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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Start 'Em / Sit 'Em Week 4

Here is my fantasy input for players that you may be up or down on right now:

Start 'Em QB:

1. Jay Cutler (Chicago) - I know maybe he shouldn't even be mentioned here, but start this guy every week even with the nobodies he has out on the wings. The Lions are pathetic against the pass and Cutler will pick them apart. 3 scores from JC on Sunday.

2. Kyle Orton (Denver) - Orton is going against a very bad Dallas secondary. Look for Brandon Marshall to get more involved in the offense, and for the Broncos to utilize the screen effectively as Dallas will be putting a lot of pressure on Orton throughout the game.

Sit 'Em - Tony Romo (Dallas) - This is going to be a tough game in Denver for the Cowboys. They only put up 14 points against the Panthers defense, and the Broncos are much better defensively. They will rush 6-7 at any given time, and Romo will be forced to thread the needle often. This doesn't appear to look like a high scoring game, I would look elsewhere this week at the quarterback position.

Start 'Em


1. Glenn Coffee (San Francisco)
- With Frank Gore out, Coffee should get plenty of touches against the Rams defense that allows 148 yards per game on the ground. 21 carries last game after Gore went down, I expect a similar workload against the Rams.

2. Darren McFadden (Oakland) - The Raiders have no passing game, fortunately they are playing the Texans this week who have no run defense. McFadden will get plenty of touches in this game and should have success as well. Look for at least 2 long runs out of D-Mac and a score.

Sit 'Em - Fred Taylor (New England) - Don't ride this bandwagon just yet. The Ravens defense is too good against the run for Freddy to have a good game.

Start 'Em


1. Terrell Owens (Buffalo) - TO has not deserved a starting spot in 10-team or less fantasy leagues. He has not played well, and he needs a good game before you consider trading him. This is the game. The Dolphins give up 265 yards through the air, and TO has averaged 68 yards and 0.8 TDs per game against AFC-East teams. This is a big day for Mr. Owens.

2. Mario Manningham/Steve Smith (New York Giants)
- The Chiefs are a bad team and the Giants will go to down against their defense. The Giants will run the ball a lot in this game, but Eli will throw some play-action bombs down the sideline to these guys to stretch the field and keep the chemistry with them. Their matchups are tremendous for a big game.

Sit 'Em
- Roy Williams (Dallas)
- Williams and Romo do not have any chemistry together. They just show up and occasionally hook up for a first down. Romo's #1 is Witten, and the Broncos defend the pass too well to take the chance with Williams, start someone else.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my Power Rankings after Week 3:
1. New York Giants 3-0 - The best team in the best division in the NFL. Eli Manning is playing great football, and the Giants defense absolutely killed the Bucs offense. This team is playing very well right now and takes on the Chiefs in Kansas City this week.

2. Baltimore Ravens 3-0 - They can run it, they can pass it, and they can defend it. This is a total package team that has it all. Can they remain consistent the next three weeks as they travel to New England, home against the 2-1 Bengals, and on the road in Week 6 against the Vikings. That is a tough schedule, but 2-1 or 3-0 out of those three games will say a lot about how legit the Ravens truly are.

3. New York Jets 3-0 - How about these Jets? Mark Sanchez has been perfect in all three games, in terms of executing the Jets offensive game plan. The Jets have two running backs, a decent enough receiving core to get the job done, and a ferocious defense that has only allowed 2 touchdowns in 3 games. The Jets are in New Orleans this week, the game of the week, and this will tell a lot about this football team.

4. New Orleans Saints 3-0 - The win against the Bills showed the ability of the Saints to run the ball effectively, and stay committed to the run. The most impressive part of the 27-7 win for the Saints, wasn't even on the offensive side of the ball. The Saints defense did not allow a point! The fake field goal touchdown pass for the Bills was obviously against the Saints special teams, therefore the Saints defense put up a donut against the Bills. Job well done. This team is special, and with a leader like Drew Brees, they may have big wins ahead of them.

5. Indianapolis Colts 3-0 - It is so hard to determine how good the Colts actually are. They are 3-0 yes. But, a two point win over the Jaguars, a win over the Dolphins where they were dominated the entire game, and then a blow out win over the Cardinals where the defense played exceptionally well. This is a tough read. A big problem for the Colts now, is that they lost Pro Bowl DE Dwight Freeney for a few weeks with a strained quadriceps muscle. Ouch. This is a bad blow to, in my mind, an already below average defense. With games against Seattle and Tennessee, they may be okay.

6. Minnesota Vikings 3-0 - I am not sold on this team, not one bit. The Vikings beat the Lions, the Browns, and shouldn't have won against the 49ers in Week 3. They were outplayed by the 49ers and Brett Farve had the Football Gods looking down on him during that last play. Adrian Peterson is a beast any way you put it, so the Vikings will always be in games due to the fact they can run the ball effectively. Let's see how they play against a week defense this week in the Packers, and then two weeks later against the Ravens. After the next three weeks (Packers, @ Rams, Ravens) I will know exactly who this team is.

7. San Francisco 49ers 2-1 - I haven't seen any site or blog that has the 49ers this high in their rankings, but they are this good. It kills them that Frank Gore will be out for a few weeks with the ankle sprain, but this defense is legit. Playing the Rams, Falcons, and then a bye week is a great opportunity for Gore to heal and come back healthy for week 7 @ Houston.
**Backup RB Glenn Coffee is a solid pickup for 10-12 team fantasy leagues.**

8. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 - The Eagles are a good football team. With a healthy Donovan McNabb and a TBD Brian Westbrook each week, this team has a great opportunity to tally off some wins after this bye week as they face Tampa Bay, @ Oakland, @ Washington, and then a huge matchup in Philly vs the Giants. This team needs to get healthy over the next few weeks and they will be a true contender out of the NFC.

9. New England Patriots 2-1 - Tom Brady looked much better last week against the Falcons. More impressive was Fred Taylor as he went off for 105 yards and a TD. This team needs to show consistency over the next few weeks to allow me to believe that they are back to the Patriots of two years ago.

10. Atlanta Falcons 2-1 - Matt Ryan is a steady leader for this offense. The problem for this team is the defense. They have to show the ability to lock down the opposing teams top receiver, while shutting down the run at the same time. The inconsistency of this defense will hurt them down the stretch.

11. Chicago Bears 2-1 - How do you not love Jay Cutler by now? He is putting up ridiculous numbers with Devin Hester as his #1 receiver. Cutler is really showing his talent in Chicago, with no weapons and no run game right now, he is rising to the occasion. Do you even remember week 1? Cutler's hot streak will continue for the next few weeks as he plays some low quality defensive teams.

12. San Diego Chargers 2-1 - This team is so close to being 1-2, even 0-3 had Pennington stayed healthy. However, the Chargers are 2-1 and after this week @ Pittsburgh, they have a bye week and 3 divisional games. So, the Chargers are in pretty good shape to 5-2 or 6-1 if they play well. Defensively, they need to step up and get more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. This defense is so much better when they are able to get to the quarterback and create turnovers.

13. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 - A tipped pass away from being 3-0, the Bengals are a new team this year. Defensively they have improved drastically and currently are only allowing 88 yards on the ground per game. Offensively, Cedric Benson is the catalyst. When he runs for 100 yards or more, the Bengals win 75% of the time. That being said, it helps that Carson Palmer is throwing the ball well and protecting the ball instead of forcing it into tight coverages. With a swarming defense, and an offense that is clicking, this Bengals team is a scary opponent.

14. Green Bay Packers 2-1 -
The Packers defense looked shaky against Kyle Boller and the St. Louis Rams offense. Let's see how they handle AP and Brett Farve on Monday Night.

15. Denver Broncos 3-0 - I do not believe in this team. I only have them this high because they are 3-0 and lead the NFC-West. That being said, the Broncos will be 3-3 after Week 6.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 - The Steelers are 1-2 and have a tough home game against the Chargers this Sunday night. Can the Steelers defense hold it together and keep Phillip Rivers and Company from lighting them up? Will Big Ben rally his troops and get them back to .500?

17. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 - This team is fair at best, how do you only put up 14 against the Panthers, yes 14, the defense had a pick-6.

18. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 -
This is another team that is hard to read into. Are they falling victim of the Super Bowl Loser slump? Are Warner and Fitzgerald on the same page?

19. Houston Texans 1-2 - I still think this team has a chance this year if they can put hearts inside of their defensive players. That being said, the future isn't looking too bright for these guys right now.

20. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 -
Good fight out of these guys without their quarterback against the Bears this past Sunday. With the ugly green uniforms on, they played their hearts out and almost had a very nice home victory.

21. Tennessee Titans 0-3 - @ Jacksonville, Indianapolis, @ New England, and the bye week. This is a legit shot at 0-6 after starting 10-0 last year. I bet they get a win in Jacksonville.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 - Would a win against the Titans at home be considered an upset?

23. Buffalo Bills 1-2 - If TO doesn't start getting targeted more the Buffalo nation will be on red-alert for a TO meltdown. I bet he has a big game this week @ Miami.

24. Miami Dolphins 0-3 - My Dolphins will not be making the playoffs this season. Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen will battle for the starting job, I bet Thigpen gets it and rattles off a few wins. We may see some Pat White this season if things do not go well.

25. Carolina Panthers 0-3 -
They are not a bottom tier team in the NFL, but they are getting close with the amount of turnovers they continue to commit.

26. Detroit Lions 1-2 - Their first win since December 2007 will not be their last win of this season. Matthew Stafford looked sharp against the Skins.

27. Washington Redskins 1-2 - Fire Zorn, get Campbell out of there, and let's hope for a good draft pick.

28. Oakland Raiders 1-2 -
They won't win too many, even with a good defense, without a true starting quarterback. Russell is not the answer, but he may have to be with the amount of money he is earning over the next 2 seasons.

29. Kansas City Chiefs 0-3 -
They looked awful against the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles didn't they. Matt Cassel is seriously in jeopardy of his job? Really?

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3 - Coach Mathis may be out before the season is over.

31. Cleveland Browns 0-3 - Eric Mangini may be out before the season is over. In or out, he will still keep the starting quarterback spot a secret each week.

32. St. Louis Rams 0-3 -
If Bulger is down for a bit, Boller is the starter. Yes, they will continue to lose.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Divisional Wrap Ups Post Week 3

NFC East

The Giants are the best team in this division standing with a 3-0 record. The Eagles have won 2, and so had Dallas, both against bad teams and both losing to good teams (Saints, Giants respectively). The Redskins are in the cellar of this division, with the loss to the DETROIT LIONS, I do not foresee them getting out of the cellar either.

NFC North
The Vikings are 3-0 after a tremendous pass and catch play from Brett Farve to Greg Lewis at the end of the Vikings/49ers game this past Sunday. The 49ers deserved to win that game as they outplayed the Vikes, but Minnesota hung around and Brett was Brett folks. Chicago and Green Bay are 2-1, and Chicago is beginning to look very sharp with Jay Cutler behind center. What scares me with the Bears is that Cutler has no weapons and it is hard to believe his success will continue throughout the season with inexperienced wide receivers. Regardless, they are a solid squad and have the Lions this week coming up. The Lions sit in last, odd, but they do have a win thanks to the Redskins.

NFC South

Clearly the Saints are the best in this division. Winning in Philadelphia and in Buffalo speaks volumes about the preparation this team has week in and week out. They have looked nothing but impressive offensively and defensively all season. Their defense is improved from last seasons, and offensively that are running the ball effectively with Bush, Thomas, and Bell. The Falcons sit at 2-1 after a loss in Foxboro this past Sunday. Offensively they will get it done with Matty Ice and Burner Turner, but defensively the Falcons are suspect. Allowing the Panthers (0-3) to move the ball efficiently at home does not preach good qualities about the defense. The Panthers and Bucs are both 0-3, Panthers aren't as bad as the other 0-3 teams, but the Bucs are.

NFC West

The San Francisco 49ers had 11 seconds and 32 yards to cover to go 3-0...They blew it. They put pressure on Farve all game except the last play and it ended up costing them the win. Mike Singletary has this team playing tremendous defense, and clicking offensively. The injury to Frank Gore's ankle could be costly, but at 2-1 their defense will keep them in a lot of games. The Cardinals are struggling, something seems wrong with Warner and his big 3 receivers. The Seahawks are injured and the Rams are the worst team in the NFC period.

AFC East

The Jets are for real. Rex Ryan has this defense as good as the Ravens a few years back. With a shutdown corner in Darrelle Revis, a killer instinct LB in Bart Scott, and a ferocious run-stopping defensive line, this defense is no joke. Mark Sanchez is leading the offense and will continue to have success and build more confidence. The Jets are legit. The Patriots are getting better each week. Brady needs to get healthy and feel comfortable dropping back in order for this offense to click. The Bills and Dolphins have been disappointing. The Dolphins may be without Chad Pennington for the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury he suffered in the 3rd quarter of Week 3s loss to the Chargers.

AFC North

The Ravens are contenders. Joe Flacco looks poised and in pro-bowl form. Ray Lewis has been the same Ray Lewis we are accustomed to seeing, that guy doesn't lose a step. The Bengals, that's right, the Bengals are alone in second in the division after a big home win vs the defending Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals are a tipped pass away from being 3-0, don't discredit this defense. The Steelers need to start running the ball efficiently and controlling the tempo of their games. They allowed the Bengals to grind out last weeks game and stick around long enough to get the victory. The Browns are 0-3 and have a great chance to finish 0-16.

AFC South

The Colts look like they are walking away with this division. At 3-0, the Colts are 2 ahead of the Texans and Jaguars, while the Titans linger at 0-3. The Texans, my Cinderella team for this year, looks horrible. Zero defense, for a team that I thought would have a huge step-up year defensively. When your defense cannot stop the run, at all, you will not win games. The Titans are not a bad team, they have played three tough games and have come out on the losing end in all three. They will end up around 8-8.

AFC West

How 'bout them Broncos. With all of the preseason craziness in Denver, who would have predicted a 3-0 start. Well, here we are at Week 4 and the Broncos are 3-0 and are looking very impressive defensively. Unfortunately, the Broncos have a ridiculous next few games going against the Cowboys, Patriots, @ San Diego, and @ Baltimore. The Broncos have a good chance to be 3-4 after Week 8. The Chargers are sitting at a lucky 2-1 in second place. Chad Pennington's injury secured their victory on Sunday, but this Chargers defense has not played well during any quarter of any of the first 3 games. The Raiders are solid defensively, but JaMarcus Russell is not a starting quarterback in the NFL, and until Al Davis realizes that, the Raiders will continue to score a max of 10 points per game. The Chiefs still can't sit down after what happened in Philly this past Sunday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 3 Notes

Pathetic performance out of Sunday Picks today. So far I am 6-8 SU and 8-6 ATS.

Houston was the biggest let down of the day. How do the Texans, who always play better at home, lose to the Jaguars in their own house. Pathetic out of Gary Kubiak's squad. Defense played poorly and they were out coached. Nice win for Jack Del Rio's team.

Minnesota came out with a win thanks to Brett Farve's magical right arm. The 49ers outplayed the Vikings all game, but one fluke 32-yard pass and that's that.

Honestly, I had the Lions all week, but I couldn't stick with my gut. I thought the Redskins would have blitzed more and handled the Lions run game better. Kudos to Matthew Stafford getting his first win of his career. It was nice to get it on his home turf, I am sure the Detroit fans enjoyed cheering for something today. Good job Lions.

New England, Green Bay, and San Diego got back on track with wins today.

Cincinnati looked very solid against the Steelers, and Carson Palmer manufactured a great final drive to get the win for the 2-1 BENGALS!

Baltimore, Philly, and New York Giants did what they should have to the lowly Browns, Chiefs, and Bucs.

The Jets held on for the victory, and Mark Sanchez became the first rookie quarterback, since the merger in 1970, to win his first three starts. Great win for the Jets, for Rex Ryan, for Mark Sanchez, and let me tell you that the JETS ARE FOR REAL. Did anyone see the Jets defense? On a side not in the Jets/Titans game, oh yeah, THE TITANS DROPPED TO 0-3.

Chicago and Jay Cutler got the tough road win in Seattle. Seattle played very well without QB Matt Hasselbeck. Cutler will get plenty of love from Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take tomorrow...Love him.

Today is a great reason to love the NFL; Lions beating a NFC-East team, Mark Sanchez taking over NEW YORK, and Michael Vick getting cheers in Philly, God I love this game.
Halftime Updates:

-49ers lead the Vikings by 1, and Houston is up 4 over the Jaguars.

-Baltimore and New York Giants are cruising to their 3rd victories.

Halftime Updates:

-Eagles are dominating Kansas City, and Michael Vick saw game action.

-Lions are in good shape to get their first win in since 2007.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jamal Lewis has been ruled out for Week 3's matchup against the Ravens.

