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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Notes

-Huge game for the Titans this week. If they lose to the Jets, the Titans will have to go on an absolutely terrorizing streak against a brutal schedule that includes New England on the road, Indianapolis on the road, San Francisco on the road, and San Diego at home in Week 16.

-Same goes for the Dolphins. Although their schedule isn't nearly as hard as the Titans, if the Phins lose this week in San Diego they will be out of playoff contention in my opinion. You can come back after starting 0-2, history shows you have a 20% chance of doing that, and the Phins did that last year. However, 0-3 to start the season, history shows that as a minimal chance to make the playoffs. In the AFC, this season, you cannot start 0-3 and expect to make the playoffs.

-With no ground game so far this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a very tough matchup this weekend against the Bengals. It is at Cincinnati which gives the Bengals even more of an edge to upset the Steelers. This has a big potential upset in the making as the Bengals defense smothered Aaron Rodgers last weekend.

-Lastly, THE GAME OF THE WEEK, for me this is San Francisco @ Minnesota. Patrick Willis is a beast for the 49ers defense. He will help contain Adrian Peterson, and I think this is one of the games this season that Peterson does not do much for the Vikings. This will be a hard-nosed physical game, and I give the edge to the road underdogs. The 49ers are ferocious on defense and offensively Shaun Hill and Frank Gore have been outstanding for this team and what they are accustomed to. Keep your eyes out for this game to go down to the wire.

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