team. With a healthy Donovan McNabb and a TBD Brian Westbrook each week, this team has a great opportunity to tally off some wins after this bye week as they face Tampa Bay, @ Oakland, @ Washington, and then a huge matchup in Philly vs the Giants. This team needs to get healthy over the next few weeks and they will be a true contender out of the NFC.

9. New England Patriots 2-1 - Tom Brady looked much better last week against the Falcons. More impressive was Fred Taylor as he went off for 105 yards and a TD. This team needs to show consistency over the next few weeks to allow me to believe that they are back to the Patriots of two years ago.

10. Atlanta Falcons 2-1 - Matt Ryan is a steady leader for this offense. The problem for this team is the defense. They have to show the ability to lock down the opposing teams top receiver, while shutting down the run at the same time. The inconsistency of this defense will hurt them down the stretch.

11. Chicago Bears 2-1 - How do you not love Jay Cutler by now? He is putting up ridiculous numbers with Devin Hester as his #1 receiver. Cutler is really showing his talent in Chicago, with no weapons and no run game right now, he is rising to the occasion. Do you even remember week 1? Cutler's hot streak will continue for the next few weeks as he plays some low quality defensive teams.

12. San Diego Chargers 2-1 - This team is so close to being 1-2, even 0-3 had Pennington stayed healthy. However, the Chargers are 2-1 and after this week @ Pittsburgh, they have a bye week and 3 divisional games. So, the Chargers are in pretty good shape to 5-2 or 6-1 if they play well. Defensively, they need to step up and get more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. This defense is so much better when they are able to get to the quarterback and create turnovers.

13. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 - A tipped pass away from being 3-0, the Bengals are a new team this year. Defensively they have improved drastically and currently are only allowing 88 yards on the ground per game. Offensively, Cedric Benson is the catalyst. When he runs for 100 yards or more, the Bengals win 75% of the time. That being said, it helps that Carson Palmer is throwing the ball well and protecting the ball instead of forcing it into tight coverages. With a swarming defense, and an offense that is clicking, this Bengals team is a scary opponent.

14. Green Bay Packers 2-1 -
The Packers defense looked shaky against Kyle Boller and the St. Louis Rams offense. Let's see how they handle AP and Brett Farve on Monday Night.

15. Denver Broncos 3-0 - I do not believe in this team. I only have them this high because they are 3-0 and lead the NFC-West. That being said, the Broncos will be 3-3 after Week 6.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 - The Steelers are 1-2 and have a tough home game against the Chargers this Sunday night. Can the Steelers defense hold it together and keep Phillip Rivers and Company from lighting them up? Will Big Ben rally his troops and get them back to .500?

17. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 - This team is fair at best, how do you only put up 14 against the Panthers, yes 14, the defense had a pick-6.

18. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 -
This is another team that is hard to read into. Are they falling victim of the Super Bowl Loser slump? Are Warner and Fitzgerald on the same page?

19. Houston Texans 1-2 - I still think this team has a chance this year if they can put hearts inside of their defensive players. That being said, the future isn't looking too bright for these guys right now.

20. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 -
Good fight out of these guys without their quarterback against the Bears this past Sunday. With the ugly green uniforms on, they played their hearts out and almost had a very nice home victory.

21. Tennessee Titans 0-3 - @ Jacksonville, Indianapolis, @ New England, and the bye week. This is a legit shot at 0-6 after starting 10-0 last year. I bet they get a win in Jacksonville.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 - Would a win against the Titans at home be considered an upset?

23. Buffalo Bills 1-2 - If TO doesn't start getting targeted more the Buffalo nation will be on red-alert for a TO meltdown. I bet he has a big game this week @ Miami.

24. Miami Dolphins 0-3 - My Dolphins will not be making the playoffs this season. Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen will battle for the starting job, I bet Thigpen gets it and rattles off a few wins. We may see some Pat White this season if things do not go well.

25. Carolina Panthers 0-3 -
They are not a bottom tier team in the NFL, but they are getting close with the amount of turnovers they continue to commit.

26. Detroit Lions 1-2 - Their first win since December 2007 will not be their last win of this season. Matthew Stafford looked sharp against the Skins.

27. Washington Redskins 1-2 - Fire Zorn, get Campbell out of there, and let's hope for a good draft pick.

28. Oakland Raiders 1-2 -
They won't win too many, even with a good defense, without a true starting quarterback. Russell is not the answer, but he may have to be with the amount of money he is earning over the next 2 seasons.

29. Kansas City Chiefs 0-3 -
They looked awful against the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles didn't they. Matt Cassel is seriously in jeopardy of his job? Really?

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3 - Coach Mathis may be out before the season is over.

31. Cleveland Browns 0-3 - Eric Mangini may be out before the season is over. In or out, he will still keep the starting quarterback spot a secret each week.

32. St. Louis Rams 0-3 -
If Bulger is down for a bit, Boller is the starter. Yes, they will continue to lose.

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