Still unclear about the status of Patriots receivers; Welker and Moss.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 Selections

Season Record:
22-10 Straight Up
19-13 ATS

Locks of the Week

- The Texans come into this game off a huge win in Tennessee over the Titans. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson hooked up twice, and the Texans offense looked like the offense I think we'll see very often for the rest of the season. On another note, the defense looked awful. Chris Johnson of the Titans had a monster day and broke out for several huge gains resulting in touchdowns. Jacksonville is the type of team that the Texans should blow out and keep below 17 points. But, with the way the defense has played the first two weeks of the season, that may be wishing too much. I foresee the Texans having another tremendous day both on the ground and through the air. This week, Head coach Gary Kubiak lit a fire under the butt of running back Steve Slaton by telling the media he "regrets not signing Cedric Benson" after the way he has performed this season. Slaton will have a big game and let his actions tell Coach Kubiak to stop drinking the Haterade. Texans over the Jags 34 - 20.
**Interesting notes: Houston is 5-1 SU and 5-1 ATS past 6 home games vs Jags.

CHICAGO over SEATTLE - Seattle looks to be without ILB Lofa Tatupu and QB Matt Hasselbeck due to injuries. With that, the Seahawks do not have a consistent run game to keep the ball out of Jay Cutler's hands. I think this has blowout written all over it. After week 1 I said Seattle has every chance in the world to take over the NFC-West, *IF* they stayed healthy. Trash talking TJ Houshmandzedah won't do enough to get a win for the home team. Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen hook up twice, while Matt Forte finally has a solid fantasy stat day. Bears over the Seahawks 27 - 10.

GREEN BAY over ST. LOUIS - The Rams are the worst football team in the NFL. The Packers are coming off a devastating home loss against the Bengals last week. I give the edge to the Packers as their players know they have a legit chance to make the playoffs and in order to do that they MUST WIN this game. Greg Jennings did not record a reception last week for the first time in 45 games. He will get plenty of work this week. Aaron Rodgers will go over the 300 yard mark and have 3 TDs (1 to Jennings). Packers over the Rams 31 - 13.

Games of the Week

Tennessee @ New York Jets - If the Jets win, it will be the first time in NFL history that a rookie quarterback will start and record a win in his first 3 NFL games. That to me, is an omen for this game. The Titans offense clicked last week. Obviously 34 points given up shows that their defense did not. This week it will. The Jets will have a solid test this week. The Titans will blitz and play a lot of cover 2 as Sanchez does not consistently look down field. It is imperative that the Titans stop the Jets run game and force them to throw the ball. Both teams will play tough defense. I think the Titans get lucky, maybe a pick-6 or a fumble late in the game. With Chris Johnson slashing through holes, and LenDale White punching in a td, the Titans will shock the Jets and get a win in the Meadowlands. Titans over the Jets 20 - 16.

San Francisco @ Minnesota - The Vikings haven't been tested yet. Wins over the Browns and Lions do not make their resume look good. A win over the 49ers, where Brett Farve throws over 30 passes will be impressive. The 49ers are a tough, physical team. They will test every aspect of the Vikings football team in this game. Head coach Mike Singletary has changed the face of this organization, and QB Shaun Hill has become a very good field general. Frank Gore is coming off a big week and is meeting a tough run defense in Minnesota. A lot of punting will take place in this game, the edge in special teams goes to the 49ers with Allen Rossum returning kicks and punts. Field position will be key in this game. Both defense will stall both offenses. It will be interesting to see what type of defensive scheme the 49ers bring at Brett Farve and Adrian Peterson. I expect to see a lot of blitzes as well as a lot of men in the box that fall back into zone coverage. I think this spread (-7) is way too high. It should be 2.5-3 tops. 49ers are for real. This game will prove it. San Francisco over Minnesota 17 - 16.

Upset of the Week

MIAMI over SAN DIEGO - San Diego is hurting. LT is out again, Shawn Merriman missed practice this week, center Nick Hartwick is out for 8 weeks due to surgery on his ankle, and DE Travis Johnson looks like he is out this week too. The Dolphins need this win. If they lose this game, they will not make the playoffs this year, and they know that. After dominating the Colts last week, having the ball for 45 minutes of the game, that loss was devastating. Defensively, the Dolphins played great football besides the one play, the bubble screen to Pierre Garcon. The corner backs were giving a 6 yard cushion, and bang, touchdown, game over. Not this week. Don't get me wrong. Phillip Rivers is a stud. But, Miami is going to control the pace of this game and with that the Chargers will never feel comfortable on offense. Miami will run all day, just as the Raiders did in week 1. The Wildcat offense will be out in full form, and I believe the Phins take down the home team. Miami upsets San Diego 24 - 20.

Rest of the games this week

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - This has upset all over it. I just don't see it happening. Extremely close game. These two teams will battle to the end, with Big Ben pulling off another great 2-minute drill to put on his resume, giving the Steelers the 20 - 17 win.

Denver @ Oakland - There is a great chance that neither teams scores a touchdown in this game. It could come down to kickers. With the way both teams have played defense these first two weeks of the season this will be a very physically exhausting game. The edge goes to the home team. Denver will not pass the ball efficiently, and Oakland will run all game whether they have success or not. Both teams will hope for big turnovers to take place and take advantage of good field position. Oakland over the Broncos 12 - 6.

Indianapolis @ Arizona - This is going to be a great game. Both teams have great offense's and lack stellar defensive play makers. For the Colts, Peyton Manning has had to win two close games against the Jaguars and Dolphins. For the Cardinals, Kurt Warner came back to old form against the Jaguars last week. I think the big plays of the Cardinals, and the fact that Tim Hightower will have success running the ball, will get themselves a win at home. Cardinals over the Colts 30 -24.

Carolina @ Dallas - Jerry Jones will terminate all contracts of the Cowboys players if they lose two straight at the new field. There is no analysis needed for this matchup. Dallas over the Panthers 30 - 17.

New Orleans @ Buffalo - Trap game anyone?? Nope. Drew Brees is cash money once again this week. Buffalo can blitz, can drop to zone, can go man coverage, it won't matter. Too much fire power for the Bills to overcome. Brees and Shockey hook up at least once. TO will have another good game for the Bills (as long as his visor in his face mask isn't dirty cough cough). Saints over the Bills 45 - 30.

Atlanta @ New England - Would this be considered an upset if Atlanta wins? I almost don't want to predict this game until I know the status of Moss and Welker. I have heard and read rumors that Welker is in, but Moss is out and vice verse. That being said, I bet both play. With Welker back in the line up, the Patriots are back to old form. This is a very tough opponent. It is very hard to pick against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Ryan and Tony G have formed a chemistry that is making Gonzo look like he is 25 again. This will be a tight game. Atlanta is in better shape to win this game. I go with Atlanta over the Patriots 27 - 24.

Washington @ Detroit - Not this week Lions. Washington over Detroit 20 - 10.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs have put up decent offensive numbers, that's because they have been trailing by double digits in every game so far. This will happen again this week as the Giants come down to Tampa to give them an 0-3 record. Eli Manning is playing his best football right now, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith are rising to the occassion, and Brandon Jacobs has yet to have a huge game (WATCH OUT). Giants win big in Tampa, 34 - 13.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - Cleveland will make it look close in the first half (10-3), maybe. Baltimore is too good. Winning in San Diego, Joe Flacco and company looks in mid-season form, and Ray Lewis is STILL Ray Lewis. No shot for Brady Quinn. Mangini will be on the hottest hot seat after this ugly loss. Baltimore over Cleveland 27 - 3.

Kansas City @ Philadelphia - Andy Reid and the Eagles are 2-7 ATS b efore the Bye Week. The spread in this game is still OFF as of this morning, however, it won't matter. The Eagles defense is hungry after what happened last week when Drew Brees exploited them. Matt Cassel is in for hell. Trent Cole will be hunting him down every play, and Macho Harris will be a ball hawk all day to prove to Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott he is a true safety in the NFL. Offensively, Westbrook may be out for the Eagles, it won't matter. Kolb looked fine last week and will continue to progress positively this week. Michael Vick will see his first game action, looks like 8-15 plays, and will have a good chance at a goalline touchdown. Eagles get the win at home over the Chiefs 24 - 10.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Notes

-Huge game for the Titans this week. If they lose to the Jets, the Titans will have to go on an absolutely terrorizing streak against a brutal schedule that includes New England on the road, Indianapolis on the road, San Francisco on the road, and San Diego at home in Week 16.

