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Saturday, September 12, 2009

WEEK 1 Predictions

Season Record: 1-0
ATS: 0-1
O/U: 0-1

Locks of the Weekend:

Detroit @ New Orleans: Matthew Stafford makes his professional debut as a starting quarterback, he may put up some numbers as the Lions will be playing catchup all game, but Saints win easy. Too much offense. Saints 34 - Lions 17.

Buffalo @ New England: TO debuts in his first game as a Bill. Unfortunately, that guy Tom Brady is back for the Patriots. Patriots are already clicking on offense. No chance the Bills hang in and keep it relatively close. Patriots 30 - Bills 13.

Kansas City @ Baltimore: Ravens defense is still THAT good. Flacco is back and ready to lead this Ravens offense to the playoffs for his second straight season. I like the future for this young quarterback and for the Ravens this season. Matt Cassel isn't 100 percent, Larry Johnson is going to have a big year but it won't start today. Ravens 27 - Chiefs 9.

San Diego @ Oakland: Can Oakland stun the world and upset the playoff-bound Chargers? No chance. Phillip Rivers is a stud and the offense of the Chargers is going to run all over the Raiders. Sproles and LT are going to go off. LT has a chip on his shoulder this season and he will run harder and faster than he ever has in his career to prove he is still the LT of a few years back. Chargers 31 - Raiders 10.

St. Louis @ Seattle:
I picked the Cardinals to win the NFC-West this season, but I may have made that choice too soon. Seattle has a healthy quarterback, Hasselbeck, and a new weapon on the outside, TJ Houshmandzadeh. Seattle has a good chance to reclaim this division. Seattle 24 - St. Louis 16.

Upsets of the Week:

Miami @ Atlanta:
Miami has the offense and the defense to take down the home team in this match up. Atlanta is coming off a huge season both as a team and individually, Turner, White, and of course Ryan. Pennington will be able to pick apart of poor secondary, while Ryan will have issues looking down field when he has Joey Porter in his face all day. Tony Gonzalez is a huge factor for the Falcons in this game. If he can get open and catch some passes, he will quiet down the Phins defense and allow the Falcons to run the ball effectively. Something tells me that won't happen. Dolphins 24 - Falcons 20.

San Francisco @ Arizona: The Cardinals are coming off a huge season. San Francisco finished the regular season last year with great play from both their offense and defense. With a continuing holdout from Michael Crabtree, the 49ers are moving on and ready to play some ball. I think the Cardinals just won't have the same passion this season as they did last year. Upset city this week. 49ers 20 - Cardinals 17.

Chicago @ Green Bay - Don't underestimate what Jay Cutler can do with a football. He doesn't have the best weapons, but he has weapons. I think Cutler and TE Greg Olsen will combine for a tremendous season and become like a Rivers and Gates combination. The Packers have a terrific quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Like Farve would do in his Packers era, Rodgers will make a few bad throws. I think that happens in this game. It will be high scoring and tight all the way through. One mistake by one of the quarterbacks will change the outcome of this game. Rodgers makes that mistake. Bears 27 - Packers 24.

Other games this weekend:

New York Jets @ Houston: Houston is on the verge of a huge season, spoil the debut of Sanchez. Texans 27 - Jets 17.

Washington @ New York Giants: Great NFC-East match up for week one. Redskins defense will suffocate Manning. Giants d-line will do the same to Portis. Giants pull it out in the fourth quarter. New York Giants 16 - Washington 13.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: Peyton Manning has always had tough games against the Jaguars. That will continue this season. Manning's offense will do fine, but it is the Colts defense that I am concerned about. Tough game to start the season for both teams. Indianapolis 24 - Jacksonville 20.

Minnesota @ Cleveland: Brett Farve debuts for the Vikings and he doesn't disappoint. Handing it off to AP will be easy for Brett all season long. Minnesota 24 - Cleveland 13.

Denver @ Cincinnati: Bengals start this season off with a bang. Palmer is feeling good and ready to hook up with Ocho Cinco who looks to be in phenomenal shape (thanks Hard Knocks). Broncos need to get their clubhouse straightened out before they are ready to win a game. Cincinnati 27 - Denver 17.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay: Dallas has an easy matchup on paper, but this game is in Tampa Bay and no team likes losing at home. Romo always plays well the first 8-10 games of the season. Will this be the year he takes the Cowboys deep into January? I don't think so, but I think they get the win in Tampa. Dallas 20 - Tampa Bay 10.

Philadelphia @ Carolina: Eagles head to Carolina with a battered offensive line. That is a typical headline in late December, not usually before week 1. This will be a tough game. Both teams are good, the edge to Philadelphia. But, a sore Westbrook, no Shawn Andrews, no Bradley or Dawkins defensively, means no easy win for the Birds. Philadelphia 24 - Carolina 20.

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