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Sunday, September 6, 2009



1. Drew Brees NO - With a PASS FIRST offensive playbook, Brees should surpass 4,500 yards this season. Home games against Detroit, New York Jets, and Dallas should help bolster those numbers.

2. Tom Brady NE -Mr. Brady is back this year and with the deep ball going to Moss once a game, he will rack up numbers after watching from the sideline last season.

3. Matt Schaub HOU - My sleeper of the season as far as quarterbacks go, I think Schaub will have a fantastic season. With THE BEST receiver in the game, Andre Johnson, and the likes of Kevin Walter and Owens Daniels, Schaub will be near the top in passing yards this season.

4. Peyton Manning IND
- Peyton is a beast and will continue to be an elite passer in the NFL this season. He lacks some fire power this season, but he makes 4's turn in to 2's real fast.

5. Aaron Rodgers GB
- He has looked perfect all preseason and he gets to face Cinci, St. Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland all before Week 8.

6. Donovan McNabb PHI
- More weapons with Maclin, an improved Jackson, and Westbrook out of the backfield.

7. Phillip Rivers SD
- One of the best qb's in the league, he will take care of business and put up Pro-Bowl numbers.

8. Kurt Warner ARI
- Did not have a good preseason, but with Larry Fitz and Quan to his left and right, he should connect on some deep balls.

9. Carson Palmer CIN
- Man on a mission this season, high ankle sprain has had him sidelined in preseason, but nothing will keep him off the field this season after a dismal 2008.

10. Tony Romo DAL
- Not a big fan of Dallas this year, but Tony usually put of solid numbers through the first 12-13 weeks of the season.

1. Adrian Peterson MINN - Hands down the best running back in the league. He will eclipse 1,700 yards and he will take a few screens to the house as well.

2. Michael Turner ATL
- With Matt Ryan picking apart defenses, Turner will have huge holes to run through.

3. Matt Forte CHI
- Unless Chicago signs a decent receiver, Forte is this offense. Both rushing and receiving could be him...AGAIN.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew JAX
- This kid is a beast and is poised for a huge season.

5. Brandon Jacobs NYG
- I think his yardage will be down a bit this season, but his touchdown total will be high as usual.

6. Brian Westbrook PHI
- Such a tremendous player, if he is healthy and if McCoy can spell him on third-downs B West will put up serious numbers for the Birds.

7. DeAngelo Williams CAR
- Jonathan Stewart hasn't been healthy, look for D Will to be the offense out of the backfield for the Panthers.

8. Stephen Jackson STL
- Jackson is a bright spot on a weak roster. He will have a tough time putting up huge numbers if Bulger isn't able to throw the ball successfully.

9. Larry Johnson KC
- The Chiefs will have to run the ball very well in order to compete in the AFC-West this season. Johnson has had a very good preseason and looks to be in the shape he was in 2005.

10. LaDainian Tomlinson SD
- LT trained very hard this offseason to prove to himself and his critics that he can still be a top 5 back in the NFL. I think he will come pretty close to proving that this season.

1. Andre Johnson HOU - This is too easy.

2. Larry Fitzgerald ARI
- Again, too easy.

3. Randy Moss NE
- A healthy Brady means another huge season for Moss. I am predicting 13 TDs.

4. Calvin Johnson DET
- Culpepper has the arm to send Johnson and vertical routes, while Stafford will target him all game long.

5. Steve Smith CAR
- Mr. X factor is an absolute beast when he touches the ball.

6. Marques Colston NO
- One of the most underrated receivers in the game. A Hofstra Pride alumnist, Marques will put up huge numbers for the Saints.

7. Anquan Boldin ARI
- Just continues to put up huge numbers each season, needs to stay healthy.

8. Greg Jennings GB
- He and Rodgers have a chemistry similar to what Farve and Driver had...Big numbers.

9. Reggie Wayne IND
- Peyton always finds Reggie in the clutch, and you know he will have 2 or 3 games with double digit receptions.

10. Chad Ocho Cinco CIN
- Going out on the limb here, but I think Carson will have a huge season and in order for that to be possible he needs to be hooking up with Ocho Cinco all season long.

1. Antonio Gates SD - This guy is big and strong. He is fast and runs good routes. And he doesn't drop the ball. Draft him early.

2. Jason Witten DAL
- Big reason why Romo has success. Witten is a guy who plays hardnose football and keeps his mouth shut. Very high expectations for JW this season.

3. Greg Olsen CHI
- He is big and tall which makes him an easy target for Cutler to throw bullets too. I like Olsen to be a "somewhat" sleeper this season. I think this will be a coming out
party for him.

4. Dallas Clark IND
- He is too consistent to ever overlook him. Peyton loves throwing to him in the redzone.

5. Tony Gonzalez ATL
- He and Matt Ryan seem to have had good chemistry all throughout training camp, look for Gonzo to pick up where he left off in KC.

6. Owen Daniels HOU
- Schaub loves throwing to him (70 receptions in 2008), that trend will continue this season.

7. Kellen Winslow TB
- Leftwitch will be needing Kellen all season, I like that combination...just not the Bucs as a team.

8. Chris Cooley WAS
- I think Cooley is overrated, but he continues to get the job done for the Skins every year.

9. Kevin Boss NYG
- Without a true deep threat for Eli to throw to, I really like Boss to have a solid season for the G Men.

10. Zach Miller OAK
- Miller had a good season for a rotten team last year, make that two in a row this season.

1. Stephen Gostkowski NE
2. Kris Brown HOU

3. Rob Bironas TENN

4. Mason Crosby GB

5. Nate Kaeding SD

1. Steelers - They are too good at defense. Physical, fast, ball-hawks. They are going to be tough to score on.

2. Vikings
- You can't run on them and with Jared Allen sporting the Mullet, he will get to the quarterback on 5 step drops.

3. Ravens
- One year older, but one year wiser. This defense is still a force to be reckoned with.

4. Eagles
- Against the run the will be solid, against the past they are okay. If their safety's will
step up and be more mature on the field the Birds have a good chance to play in February.

5. Jets
- I really like this defense. Rex Ryan is a defensive guy so you know they will be prepared.

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