-Same goes for the Dolphins. Although their schedule isn't nearly as hard as the Titans, if the Phins lose this week in San Diego they will be out of playoff contention in my opinion. You can come back after starting 0-2, history shows you have a 20% chance of doing that, and the Phins did that last year. However, 0-3 to start the season, history shows that as a minimal chance to make the playoffs. In the AFC, this season, you cannot start 0-3 and expect to make the playoffs.

-With no ground game so far this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a very tough matchup this weekend against the Bengals. It is at Cincinnati which gives the Bengals even more of an edge to upset the Steelers. This has a big potential upset in the making as the Bengals defense smothered Aaron Rodgers last weekend.

-Lastly, THE GAME OF THE WEEK, for me this is San Francisco @ Minnesota. Patrick Willis is a beast for the 49ers defense. He will help contain Adrian Peterson, and I think this is one of the games this season that Peterson does not do much for the Vikings. This will be a hard-nosed physical game, and I give the edge to the road underdogs. The 49ers are ferocious on defense and offensively Shaun Hill and Frank Gore have been outstanding for this team and what they are accustomed to. Keep your eyes out for this game to go down to the wire.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Start 'Em & Sit 'Em Week 3

Here are my hot and cold starters for the NFL's Week 3 Games



1. Kevin Kolb (Philadelphia) - Kolb was impressive in his pro debut against the Saints. 391 yards in the air with 2 TDs. The 3 INTs aren't great, but one of them was the last play of the game when they were down 26. Look for the Eagles to throw just as much this week against the Chiefs as Brian Westbrook may be out with an ankle injury.

2. Mark Sanchez (New York Jets) - The Titans boast the NFL's worst pass defense allowing 339 yards per game. I think this game will go no higher than 20 points for either team, but I do like the potential for Sanchez. Start him if you are in a 12-team league and have a tough match up with your #1 option.

SIT 'EM - Brett Farve (Minnesota) - Farve will be forced to throw the ball more this week as Adrian Peterson will struggle a bit against the 49ers stout defense. Farve will throw his first interception of the season this week, possibly his second too. Defensive battle in this game.

1. Felix Jones (DALLAS) - With Marion Barber most likely out with a quad strain, Jones will see more touches. Going against a Carolina Panthers defense that is allowing 168 yards per game on the ground, Jones is a great pickup / start this week for fantasy football players.

2. Tim Hightower - With the Colts unable to stop the run against the Dolphins on Monday night, look for the Cardinals to run the ball a few more times with Hightower this week. Additionally, Hightower is a tremendous receiver out of the back field which increases his fantasy value even more this week.

SIT 'EM - Cedric Benson (CIN) - Benson is up against the Steelers this week and they do not allow backs to have success on the ground. I think Benson is a sleeper start if he breaks open a big run, but overall his fantasy value is no better than a number 2 RB this week. Sit him if you have the depth.


1. Johnny Knox (Chicago) - Sleeper in the making. Knox is emerging as Cutlers favorite target, and this kid is fast. He has the ability to break free of his defenders and turn small gains into larges ones at any given play.

2. Jerricho Cotchery (New York Jets) - #1 receivers have done very well against the Titans this season. With a very good run defense, I believe the Titans will force the Jets to throw the ball a little bit more this week. This is why I have Sanchez as a decent start at quarterback. Success is very plausible against the NFL's worst passing defense.

SIT 'EM - Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons) - The Patriots have done well at defending the pass this season. Its the run they do not stop very well. Look for Michael Turner to have 25+ carries in this game for the Falcons. That does not leave many touches for White. Sit him if you have another option at WR.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my Power Rankings after Week 2:

1. New York Giants 2-0 - Best team in the best division in the NFL. They are 2-0 in the NFC-East and won in Dallas. Great start to the season for the G Men.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 - They had the game won against the Bears. Without a consistent running game from Parker the Steelers will have a hard time keeping up with the Ravens.
3. New York Jets 2-0 - You bet I moved them up this far. What an impressive win by the Jets against New England. Say what you want about Brady and his knee, but the Jets won against the Patriots in the Meadowlands with a rookie QB. This Jets D is for real too.
4. Baltimore Ravens 2-0 - With a big win on the road in San Diego the Ravens have established themselves as a team that can shut you down defensively and put up points offensively. Scary.
5. New Orleans Saints 2-0 - With a road game in Buffalo and then home against the Jets coming up, let's see if the Saints can get to 4-0 before their Week 5 bye.
6. Atlanta Falcons 2-0 - They can score, Matt Ryan absolutely loves Tony Gonzalez. But, the loss of rookie DT Peria Jerry to a knee injury really hurts this defense.
7. Indianapolis Colts 2-0 - I am not sold on this Colts team yet. Their fragile defensive line was exposed by the Dolphins run game, and their secondary would have been even more exposed had Ted Ginn Jr. pulled down the catch at the end of the game on Monday night. Time will tell about the Colts as they have 2 tough road games, @ Arizona Week 3 and @ Tennessee Week 5, before their bye Week 6.
8. San Francisco 49ers 2-0 - @ Minnesota this week will really test their offense to perform. Shaun Hill is 9-3 as the 49ers starter dating back to last season.
9. Minnesota Vikings 2-0 - Cleveland and Detroit are not good football teams. Both teams actually hung with the Vikings in the first halfs and than lost it all in the second halfs. Let's see how the Vikings perform against the physical 49ers.
10. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 - Get a win at home against the Chiefs and than get healthy during the bye week!
11. New England Patriots 1-1 - Without Welker in the slot Brady looked very uncomfortable. Back to the drawing board this week as they take on Atlanta.
12. San Diego Chargers 1-1 - I picked this team to go to the Bowl and win it this year! What is going on in San Diego?? Miami is coming to town this week and than they head to Pittsburgh. Watch out Charger fans this could get ugly if Merriman doesn't step his intensity up.
13. Chicago Bears 1-1 - Huge win for the Bears against the Steelers. Jay Cutler has a canon for an arm.
14. Houston Texans 1-1 - I am telling you this team is for real.
15. Green Bay Packers 1-1 - Where is the defense? Where is the offensive line? Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings have a monster week this week against the Rams.
16. Dallas Cowboys 1-1 - Ugly loss on Jerry Night in Dallas. Romo is all hype.
17. Tennessee Titans 0-2 - This is a good team that needs to step up their pass coverage. Tough match up this week on the road against the Jets. Could be a 6-3 ball game.
18. Arizona Cardinals 1-1 - Okay, they are back.
19. Denver Broncos 2-0 - Broncos defense is looking damn good and should have another solid week against the pathetic Raiders offense.
20. Miami Dolphins 0-2 - Their tough schedule gets much easier as the season progresses.
21. Buffalo Bills 1-1 - Great outing in week 1, followed by a great offensive outing out of Fred Jackson against the Bucs. Look for the Bills to run a lot against the Saints in order to win the time of possession battle.
22. Cincinnati Bengals 1-1 - Big win in Green Bay for the Bengals. Their defense played a great game putting pressure on Aaron Rodgers all day.
23. Washington Redskins 1-1 - Their offense is pathetic.
24. Oakland Raiders 1-1 - Whether the Raiders go 3-13 or 8-8 they will be in every game due to their defense.
25. Carolina Panthers 0-2 - Jake Delhomme is on pace for an 8 TD season and a 40 INT season. Wow!
26. Seattle Seahawks 1-1 - Hasselbeck has a cracked rib, he's out for a few weeks.
27. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2 - Jaguars are already thinking about who they are drafting next year.
28. Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 - Matt Cassel has to play better to keep the Chiefs in games.
29. Tampa Bay Buccanears 0-2 - This is a bad defensive team.
30. Detroit Lions 0-2 - I think the Lions will beat the Skins this week.
31. Cleveland Browns 0-2 - They are not good, Mangini is not coaching well, and Brady Quinn holds on to the ball too long.
32. St. Louis Rams 0-2 - Nope...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2 Notes

- Drew Brees and the Saints went into Philadelphia and ran and threw all over the Eagles defense.

- Kevin Kolb went for 391 yards 2 tds and 3 ints in that game, he is not to blame for the loss and my bet is that he will start next week.

- Brian Westbrook went down at the end of the game with a high ankle sprain...bad news for Eagles fans.

- The Jets talked the talk and walked the walk as they didn't allow the PATRIOTS, the MIGHTY PATRIOTS, to score a touchdown. Rex Ryan has literally changed Jets Nation.

- The Ravens won a hard fought game in San Diego. The Ravens defense made the 33rd consecutive game without a running back going over 100 yards.

- 49ers win again as Frank Gore went over the 200 yard marker on the ground.

- Bengals upset city in Green Bay. Cedric Benson ran for 141 in the win.

- Washington wins 9-7 over the Rams. Ugly win. The Rams stink and so does the Redskins offense.

- As predicted, both Johnson's went off in the Texans-Titans game. Chris ran for 197 with 2 TDs to go along with 87 receiving yards and a TD. Andre had 10 receptions for 149 yards and 2 TDs. Texans win on a field goal with 2:55 left.

- Cardinals went to bed early last night, they had the game won by the 3rd quarter. Jacksonville made it look better than it really was by scoring two late touchdowns.

- Oakland wins on the road in Kansas City, Matt Cassel made his first start for his new fan base in Kansas City and threw 2 INTs in the loss.

- Denver wins big over Cleveland and is in sole possession of first place in the AFC-West.

- Chicago wins the nail biter against Pittsburgh as Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed misses two fg's in 4th quarter.

- Falcons win, Matty Ice throws 3 TDs.

- Bills win big at home over the Bucs. TO gets his first TD of his Buffalo career.

- Brett Farve throws 2 TDs for the Vikings as they get another double digit win. Detroit is now 0 for their last 18 dating back to last season.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 2 Best Bets

Here are my BEST BETS for Sunday's Games

Houston + 7 Over 41

Denver -3

Baltimore +3

Bills -4.5


PARLAY- Giants + 3 , Pittsburgh -3, New England -4 (4 units)

Week 2 Selections

Here are my picks for the Week 2 games:

(Home team in CAPS)

WASHINGTON over St. Louis - The Skins defense was tremendous last week against the Giants. They contained the run attack as well as limited Eli from having a great day through the air. I don't foresee any problems with the Skins going against the Rams. On offense, the Skins need to have a productive outing. I think they get the job done. Washington over St. Louis 23 - 10.

MINNESOTA over Detroit -
Adrian Peterson will go off again this week as he will be going against a Lions defense that gave up 157 yards on the ground to the Saints. Look for Peterson to be around 150-170 yards with 2 scores. Vikings win a big one 34 - 13.

GREEN BAY over Cincinnati -
The Packers won a tough game at home against the Bears last Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers had a tremendous drive at the end of the game and hooked up with Greg Jennings for a deep ball to win the game for the Packers. This game against the Bengals will be tight but I see the Packers winning this without a doubt. Packers over the Bengals 24 - 20.

Pittsburgh over CHICAGO - The Bears need a win. Cutler needs to redeem himself. It doesn't happen this week. Big Ben comes through in the clutch and puts his team on the winning side of this game. Pittsburgh doesn't lose often to NFC teams and unless the Bears get new receivers before Sunday, that trend won't change. Steelers over the Bears 24 -17.


New York Giants over DALLAS - The Cowboys have way too much going on for them to be focusing on this game. Jerry Jones is so consumed with the new stadium that he, and his players, won't be focused came game time. The Cowboys gave up 150+ yards to the two tailbacks from Tampa Bay, and in comes Jacobs and Bradshaw this week. Tougher matchup with the Giants O-Line and their powerful running backs. I love Bradshaw as a start this week in Fantasy Football. Defensively for the Giants, they have too many weapons that will take Tony Romo out of his comfort zone. I see this game being very physical and that doesn't point in the favor of the Cowboys. I have the Giants over the Cowboys 27 - 17.

SAN FRANCISCO over Seattle - This has all the makings of an epic battle in San Francisco. The 49ers defense plays a rough, physical styled defense that will slow the game down and keep the score in their favor. On offense, the 49ers don't do much. Frank Gore left, and Frank Gore right. But the Cardinals shut him down last week and I can see Frank getting ready to have a big game on Sunday. Seahawks OLB LeRoy Hill is out, MLB Lofa Tatupu is questionable with a hamstring issue, and DT Brandon Mebane has a calf strain. That being said, the 49ers will do all they can to keep this game slow paced and have Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks offense on the sideline all game. The Seahawks have a nice balanced offense. Hasselbeck is healthy and looked good against the Rams. Julius Jones ran well against the Rams and will have a big test against the very active 49ers defense that limited the Cardinals running game to 40 yards. Hasselbeck will be forced to throw the ball, and I believe that will lead to a turnover or two. I favor the 49ers in this game. Vernon Davis gets a score in the 4th to seal the victory. San Francisco over Seattle 20 -16.

New England over NEW YORK JETS - This has all the makings to be a very physical game. All week Rex Ryan and Jets players have been quoted saying things about the Patriots that will end up being more fuel to the fire for Tom Brady. First things first, the Jets have a very good defense. The ate up the Titans last week and completely shut down STAR receiver Andre Johnson. But the Patriots have a better quarterback and more options split out wide to exploit the Jets defense. Brady will throw upwards of 50 passes as the Jets run defense should shut down Maroney and Taylor of the Pats. That being said, I have no problem with Brady throwing that many passes as he is the best quarterback in the NFL and he is extremely efficient in the pocket. For the Jets, they will have to run the ball effectively in order to keep the Patriots offense off the field. Mark Sanchez will see pressure this week, the Patriots have to be blitz happy in order to shake up this rookie stud. This game is all about heart and desire. Which team will have the poise at the end to win the game and take control of the division lead. This will be a game with lead changes and a decent amount of points scored. I can't go with the home team and the rookie quarterback. I don't think the Patriots are a 14-2 team by any means, but I do think it is too early to pick against the Patriots when Sanchez is only at start number 2. Patriots over the Jets 31 - 24.


Baltimore over SAN DIEGO - The Chargers are without LT, their starting center Nick Hardwick, and defensive tackle Travis Johnson. The Chargers also played very poorly last week in Oakland where Phillip Rivers led them on a last minute scoring drive to win the game. The Ravens looked good last week. Scoring 34 on the Chiefs and giving up a misleading 17 points (the Chiefs had a long INT return and then score soon after). The Ravens are a tough team to face at home after a disappointing win. I think the Ravens defense holds off the Chargers offense, and Ray Rice has a solid performance for the offense. Ravens over the Chargers 23 - 17.

Rest of the games

JACKSONVILLE over Arizona - ALERT! WEST COAST TEAM PLAYING AT 1:00 EASTERN TIME! Arizona is 1-11 Straight Up in their past 12 September road games. Breaston and Boldin are iffy...Maurice Jones Drew will win this game for the Jaguars. Jags over the Cardinals 20 - 13.

KANSAS CITY over Oakland - I don't think Oakland will play with the same intensity that they had at home last week against the Chargers. I take the home team as the Raiders are 2-10 in their last 12 SU versus the Chiefs. Chiefs over the Raiders 20 - 16.

TENNESSEE over Houston - I love the Texans and still think that they are a playoff team, but they need to show me something in this game. Show me some fight. Mario Williams is too good not to get a sack on Kerry Collins. I will take the Titans in a shoot out. Tennessee 34 - Houston 30.

NEW ORLEANS over Philadelphia -
This is such a tough game to pick. On one side you have the Saints and the "Fantasy Football Style" offense. On the other side, you have Kevin Kolb making his first career start for the Eagles as Donovan McNabb will be out with a broken rib. Kolb is not great, but I do not think he will have a bad game. The Saints defense gives up points and Kolb is very comfortable running the Eagles offense. The problem is, his career 25.0 QB rating makes you wonder how affective he will be. The Eagles have to run the ball. They HAVE TO run the ball to keep this game in the 20s. Drew Brees is a beast. And he will be going against beasts in the Eagles defense. A defense that had 7 take aways and 5 sacks. Brees will have pressure on him all game as the Eagles know he likes to get the ball out quickly. This is going to be a close game, with the Saints taking it at the end. New Orleans over Philly 27 - 24.

ATLANTA over Carolina - Jake Delhomme gets the start for Carolina who got absolutely mauled by the Eagles in week 1. 7 turnovers and only 1 touchdown later, the Panthers need to get back to square one and run the ball with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The Falcons allowed 96 yards on the ground, so the possibility for the Panthers to run the ball well is very good. Now, Jake Delhomme must protect the ball and be smart with his passes in order to keep his team in the game. For the Falcons, Matt Ryan & Company will have fun against the Panthers defense. Take away Peppers and this defense is a low end NFL defense. Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez will have a nice day together as Gonzo should run wild on the Panthers LBs. I think the home field will be the advantage for the Falcons and they take this one leaving the Panthers packing 0-2. Falcons over the Panthers 24 - 14.

BUFFALO over Tampa Bay - The Bills need a win against the Bucs after the let down loss against the Patriots on Monday night. The Bills defense looked great in the game as they were constantly pressuring Brady and forcing him to get the ball out quick. Then, in the 4th the played a prevent defense and all that did was ALLOW Brady to pick apart their secondary. I look for the Bills to go all out against the Bucs and put a lot of pressure on Byron Leftwitch Trent Edwards should have a good game against the Bucs secondary that allowed Tony Romo to go off for 344 yards. Bucs on the road, coming off a loss at home, and oh yeah a Rookie coach; I don't like it. TO has a big game as the Bills take down the Bucs 27 - 17.

Indianapolis over MIAMI - I love the Dolphins. However, last weeks performance against the Falcons really made me believe this team will start 0-2 again and then go on a big run to make the playoffs. Well, they get the Monday night game to make it 0-2. Manning and Wayne will hook up to take down the home team. Exciting game as the Dolphins will show off the wildcat with Pat White. Colts over the Dolphins 17 -16.

DENVER over Cleveland - The Broncos are 12-1 in their last 13 September home games. Home field advantage? I think so. Add the fact that they got a huge win in Cincinnati thanks to Brandon Stoakley. I bet that was a fun flight home for the team. Broncos have more going for them after that win than the Browns do after giving up 130+ yards to Adrian Peterson in the second half of their week 1 game. Advantage Broncos here. Broncos over the Browns 24 - 17.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 2 Start 'Em/Sit 'Em

Here are my Start 'Em & Sit 'Em Players for Week 2:

Start 'Em:


1. Carson Palmer Cinci - Palmer needs a big game against the Packers if he wants to prevent his Bengals from starting 0-2. Palmer had a pitiful performance last week against the Broncos. Look for a rebound game from CP against a Packers defense that will give up big plays.

2. Matt Schaub Houston
- Don't be a doubter. Schaub and Andre Johnson will connect for a score this weekend against the Titans.

Sit 'Em
- Brett Farve QB Minn
- Didn't prove much last week, and I think AP will we running all day on the Lions. Farve will have a similar line from last week.


1. Ahmad Bradshaw New York Giants - G Men will run the ball against the Cowboys in order to maintain the edge in time of possession. With the success that Cadillac Williams had against the Cowboys front 7, I expect Bradshaw and Jacobs to get over 15 touches each, and whoever is the hot hand will get a few more.

2. Jamal Lewis Cleveland -
Lewis will get more touches this week as the Browns head into Denver and have to be able to run the ball to have success there.

Sit 'Em

- Matt Forte RB Bears -
The Bears stayed committed to Cutler last week and I expect them doing that again this week as the Steelers won't let Forte have a solid day running the ball.


1. Lance Moore New Orleans - Saints have a tremendous offense and more is starting to feel healthy again. Bad news for Philly fans.

2. Santana Moss Washington - Moss has been due dating back to last season. He gets it in this matchup this week against the Rams.

Sit 'Em

- Patrick Crayton WR Dallas
- Crayton will be going against a stout Giants defense and they won't let him get free for any deep balls. Crayton will have a modest 5 receptions 53 yards.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 1 Stats

Here are a few interesting Stats from week 1:

-Only 3 of the 16 teams to win during Week 1 allowed more than 100 yards rushing (Indy, San Diego, Dallas).

- Only 5 Running Backs rushed for over 100 yards during Week 1 (AP, Mike Bell, Julius Jones, Ray Rice, and Thomas Jones).

-13 teams held their opponents to under 80 rushing yards.

-2 teams held their opponents to under 100 passing yards (Panthers, Eagles).

-4 teams did not record a sack in their game (Texans, Rams, Lions, Cowboys).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are my NFL Power Rankings after Week 1:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0): Defending champions will remain top seed until the lose a game. Big Ben looked fantastic in overtime in week 1.

2. New York Giants (1-0): Say what you want, that was a very solid win against the Redskins. Going against a stout defense and not having an effective run game, Eli Manning pulled out a win for the G Men.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0): Offense didn't need to do much of anything, defense looked ferocious. McNabb out will hurt them, Garcia gets Week 2 start??

4. New England Patriots (1-0): Tom Brady looked shaky for 57 minutes, but then he turned it on when he had to and stood very tall in the pocket and won the game for the Pats.

5. Indianapolis Colts (1-0): Tight win against the Jaguars, Manning and Wayne looked like they were in Week 10 form.

6. Atlanta Falcons (1-0): I was very impressed by their win against the Dolphins. The defense played very well. Now let's get that run game going a bit.

7. Tennessee Titans (1-0): Even though they lost, this is a solid team overall. Their run game will set the pace for their offense and their defense is superb.

8. Minnesota Vikings (1-0): Adrian Peterson is a beast. 2000+ yards if he's healthy.

9. San Diego Chargers (1-0): Are the Raiders that good or did the Chargers play that poorly? Phillip Rivers sure turned it on in the final drive.

10. Baltimore Ravens (1-0): Very impressed by the performance of Joe Flacco, however, what's up with the defense? Allowing 17 points to Brody Coyle and the Chiefs offense?

11. New Orleans Saints (1-0): If they blow out Philly this week or even win convincingly everyone will blame it on McNabb being out. Let's see how this team performs on the road in Philly.

12. Dallas Cowboys (1-0): I expected the Cowboys defense to perform better, especially containing Cadillac Williams. Solid win on the road, Romo looked very good.

13. Green Bay Packers (1-0): Aaron Rodgers has serious talent. I love how he plays the game.

14. Seattle Seahawks (1-0): I expect the Seahawks to make a serious push at taking over the NFC-West this season.

15. New York Jets (1-0): Mark Sanchez had a great game, the run attack of Washington and Jones really helped Mark get off to a great start of his promising career. Congrats Rex Ryan on the W.

16. Washington Redskins (1-0): Even though they lost, the Skins showed me that they will be in every game this season because of their defense. Zorn's offense needs to start clicking and gettin' on the move.

17. San Francisco 49ers (1-0): Hard-nose football, attacking defense, and an offense that put up 20 points. This team is a scary one to face this year.

18. Arizona Cardinals (0-1): Losing at home, I didn't know the Cardinals did that. Will Matt Leinart play this year if Warner starts off, at very possibly, 0-6?

19. Miami Dolphins (0-1): This team has a lot to prove this week against the Colts.

20. Chicago Bears (0-1): Urlacher out for the season really hurts this defense that looked great against the Packers. I love Jay Cutler, but he needs a legit receiver or route runner for this team to win games.

21. Buffalo Bills (0-1): Great game out of the Bills. Didn't look spectacular on offense, but defensively they were aggressive and forcing the Patriots to make plays, which they didn't until the end.

22. Denver Broncos (1-0): They did win, on the road, with Brandon Marshall playing, with the fluke-tipped pass, after everything that happened this off season. A win is a win.

23. Houston Texans (0-1): The biggest disappointment this weekend for me was the play of the Texans. Flat out, they were out-coached and out-played. Bring it this weekend Matt Schaub.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1): Great performance at Indy. Thought they were going to start the season off with a big statement.

25. Oakland Raiders (0-1): The defense will keep them in games. The defense is legit. Offensively, they have no receivers and JaMarcus Russell really struggled (12/30 208 yards TD 2 INT 47 QB Rating).

26. Carolina Panthers (0-1): Awful loss. Great opening drive in the first quarter, and then WHAT HAPPENED? Run the ball!

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1): They tried to hang tight with the Cowboys. Byron Leftwitch is a player, he is a leader, and he will put this team in the situation to win some games this year.

28. Cleveland Browns (0-1): They held Peterson to hardly anything in the first half, but had no juice left in the tank during the second half. This Browns team can hang tight as long as they can control the time of possession.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1): I know it was a fluke loss, they had the 7-6 lead with 28 seconds left, but that was a prevent defense at the end. Prevent that play from happening. Considering who they played, how they performed on offense, this was a huge loss for the Bengals.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1): Without their star QB they still put up a fight against a very good Baltimore team.

31. Detroit Lions (0-1): Not the best out of Stafford's debut, but take the good with the bad and let the kid grow each week.

32. St. Louis Rams (0-1): Blanked by the Seahawks. 'Nuff said.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess Whose Back In Philly?

Jeff Garcia is back in the city of brotherly love.

Eagles have signed Jeff Garcia as a quick fix to their current quarterback situation. This move makes it seem extremely likely that Donovan McNabb will be out for at least this week against the Saints.

Hank Basket has been put on the trade block in order to make room on the Eagles roster.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick Notes From Games So Far

-Mark Sanchez has a very impressive debut for the Jets. Winning on the road against a Houston team that should be very solid this season.

-Adrian Peterson goes off in the second half against the Browns. Brett Farve only threw the ball 21 times. Vikings knocked off the Browns 34-20.

-Donovan McNabb fractures a rib in the Eagles rout over the Panthers.

-Jaguars fall just short of upsetting Colts. Colts lose WR Anthony Gonzalez in the win.

-Brandon Stokely saves the day for the Broncos catching a tipped pass with 11 seconds remaining. Broncos knock off Bengals in a sloppy game.

-Matthew Stafford throws 3 INTs in professional debut against the Saints.

-49ers, as predicted, upset one-dimensional Arizona 20-16.

-Seattle blanks St. Louis 28-0.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

WEEK 1 Predictions

Season Record: 1-0
ATS: 0-1
O/U: 0-1

Locks of the Weekend:

Detroit @ New Orleans: Matthew Stafford makes his professional debut as a starting quarterback, he may put up some numbers as the Lions will be playing catchup all game, but Saints win easy. Too much offense. Saints 34 - Lions 17.

Buffalo @ New England: TO debuts in his first game as a Bill. Unfortunately, that guy Tom Brady is back for the Patriots. Patriots are already clicking on offense. No chance the Bills hang in and keep it relatively close. Patriots 30 - Bills 13.

Kansas City @ Baltimore: Ravens defense is still THAT good. Flacco is back and ready to lead this Ravens offense to the playoffs for his second straight season. I like the future for this young quarterback and for the Ravens this season. Matt Cassel isn't 100 percent, Larry Johnson is going to have a big year but it won't start today. Ravens 27 - Chiefs 9.

San Diego @ Oakland: Can Oakland stun the world and upset the playoff-bound Chargers? No chance. Phillip Rivers is a stud and the offense of the Chargers is going to run all over the Raiders. Sproles and LT are going to go off. LT has a chip on his shoulder this season and he will run harder and faster than he ever has in his career to prove he is still the LT of a few years back. Chargers 31 - Raiders 10.

St. Louis @ Seattle:
I picked the Cardinals to win the NFC-West this season, but I may have made that choice too soon. Seattle has a healthy quarterback, Hasselbeck, and a new weapon on the outside, TJ Houshmandzadeh. Seattle has a good chance to reclaim this division. Seattle 24 - St. Louis 16.

Upsets of the Week:

Miami @ Atlanta:
Miami has the offense and the defense to take down the home team in this match up. Atlanta is coming off a huge season both as a team and individually, Turner, White, and of course Ryan. Pennington will be able to pick apart of poor secondary, while Ryan will have issues looking down field when he has Joey Porter in his face all day. Tony Gonzalez is a huge factor for the Falcons in this game. If he can get open and catch some passes, he will quiet down the Phins defense and allow the Falcons to run the ball effectively. Something tells me that won't happen. Dolphins 24 - Falcons 20.

San Francisco @ Arizona: The Cardinals are coming off a huge season. San Francisco finished the regular season last year with great play from both their offense and defense. With a continuing holdout from Michael Crabtree, the 49ers are moving on and ready to play some ball. I think the Cardinals just won't have the same passion this season as they did last year. Upset city this week. 49ers 20 - Cardinals 17.

Chicago @ Green Bay - Don't underestimate what Jay Cutler can do with a football. He doesn't have the best weapons, but he has weapons. I think Cutler and TE Greg Olsen will combine for a tremendous season and become like a Rivers and Gates combination. The Packers have a terrific quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Like Farve would do in his Packers era, Rodgers will make a few bad throws. I think that happens in this game. It will be high scoring and tight all the way through. One mistake by one of the quarterbacks will change the outcome of this game. Rodgers makes that mistake. Bears 27 - Packers 24.

Other games this weekend:

New York Jets @ Houston: Houston is on the verge of a huge season, spoil the debut of Sanchez. Texans 27 - Jets 17.

Washington @ New York Giants: Great NFC-East match up for week one. Redskins defense will suffocate Manning. Giants d-line will do the same to Portis. Giants pull it out in the fourth quarter. New York Giants 16 - Washington 13.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: Peyton Manning has always had tough games against the Jaguars. That will continue this season. Manning's offense will do fine, but it is the Colts defense that I am concerned about. Tough game to start the season for both teams. Indianapolis 24 - Jacksonville 20.

Minnesota @ Cleveland: Brett Farve debuts for the Vikings and he doesn't disappoint. Handing it off to AP will be easy for Brett all season long. Minnesota 24 - Cleveland 13.

Denver @ Cincinnati: Bengals start this season off with a bang. Palmer is feeling good and ready to hook up with Ocho Cinco who looks to be in phenomenal shape (thanks Hard Knocks). Broncos need to get their clubhouse straightened out before they are ready to win a game. Cincinnati 27 - Denver 17.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay: Dallas has an easy matchup on paper, but this game is in Tampa Bay and no team likes losing at home. Romo always plays well the first 8-10 games of the season. Will this be the year he takes the Cowboys deep into January? I don't think so, but I think they get the win in Tampa. Dallas 20 - Tampa Bay 10.

Philadelphia @ Carolina: Eagles head to Carolina with a battered offensive line. That is a typical headline in late December, not usually before week 1. This will be a tough game. Both teams are good, the edge to Philadelphia. But, a sore Westbrook, no Shawn Andrews, no Bradley or Dawkins defensively, means no easy win for the Birds. Philadelphia 24 - Carolina 20.

Start 'Em / Sit 'Em WEEK 1

Start 'Em:

1. Chad Pennington (MIA) - Pennington is on the road in Atlanta this week. Atlanta has a very week secondary to go along with a week defense. With Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams having success on the ground, the Dolphins passing game will be able to spread the field and have many options available. I love Pennington to Bess this season, I think those two will hook up for 6 in this game.

2. David Garrard (JAX) - The Jaguars always play the Colts tough. In order to stay close with Manning, Garrard will have to be able to throw the ball down field. This year he has a threat in Torry Holt and will target it him many times. Remember, it was two seasons ago where Garrard didn't throw interceptions, only touchdowns. I like Garrard to have a great Week 1 against the Colts and almost pull off an upset.

1. Cedric Benson (CIN) - I love the Bengals this week. Going against the Broncos who had an awful training camp on and off the field. Benson had a great end of the season last year and he will continue that this year. In better shape and running hard, Benson will get plenty of touches to have a good day against the Broncos defense.

2. Julius Jones (SEA) - Jones had a good preseason, and with the addition of Edgerrin James, he only got better as the preseason came to an end. Seattle will use Jones a lot in week 1 to allow the running game to settle in for this offense so they don't become 1-dimensional like last season. A healthy Matt Hasselback should pose enough problems for the Rams defense, but add in JJ running hard up the gut, and you have yourself a win in Seattle.

1. Kevin Walter (HOU) - Check his status Sunday morning as he may be out due to hamstring issues, however, if he is playing START HIM. The Jets will be doubling Andre Johnson all game leaving Walter in single coverage. Cash that check in and have yourself a day K Walt.

2. Lance Moore (NO) - Moore had a tremendous year last season in the fantasy football offense of the Saints. This trend will continue this year, especially this week as the Saints take on the Lions at home. Saints will do plenty of play action deep balls and many will go Moore's way. I look for Moore to be around 100 yards and a TD.

Sit 'Em

1. Eli Manning (NYG) - Manning is going against a Washington secondary that has too much talent and experience to get beat by the lack of threats the Giants possess. Hixon, Smith, Nicks, and Moss will have a tough time getting off the line of scrimmage let alone getting open. Sit Eli this week until he develops good chemistry with a few of these guys.

1. Thomas Jones (NYJ) - I don't like TJ against the Texans this week. With a rookie QB starting I think the Texans will stack the box to stop the run and force the Jets to win through the air. The Jets thrive on Jones and Washington gaining ground and then they look to throw. Tough matchup for rookie QB Mark Sanchez, sit TJ.

1. Roy Williams (TB) - The Bucs were 4th in the league last year in Passing Yards allowed, and 3rd in INTs. Williams will be covered all day by second year phenom Aqib Talib. Look elsewhere if you can for better fantasy value WRs this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playoff Predictions

Here are Sunday Picks Playoff Predictions for the 2009-2010 NFL Season:

(*denotes wild card)

1. San Diego Chargers - AFC West (12-4)
2. New England Patriots - AFC East
3. Pittsburgh Steelers - AFC North
4. Houston Texans - AFC South
*5. Baltimore Ravens - AFC North
*6. Miami Dolphins - AFC East


1. Philadelphia Eagles - NFC East
2. Minnesota Vikings - NFC North
3. New Orleans Saints - NFC South
4. Arizona Cardinals - NFC West
*5. New York Giants - NFC East
*6. Chicago Bears - NFC North

Wild Card Round

Dolphins @ Steelers - Dolphins take down the defending champs.
Ravens @ Texans - Ravens defense too much for Schaub & Company.

Bears @ Saints - Brees and home crowd dominate Bears.

Giants @ Cardinals - Giants win close game in Arizona.

Divisional Round


Dolphins @ Chargers - Phillip Rivers leads well rested Chargers over Phins.
Ravens @ New England - Flacco shocks Brady and Pats.

Giants @ Eagles - NFC East showdown is a battle that has Eagles out on top.
Saints @ Vikings - Vikings D too much for Brees' fantasy football squad.

Conference Championship Round


Ravens @ Chargers - Ravens lead at halftime but lose lead in end. Chargers win on FG.


Vikings @ Eagles - AP shut down as Eagles win it in Philly.


Eagles vs. Chargers - San Diego uses speed and defense to take down Eagles.

Chargers are Super Bowl Champs

Week 1 Selections:

Titans @ Steelers - Super Bowl champions will be honored tonight on their home turf. The Pittsburgh Steelers, last seasons Super Bowl champion, will take on the Tennessee Titans on the grass of Heinz Field. Big Ben Roethlisberger will lead the Steelers offense against the Albert Haynesworth-LESS Titans defense. I see major problems this year for the Titans defense at stopping the run without the big fella. We will see how Parker does against the Titans defense, and pay close attention to the affect that has on the play action pass for the Steelers offense tonight. For the Titans, Kerry Collins and company will be going against the NFL's best defense from a year ago, and the NFL's best defense this year. The Steelers defense is ferocious and plays even better at home. Led by Pro Bowl saftey, Troy Paulomolu, this defense will be hard to gain yards against. The Titans better hope for some lucky bounces or penalties to come their way if they think they can win on the road tonight. It's opening night in the NFL so one would anticipate a sloppy first few drives as players have so much adrenaline flowing through their veins. Not me. I think the Steelers will run the ball down the Titans throat allowing them to stretch the field and put points on the board. No Fat Albert means no win tonight for the Titans. Fun fact: Kerry Collins has a career 73.6 QB rating and a 1:1 TD to INT ratio when he plays in 60 degree weather...Temperature in Pittsburgh: 67 degrees all night. Steelers over the Titans by a score of 24 - 13.

What to come today

Sunday Picks will bring you a game preview of the Steelers - Titans matchup.

Also, a fantasy football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for this weeks players.

Lastly, Sunday Picks will put down the playoff predictions and the Super Bowl winner.

Stay tuned until later today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mangini Announces Starting QB

And the winner is....

As predicted, Brady Quinn will start for the Cleveland Browns this season at quarterback. No big shocker here as the Browns will probably trade Derek Anderson in the next week or two. Mangini just wanted to hold out as long as he could, apparently.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NFC Season Predictions

Here is how I see the four NFC Divisions ending up:

1. Philadelphia Eagles: The loss of Stewart Bradley really hurts this defense. Add the losses of Brian Dawkins and Def. Coord. Jim Johnson, the Eagles D is in need for a new leader. I think Trent Cole will take that role for the birds. Cole is an undersized DE that flat out finds that quarterback and constantly puts pressure on him. If the Eagles D can keep their opponents under 20pts a game, we all know this offense will be fine getting some W's. Eagles have the schedule to make a run at 12 wins, but I see them with 10 or 11 at the end of the season. Eagles win the NFC-East with an 11-5 record.

2. New York Giants: The Giants Defense is stout. The defensive line is ferocious. The secondary needs some help but they should be okay if the D Line is constantly getting pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. Offensively, the running game is tremendous, but it is the wide receiving corps that scare me. With no true number 1, or for that matter number 2, receiver on this team I just don't see where Eli will have huge success. Giants go 10-6.

3. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys will unveil their new stadium this season, and I don't believe it will be a season to remember. Don't get me wrong the Cowboys are a good team, but with no leader behind center, and a banged up Roy Williams split to the right, I don't like the Cowboys chances at the post season. Cowboys go 8-8 and Coach Wade Phillips gets the boot.

4. Washington Redskins: This Skins are a team that can have success this year by winning games 17-13 and 20-17. Unfortunately, they play in the toughest division in the NFL and they also have games against the Saints, Falcons, Chargers, and Panthers. Skins finish 5-11.

1. Minnesota Vikings: Brett Farve makes this team a legit Super Bowl contender. A high scoring offense, a run-stopping defense, and an above average special teams has this team preparing for high expectations this season. Farve will have a few throws that both scare us all and some that leave us wide-eyed. AP All Day will lead the league in rushing yards and he will take this team to the playoffs for a second straight season. Vikings go 11-5.

2. Green Bay Packers: With a potent offense that will put up a lot of points, it is the defense that must win games for the yellow and green. With a 3-4 defense that still is not solidified, will the Packers be able to take advantage of their relatively light schedule. Clearly their division games, besides Detroit, will be tough. But, playing the NFC-West should definitely help get some wins under their belt. Packers go 10-6.

3. Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler has changed the perception of this team from a defensive unit to a "has what it takes" unit. The Bears have what it takes to get to the playoffs this year. But, if they don't do what they can do on paper, they will struggle playing games after January 3rd. Cutler will make use of tight end Greg Olsen, but who will be the outside threat? Hester? Wait and see who the Bears use, but rest assured this is a 9 or 10 win season for the Bears. Bears win 10-6 this year.

4. Detroit Lions: Naming Matthew Stafford, the #1 overall pick in this years draft, starting quarterback was the right move in my book. However, with over 30 new players on this team, I do not see the Lions having a great deal of success. This city needs nothing more than a glimmer of hope, but I don't see it happening. Lions finish 3-13...3 better than last year.

1. New Orleans Saints: The Saints are a fantasy football team on offense. Drew Brees is unreal, and he will have another fantastic season this year with this offense and how they constantly click. They way the Saints win this division is by stealing a few road games and I foresee that happening. At Buffalo, Tampa, St. Louis, and Washington are all road games I think the Saints will win. If that is the case, the Saints finish 10-6 and take home the NFC-South crown.

2. Atlanta Falcons: Offensively they are just as good as the Saints. Defensively they may be the same as well. The Falcons have all the pieces to make another trip to the playoffs, but they need their defense to over achieve. I don't see it happening. Falcons have a winning season and finish 9-7.

3. Carolina Panthers: After a quarterback debacle in the playoffs last year Jake Delhomme is eager to put together a good season and make a run at a NFC-Championship. Tough luck for him because the Panthers have a tough schedule to make that happen. Even with their running back tandem of Williams and Stewart the Panthers need CONSISTENCY out of Delhomme in order to be successful. I think that doesn't happen. Panthers go 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

4. Tampa Bay Buccanears: New coach, new quarterback, and too young of a team to have success. Rebuilding year for the Bucs. 3-13 and a good draft pick.


1. Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner has had a shaky preseason, and Matt Leinert had a pretty decent one himself. Still, Warner will man the quarterback position and will take his boys back to the playoffs. Do not over look the Hawks of 49ers in this division because it really is up for grabs. I like the Cardinals to close out the season 3-1 and make the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

2. Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is a sleeper in this division because of Matt Hasselbeck. Big Matt H. looks healthy and looks poised to put up good numbers this season. With the addition of Edgerrin James in the backfield and T.J. Houshmandzedah catching passes, this team has a great opportunity to give the Cardinals a run for their money. Doesn't happen this year, Seattle goes 7-9.

3. San Francisco 49ers: This team plays with a lot of heart and determination. Extremely well coached and disciplined this is a team to beware of. Frank Gore will have a good season and I expect Vernon Davis to come out of his shell and make some noise for himself. 49ers finish 7-9 but play close games all the way through Week 17.

4. St. Louis Rams: Their schedule is too hard for them to have a good year. New head coach Stever Spagnuolo has a bright future in St. Louis but this year will be one of those years. Jackson will put up numbers running the ball, but I don't like what this team has to offer. 4-12 on the season for the Rams.